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  • Between Me and Him

    Between Me and Him

    Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah ROMANCE COMEDY

    Di Jepang ada sebuah sistem yang dimana ketika para penduduk disana sudah menyentuh usia 20 tahun akan dijodohkan oleh pemerintah. Akari adalah seorang Seiyuu yang dipilih untuk menjadi pasangan dari pemain basket profesional Fujioka Hanada Seperti apasih ceritanya yuk ikutin ceritanya

  • Chasing My Dreams

    Chasing My Dreams

    Synopsis:Hirai Keito is a voice actor in a collapsing VA company. He became a voice actor because the company allowed him to stay at the agency and become a freeloader as long as he contribute to the company profits. He is a positive and carefree person, thus, covering his talent in voice acting, until one night as he sleep, he started having this strange dream. ‘Memories’ of him with different people, ‘memories’ that he never had, and with people he never met. It showed in the dream that these people are involved in voice acting since most of the ‘memories’ he had happened inside the company.And at the end of his every dream is him holding the Seiyu Award trophy and speaking in front of a large crowd.Who are these people? What are these images? And what’s with the Seiyu Award? Should I aim for the award to clarify what’s happening? Or am I just dreaming because it is the effect of 20 years of being ‘lonely’… but nevertheless, I should aim for Seiyu Award, that’s for certain.[NOTE:]This book is more on conversation and not a story-telling one.This is a fanfiction of a BL game called ‘Seiyuu Danshi’. So you can consider this book a ‘game walkthrough’.There are changes in the original story line and game characters just to make things MORE interesting.This is my first time doing this.This is a BL (Boy’s Love) book.

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