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  • Shewolf Story

    Shewolf Story

    This is a story about a female werewolf that has just reached the age of maturity. She is finally 18 and can attend mating ceremonies. At these ceremonies can you finally find your true mate. This young energetic girl has been waiting to attend her first mating ceremony. Little did she know that at your first ceremony you can either find your true mate or you can’t. She and her best friend are finally going to find there true mates, but are these mates who they expected them to be? Will they find who they expected, or will Selene have a different plan for them?

  • Revenge Of A Shewolf Witch

    Revenge Of A Shewolf Witch


    "You shouldn't have lived! Kill yourself!""A mere daughter of a witch is an abomination in our race!"Dalia heard that every day since she moved to the Silver pack. She can't fight back because her father and mother are already dead."My suffering and loneliness will end soon," She utters every night as Dalia approaches the right age where her mate given by the Goddess of the Moon will be identified."Dalia Michaelson, I reject you as my mate! Now get lost!" Tyler Smith-next Alpha of the Silver pack exclaimed.Dalia's remaining hope crumbled along with the flow of her tears."I will come back, and all those who oppressed me will pay! Especially you, Tyler Smith!"

  • Imprint



    BOOK 1 - Shewolf No More The bond known to be the greatest gift from the Gods and the Goddesses of the supernatural world. The bond I hid for its forbidden to that of a wolf of my status; cherished, sacred and rare. The bond that allowed my people to cast me aside. The bond more powerful than that of a mate. I am a shewolf no more, with this bond that turned me human. Imprint.

  • The Rise of the Shewolf

    The Rise of the Shewolf


    She was abandoned as an infant and raised by the two most powerful betas of the blood shadow pack. When she was discovered, she was bearing a birthmark, a mark known only by a few of the old werewolves. Inessa grew up amidst love and hatred among her pack members but that didn't stop her to become fierce and powerful. She had always felt an unknown figure lurking around her and guiding her but she never knew what or who it is.Things took a hard turn for Inessa as she was offered to another pack as a peace offering. She had to go through a lot to survive especially as she was betrothed to Alpha Dimitri's unwanted son, Maxim.Timofey was assigned the secret guardian of Inessa at the age of fifteen. He had been her shadow and her protector, on the condition he would never interfere with any of her affairs unless it was a matter of life and death.After Inessa discovered a mystery about her origin, she must do whatever it takes to search for answers.Can she leave her adopted parents and betrothed? Can she trust her new friend and guardian to set out into the world? Can she hold on if she discovered the truth about herself and her origin?

  • Alpha's little special mate.

A shewolf  on the hunt for revenge.

    Alpha's little special mate. A shewolf on the hunt for revenge.

  • Lonely Alpha

    Lonely Alpha

    Werewolf StoryAzriel. seorang alpha yang telah lama menantikan matenya. Hingga diumurnya yang ke 34 dia pun memutuskan untuk menyerah dan mencari gadis lain untuk menggantikannya. Dia pun bertemu Sandra, Shewolf dari pack lain. Mereka pun dijodohkan oleh keluarga masing-masing untuk menikah. Tepat dihari pertunangan mereka hadirlah seorang gadis remaja yang menarik perhatian Azriel. Gadis itu adalah keponakan Sandra yang tinggal di Auckland, New Zealand. Gadis itu adalaj anak dari kakak laki Sandra yang dulu merupakan seorang Alpha. Ayah dan ibunya telah meninggal diusianya yang ke 6 tahun kemudian dia diasuh oleh nenek dari pihak ibu. Tepat dihari pernikahan Sandra dan Azriel terjadi perubahan padanya, apa yang terjadi??#werewolf #alpha #Luna #34Vs17

  • She Wolf Fury

    She Wolf Fury


      In the World of Creatures all, we know that the stronger leader of the werewolves was an Alpha. An Alpha to lead a pack of wolves.   It is not unknown to the existence of Amaia Elisse that she is a strange creature, called werewolves. But at the age of ten, she lost her memory and the only thing left in her was her name, what kind of creature she was, and the fury at the highest level of the Wolves; the Death Phoenix Moon Pack and its other Pack Around Asia.     She was helped by a mortal man who was having an enrage anger with the Werewolves, especially the Alpha King. She raised, Amaia like her own daughter,  Educate her and Engaged with training to be strong. For when the time comes she will retaliate.   What if a She-wolf challenges a Well-Known and Powerful Alpha to get the throne of being a leader and Revenge? She grew up having resentment in her heart. She has no mercy towards evil and bad. And, her only goal was to take revenge and take the throne of the Alpha King, rip his head in front of his pack.   Will she succeed in taking revenge on her perceived opponent?   Can he usurp the throne?   What if your considered opponent to be was your fated beloved?   Can you fight him? Or just forget everything because he is the only one you have left hoping to be happy? What if you just found out the truth and your forgotten memories came back?   Can you still handle the words you left out that you stamped on your heart?   Or you will hate the world even more because everyone deceived you?   “I will bring the hell on your World. I will make you taste my wrath and revenge. I will kill them all and No one can stop me from my revenge. I will rip your flesh, even you’re my fated mate. Neither Love nor Mercy can stop me. Because I am your greatest nightmare and I am Death.”- Amaia Elisse (Death)




    REQUIEM, is a fantasy reality-mixed, horror novel mixed with sleek touches of romance and action.It tells the savage saga of Ambrús, the first vaewolf, as he wanders through the ages.The boring life of this abominable offspring of elder vampire, Agoston Vitályos and shewolf Achilla Vane, takes a new turn after his encounter with Jerome, and the beautiful redhead, Mildred Morgenstern. But one fun gets swallowed in due course and another is discovered in chaos, when Darknesse, terror of night is unleashed.Ambrús would be left with two options ... Let Darknesse and his unlikely cohorts, ravage mankind ... Or ... Defend those whom he so badly hated.

  • When The Wolf Howls

    When The Wolf Howls

  • The Rebirth of a Sinner

    The Rebirth of a Sinner

  • Wolf's Element

    Wolf's Element


    There's four elements. Two to rule them all. A shewolf from the most powerful pack and a hewolf an omega from an average pack. Will their parents allow it.




    BOOK 1 - Shewolf No MoreThe bond known to be the greatest gift from the Gods and the Goddesses of the supernatural world. The bond I hid for it was forbidden to that of a wolf of my status; cherished, sacred and rare. The bond that allowed my people to cast me aside. The bond more powerful than that of a mate. A shewolf no more, the bond that turned me human. Imprint.***********This book IS published on webnovel! Link to book Shatayia_F ( Author of Imprint )

  • Optional Questions

    Optional Questions


    Male-lead:Fenale-lead:By line: It started when the Moon Shattered, and I wepted 13 Star.

  • Kata Cinta dari Nameless

    Kata Cinta dari Nameless

    Nameless merupakan sebuah kota indah hingga selalu menjadi pilihan yang tepat bagi setiap golongan tidak terkecuali bangsa warewolf. Young Reymond Charles merupakan alpha dari klan red pack yang sudah menghuni daratan nameless dari lama. Ia bertemu matenya saat usia tiga puluh tahun yang membuat dunianya berubah. Light Gwenie J. merupakan shewolf dengan takdir cinta yang rumit. Cinta pertamanya bertepuk sebelah tangan, ia pernah berpacaran dengan seseorang yang bukan pasangan jiwanya lantas laki-laki itu mati di medan pertarungan. Hal paling miris laki-laki itu dibunuh oleh saudara laki-lakinya sendiri. Ia kemudian bertemu dengan pasangan jiwanya yang merupakan sahabat dari mantan kekasihnya yang sudah meninggal sekaligus musuh terbesar dari kakaknya. Apa yang akan Gwen lakukan selanjutnya? Akankah gadis itu jujur pada Reymond atau memilih menyembunyikan warnanya untuk bersama dengan pasangannya? Lantas apa yang akan Reymond lakukan ketika segalanya terbongkar? Akankah Reymond membenci Gwen sebagai adik dari laki-laki yang telah membunuh sahabatnya atau memilih mengabaikan semua itu dan menerima Gwen sebagai pasangan jiwanya?

  • What a mate

    What a mate

    "You're my Luna""I'm Nana""Kamu akan-""Tidak akan dan juga aku bukan milikmu""Kamu milikku""Aku milikku""Kamu milikku""Aku milikku""Milikku""Milikku""Milikku""Milikku""Milikmu""Milikku. Hah, aku tidak bodoh dengan trik murahanmu itu. Look, Alpha yang terhormat.Setelah semua ini selesai akan kurobohkan kastil ini dan segala macam isinya""Tapi sebelum itu mateku yang tersayang, akan kurobohkn hatimu terlebih dahulu""What a MATE"---Cerita ini berfokus pada Alpha Stone yang akan mengungkap kasus hilangnya shewolf akhir-akhir ini, yang diduga dilakukan oleh para rogue untuk menyerang packnya.Hilangnya para shewolf juga membuat Alpha khawatir dengan keadaan matenya yang belum pernah dia temui. Sayangnya, pertemuan pertama antara Alpha dan matenya sangat buruk membuat Alpha kesulitan untuk memiliki dan menjaganya. Apalagi, dia merupakan seseorang yang tidak mudah luluh akan namanya cinta.Akankah Alpha mengungkap kebenaran atas kasus ini dan mendapatkan hati matenya?

  • Is it the Moon Goddess's blessing or curse? Future Alpha's human mate.

    Is it the Moon Goddess's blessing or curse? Future Alpha's human mate.

    "She is not one of us!""She is human!""The moon Goddess allows it, you dare go against it?" "Human or not, she is my mate! If anyone of you has a problem with it, come table it with me or the goddess but if you dare go near her, I swear on the rise of the full moon I will make a river with yours, your mates and pups blood"Meet 30 year old Arthur Kingsley, CEO of the the multinational Kingsley corporation. Arthur is very educated, well mannered, handsome and filthy rich. To people who don't know, he is just like every other handsome CEO of a company but to those who know, he is the next alpha of the "Red Moon Pack". When he is smiling, he is the boy next door but don't let that fool you one bit because it might just send you to an early grave. Many have fallen to that smile, thinking he is easy to manipulate, deceive or deal with, all with a very devastating ending. Women and shewolves throwing themselves at him is an everyday occurrence but he is not interested in any of them and is still waiting for his mate. At the age of 30 and soon to take over as alpha of the pack, some of the pack members think he should just take a shewolf from the next biggest and powerful pack, "Crescent Pack next from them. But Arthur is not having an of it and they have to wait and see who will be their Luna just like he has to waitfor his mate. Some of the oldest werewolves have even began thinking that maybe he does not want a Luna because he is into men or maybe the moon goddess has cursed him to not find a mate. His mother, Gwen Williams believes that maybe his cursed.Arthur's father, alpha David Kingsley once sent Arthur to different packs in search of his mate but he came back empty handed and from that moment he has not been in the rush to find a mate and let things happen naturally. On the other hand, Arthur's twin sisters, Daisy and Mia Kingsley believe their brother's mate is among the human race, to which most of the pack members are against because they think such a Luna is an hindrance to the future alpha and the pack as a all, especially now with threats to the pack."Vanessa don't you think that you should have at least tried harder to make it work between you and Alex? I mean you guys have been together for four years now and you two just decide to end your relationship just like that?" "Lisa what do you want me to do? It wasn't working We are both so busy with work and everything, and we are so different from each other that it is a hustle just to find something to talk about.""I think that our jobs and busy/different qschedules are the only reason this relationship lasted for so long otherwise if we were to see each other so often, it would not have gone passed three months.Vanessa Jacobs, third child of Elijah Jacobs and Lisa King. She is the founder of "Indigo" a very luxurious fashion brand that is accessable to celebrities and the wealthy. Vanessa has three siblings, two older brothers, Mike and Dave Jacobs and a younger sister, Kira Jacobs.Vanessa was born in a loving family, had everything since birth but she and her siblings were never spoilt. They were taught to be loving, caring and considerate to each other and those around them, no matter whether rich or poor.Vanessa is a very smart woman and very fun to be around. She had been in a relationship with Alex Johnson, a famous corporate lawyer for four years but they ended it on friendly terms as it was not working with their jobs and difference in personalities.1)A handsome future alpha with a deceiving killer smile 2)A independent, smart, loving and caring woman 3) He is the nicest person when treated nice, but is your worst nightmare when you rub him the wrong way.4) She is kind and when wronged will try to solve it peacefullyWhen these two people with so many difference in personalities and backgrounds meet, how will they fit into each other's lives? Raised to be the greatest alpha and the other to be considerate and loving. What would possibly go wrong?

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