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  • I Don’t Want to Be The Heroine!!

    I Don’t Want to Be The Heroine!!


    The last thing he remembers was staring at the hospital ceiling with an inch of life left. Next thing he knew he was barely four feet tall and wearing a skirt. Eli wakes up one morning from a strange dream realizing what had happened to her was in a past life. The thing is though she wouldn't have known whether or not if she had been reborn or not yet had it been for one particular fact about her previous and current life. The life that she was living in was from manga that she was reading be she died, Blessed Romance. Good news was that she was main heroine, so regardless on how this turns out she’ll have a happy ending. Bad news, her past life was as a guy who was also a lonely, nerdy, shojou manga otaku?!?!? Does she even want the happy ending?!?!

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