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    Romansa Fantasi FANTASI

    Dalam mitologi Yunani, siren adalah makhluk legendaris yang hidup di lautan dengan tubuh setengah manusia dan setengah ikan. Konon, mereka tinggal di tanjung Pelorum, pulau Anthemusa, yang mana tempat tersebut adalah tempat yang dikelilingi oleh batu karang dan tebing.Berbeda dengan mermaid, para siren menyanyikan lagu-lagu memikat hati yang membuat para pelayar yang mendengarnya menjadi terbuai sehingga kapal mereka menabrak karang dan tenggelam.

  • siren



    Lady Freya Audrey Barbara Rosalyn Bedford, the only child and heir to the Duke of Bedford seems to have it all, a prominent title with lots of fortune. However, not all that glitters is gold. This young heiress must balance English aristocracy, complicated family dynamics and even love while trying to make it through her grandmother's Christmas ball.



  • Villain MMORPG: Almighty Devil Emperor and His Seven Demonic Wives

    Villain MMORPG: Almighty Devil Emperor and His Seven Demonic Wives



    Allen, the legendary player "Godlike", finds himself thrust into the revolutionary fulldive VRMMORPG Hell's Gate's main villain, Azazel. Alongside seven skilled female players, he embarks on a journey filled with unexpected challenges. Confronting his old nemesis and countless players, Allen delves deep into the shadows of his own dark past. Soon, he becomes entangled in a complex web of new relationships and past betrayals. His companions develop feelings for him, not only in the virtual world but also in real life. Balancing his affection for his wives, the chaos of the battlefield, and his thirst for revenge, Allen sets out to attain everything he desires. The legendary player has returned once again, but not as the hero but as the villain. He shall claim the title of ultimate villain! ---------------------- Each one of his subordinates represent seven deadly sins: Nefaris (Vampire) -> Pride // Player: Larissa Lullaby (Siren) -> Sloth // Player: Shea Lilieth (Succubus) -> Lust // Player: Vivian Eira (Fox Demon) -> Wrath // Player: Bella Selena (Witch) -> Envy // Player: Alice Abyssia (Kraken) -> Gluttony // Player : Zoe Grimora (Necromancer) -> Greed // Player: Jane -------------------------- Join my discord channel for illustrations: Bonus Chapters! *600 Power Stone = 1 bonus chapter *400 Golden Ticket= 1 bonus chapter *Magic Castle= 2 bonus chapters *Space Craft= 4 bonus chapters Important Note: No NTR, No Yuri, No rape, the relationship will go both in the game and real world. Tags: Mature Content , R-18 , Gore, Comedy , Revenge, Face Slapping, Monster Girls , Succubus , Magic , Demons , Devil , Beasts , Action , Mystery , Overpowered , Harem , System , Servants , Handsome Male Lead , Smart Male Lead and Slice of Life.

  • After Fishing For 10 Years, I Became A Saint Without Knowing How To Raise Beasts

    After Fishing For 10 Years, I Became A Saint Without Knowing How To Raise Beasts



    # STRANGEBEAST Yu Chi transmigrated to a world covered with savage, barren lands, where more than 10,000 races fought to ascend to the top. He began his life in this world in imprisonment. While the others had completely forgotten about his existence, he took out a bamboo stick that he had been carrying with him since his previous life. The souls of ancient divine beasts could be found in various savage lands and rivers. His bamboo stick could communicate with these ancient souls. When he fished at the Death Sea of Hades, he got the voice of Naga Siren. When he fished at the Ice River of Skeletons, he received the attack power of Blobfish. When he fished at the Lake of Grotto-Heaven, he obtained the golden eyes of the Five-Talon Divine Dragon. When he fished at the Cliff of Hanging Candles, he acquired the fire of the Nine-Tailed White Fox. In the blink of an eye, millions of years had passed. Deities and pet beasts from various corners of the world came to congratulate Yu Chi on his wedding. A prominent figure couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you so terrifying?” As Yu Chi stared at his gorgeous wife, the memories of him fighting millions of devils in the Underworld flashed in his mind. He then smiled and replied, “There’s nothing I can boast about. I was just lucky.”

  • Tanky Mage System

    Tanky Mage System


    While a certain young man hides in a certain Ruins City, wanting to become a tanky mage through passive farming. Mages should focus on learning more spells and magic? There is no time to invest in body strengthening? Mages are defenseless when they run out of mana? None of these are a problem for Gurney and his Passive Farming System. Through the system, Gurney trains both his body and mind at the same time, he goes beyond the limits and logic of an ordinary mage. This is a mage who casts spells while tanking hits, his recovery speed surpasses even warriors and knights. This is the journey of a vigilant and careful mage who grows tankier and tankier. … With the rising waves of darkness, the steampunk steel ship sets sail on a journey and adventure. Whales sink to the depths of the sea, sirens sing with beautiful voices, calling out to the Transcendent sailors who hunt for mermaids. The mysterious Time Hunters who obey the ancient rules search for their prey. He who bears the title of “Hero” carries the burden of fate as he steps on the road to write a new page of history. Ancient “Sealed Ones” rush to break out of their imprisonment, wanting to create and release new “Supernatural Memetics”. The combination of steam technology and supernatural powers bring forth the era of “Transcendent Genetic Warriors”. Infant dragons who have just hatched watch as the Dragon Slayer digs out their mother’s heart from her body. Calamity level lifeforms sharpen their blades, stepping into the stage of this extraordinary era. The tides of the era surge and swirl, bringing along the mysterious fog of darkness… The indescribable existence nurtures and grows… Along with the stare of the Abyss… … Welcome to the Supernatural Steampunk Era!

  • The Siren's Vengeance

    The Siren's Vengeance



    "None of my pawns signified love but then he came along, disintegrating the whole chessboard to dust." ... Einstein said, 'The weak revenge. The strong forgive. The intelligent ignore.' To hell with that. I believe in 'Revenge is a dish best served cold.' For all that pain, the gore, and those blood-curdling screams that haunted me for the past 16 years, I am here. Right inside the den of those wolves who ripped my happy world to shreds. Inch by inch, drop by drop, they will pay their sins. But my vengeance did not include him. Archer Cardale. An enigma. There is something about him that can catch my attention in a room full of people, that made me choose him as my husband, as a pawn in my revenge. And there has to be something about him that makes me fall for him...hopelessly. I had nothing to lose... until him. He has no idea about what I am, about what I went through but he holds me close when I have nightmares. He kisses the coldness in my heart. But once he discovers that the girl in his bed and in his heart is the very same monster who is responsible for the brutal, cold-blooded murders happening around him, will he still hold me close? Or will he save those monsters who turned me into one? In the end, will he choose them? Or will we watch their downfall together? ... After their first time— She whispered, ''That was...'' ''Hmm?'' he played with her hair. "...something,'' she finished. ''Your vocabulary sucks,'' Archer chuckled. "You have something better to describe what happened between us?" "C'était un rêve devenu réalité pour moi,'' he smiled, looking at her stunned face. (Translation: It was a dream come true for me) ... [No rape or major misunderstandings. There will be explicit steamy scenes, a bit of angst, and it's a slow-burn romance. No direct jumping and doing stuff ahem!] ~ [Follow me on Instagram: @auroraboooks for all exclusive content, spoilers, and other fun stuff that I can't post here on WN]

  • Obsession: the Lycan king's Human Mate

    Obsession: the Lycan king's Human Mate



    "Wha—" "You're pregnant!" She squealed, "Ah, young love. Don't worry. I will be with you every step of the way-" Adeline tuned her out and was focusing on the pamphlets that were kept on the other side of the room. Those that had the options of pregnancies. She wanted those, she wanted to know what other options did she have. "Can I have those?" she pointed to the papers and the doctor looked at them frowning. The doctor glanced at them and disapproval crossed her face. "Why? You don't need them." She was a wolf. Adeline realised. Shit. "Um," Adeline got up from the bed but the doctor stood in the way. "I need to . . go . . " The doctor gave her a tight-lipped smile. "Honey, you are in no state to leave but don't worry I will let your mate know and he will come here to pick you up." Shit. Shit. Shit. If he knew then her chances were slim. "No need for that!" They both turned to the door and Noah stood there, her protector as he claimed. "I am here to pick her up." He grinned and his eyes narrowed, compelling the woman. "Let's go." He turned to Adeline who ran along as the woman stood frozen. They walked out of the room and she palmed her belly. There was a life inside and now she had to choose. The child or her? But that is not all. Throw in human sacrifices, vampires, siren, voodoo aunts and of course, every supernatural myth coming true. Who was really going to protect her? ***** *Slow-burn*

  • The Duke’s Temptress

    The Duke’s Temptress


    {Mature content 18+ } Siren—— mystifying, beautiful, enchantingly dangerous. A single melody and you are a goner. But despite the dangers humans still looked for them, tears of siren were like magical pearls with powers beyond the understanding of mere mortals, their blood was like a mine of rubies, hair as fine as the softest Pima could be sold for thousands of dollars but beyond everything else that was sought was their melodies that could heal any wound and bring peace to even the wildest beast. Ginevra Harlow, Ginny for short, was an extremely beautiful lady with a personality that was too cold but even then her scent alone was enough to drive the males around her crazy, but there was something exceptionally wrong about her, she never spoke a word to the males of the village,she wouldn’t look them in the eye and always kept her secluded from the villagers. Some say that she was driven mad by her father’s curse that wouldn’t heal no matter what she did, some say that it was because of her mother who mysteriously disappeared. Ginny however never let the rumours get to her because she had a secret to keep. But things go terribly wrong when her father’s curse relapses for the worst and the landlord threatens to drive her away with her sick father. She had no choice left but to enter the house of Duke Terranova, an archmage born from the affairs of the Emperor and a Holy Saintess as she strikes a deal with him. Unfortunately, for her things didn’t go as planned because despite all the cautions that she took against the Duke, he wasn’t willing to let her go. “ I fulfilled my end of the deal, now you have to give me what you promised, Duke.”said Ginny as she glared at him, trying to calm herself as Akris pushed her against the bed. “You cannot order me around and nor can you stop me from meeting other men!” Twirling a strand of her hair, Akris kissed her blonde locks. “ You promised me your life, Ginevra. There are no take backs you see.” Kissing her fully on the lips, Akris pulled back before rubbing the pad of his thumb on her lower lip. “ But if you want to leave then you can, but remember this—— every time you try to leave me there will be one innocent one losing his life.”

  • To Get Her

    To Get Her



    Terror. One word to describe CEO Sanjun Alcantara who happens to be Ethina Montoya's new boss. Sanjun has been in love with his childhood friend, Siren Sandoval, for so long that instead of just courting her, he planned a wedding proposal. And he put Ethina in charge to finalize his plan. But Siren didn't show up due to an important matter. So to save his face, the proposal meant for the love of his life was made to Ethina. How will they solve the unexpected turn of events? Can he still get her? TO GET HER is now a published book and available in all leading bookstores nationwide! Grab your copy now!

  • 50 More Sexcapades

    50 More Sexcapades

    Seductive sirens, horny babysitters, and busty waitresses. This smut-filled compilation has everything you're looking for in 50 bed-wetting erotic shorts. These stories are about to become your favorite new night-time reads. Hit the lights, climb under the covers, and prepare to indulge in an erotic-lovers fantasy world.

  • Peach and Siren [GL]

    Peach and Siren [GL]

    Ever since the start of the school year, Siren has this unexplainable irritating feeling towards her classmate, Peach. Peach is pretty and nice, she gets along with everyone,they don't have a grudge against each other either so why is it that every time she sees Peach she gets annoyed? Is it because of her rapid heartbeat whenever she's near or the unexplainable desire to hug and touch her?

  • Siren of the Lake

    Siren of the Lake

    For almost a century, the Moonlight pack has been haunted by a creature they know only as 'the siren of the lake' - a shapeshifter with the ability to enchant men with her song before mercilessly murdering them. As the next Alpha, Damon knows nothing other than duty, honour, and loyalty. However, it isn't until he meets Adelaide, the current siren of the lake, that he discovers that everything he had been told his entire life about this vicious creature was wrong, and that he just may be the missing piece to ending an age-old curse. Following the events of 'The Alpha's Curse', 'The Siren of the Lake' is a unique take on one of fantasy's most well-known creatures filled with romance, mystery, and even a little magic. Siren of the Lake is created by Kianna Walpole, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Siren Sight

    Siren Sight

    Siren Sight Neivayka Lee was NEVER a normal. Before her 16th birthday she began waking up having no memory of how she got in bed the day before. In her quest to find what happened to her, she is confronted with the knowledge that mythical creatures were real. And she was one of them. Diving into a world torn apart by evil. She hopes for the courage to stand next to them when the final battle comes. Siren Touch Neivayka's soul was torn and thrown in the Otherworld while her friends battled the forces of Lord Lorimer. One word from Neivaykas mouth could send the world into chaos Only she can destroy the Shadow that threatens to swallow all worlds. The internal battle she fights to keep her soul from being tainted by the Shadow threatens to overwhelm her. If the Shadow finally grasped the last piece of her powers, Neivayka knew that the world would fall swiftly under the Vampire Lords rule. Siren Sight is created by R.L. Ankney, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author

  • Surviving the Apocalypse

    Surviving the Apocalypse

    Lyncoln Ryland always saw himself as an ordinary man with an ordinary job, working maintenance in an ordinary mall. The only thing about him that isn’t ordinary are his feelings for the man who’s renovating the mall, but any kind of relationship with such a sophisticated man is highly unlikely.<br><br>Adam James is the wealthy man who owns the mall. He’s secretly been yearning for Lyncoln, a man he doesn’t see as ordinary in the least. But Adam’s family has plans for him, and they don’t include a relationship with a blue-collar worker.<br><br>All this is about to change when the sirens go off, signaling the possible end of the world. When the two men realize this isn’t a drill, they take shelter in the mall that isn’t quite as ordinary as everyone believes. What will the outcome be when two such disparate men must survive the apocalypse together?

  • Crimson Instinct

    Crimson Instinct



    [COMPLETED] It's a race against time. But the challenge gets even harder as there is a certain difficulty that they both have to overcome. With Bai Li facing his own inner demons, will their quest for truth spiral out of control? Will he get his honour back? Who is the enemy hiding in the shadows that Xin Lei and Bai Li would have to fight? Along this journey to find their answers, will it also spark the flames of love between them? *** Amidst the booming crack of ear-piercing gunshots, Xin Lei bumped into the ex-army officer, Major Bai Li, who recently got a dishonorable discharge. He was the only hope for her who could help her in digging the truth behind not only that syndicate chasing after her life but also to find about her father and brother who have mysteriously disappeared. Together, they set out to search for the truth, but it shapes into something much darker and sinister as they learn about the case Xin Lei's father was working on - to prove a father innocent of his little daughter's disappearance, plunging them into one of the dangerous worlds, hidden from everybody. --- Scene Excerpt --- My foot was stuck in the pit and I pushed Bai Li away from me who was trying to get me out. There was no time. The sounds of sirens were growing closer and closer. How can I let the police catch him? But my strength wasn't enough. I tugged his shirt. I begged him. 'Please go.' Bai Li grabbed my arms. "Don't push me away, Xin Lei. Soldiers never leave anyone behind. It's either we are caught together or we escape together." Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. "Whatever it is, sticking together is the only option I give you." #WSA2020. Theme - Sweets love. --- Discord - Follow me on Insta - enthu_reader7 --- My other novels : 1. Because I simply love you 2. Because I cannot hurt you 3. The Mafia King's First Love **Novel cover is commissioned. Credit goes to Chainslock**

  • The Siren Song Series

    The Siren Song Series

    Metamorphosis is the story of a woman’s struggle to regain her confidence and repair her shattered life following a random, brutal attack. With the help of the man she had pushed away, she chooses the path that she will follow for the rest of her life. She undergoes a metamorphosis—not by choice but by the will to survive. When Moby and Piper collide—they just know. He didn’t have to shout his love from the mountaintops. The only heart that needed to hear his words listened silently to his soul’s communication. A bond that would transcend time and unexpected heartache. The moment Piper laid eyes on Moby—she just knew. She didn’t have to await results. All the evidence she needed was there…taunting her, challenging her, testing their resolve. Daring her to persevere. A broken man. A shattered woman. A crumbling marriage. No one knew. The Siren Song Series is created by Stephie Walls, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.




    I could say life is easy. But not when the odds are against you. Taken into the darkness of murder I find myself a victim of the truth untold. How do I fight back?? Vengeance!! Everyone must know how it feels to be a threat to the lives of the innocent. My reign will be for justice. People may quit but I never back down! Why?? Cause I'm Siren!! Irresistible with unmatched beauty and talent. My name will be the death of many!! Yes I'm a woman but that won't make me kill like a man when I can do it better than men!! Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of "Siren: The Irresistible Beauty," where the allure of a woman with unparalleled beauty, talent, and skills conceals a multitude of enigmatic secrets. Prepare to be captivated as jealousy unravels the hidden truths that lie beneath her flawless facade. Amidst the duality of her existence, Siren embarks on daring missions that showcase her remarkable abilities. She is the epitome of perfection, a true marvel to behold. However, little does she know that her mysterious past lingers, waiting to resurface like a relentless hunter. What unfolds when the ghosts of her past come knocking? Will Siren's path remain strewn with delicate roses, or will it transform into an unforgiving bed of thorns? Journey alongside Siren as she navigates the treacherous terrain of her history, where her remarkable allure might just be the key to her survival. Prepare for a breathtaking tale filled with twists, revelations, and a mesmerizing protagonist whose secrets will leave you yearning for more. Will Siren rise above the shadows of her past, or will she succumb to the intricate web of deceit that surrounds her? "Siren: The Irresistible Beauty" is an irresistible literary gem that promises to enthral, enchant, and leave you craving the next chapter.

  • A Siren Waves [The Good Siren]

    A Siren Waves [The Good Siren]

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY

    A Siren who was punished because of her bad deed, she was put under a spell and sleep for a hundred years, until she was awaken again by a man's broken heart. As soon as she rise to the surface on the ocean, she was only to be caught by a handsome man looking at her emotionless, watching her on his yacht.

  • Sirens Before Night Falls

    Sirens Before Night Falls


    In a world where the night is plagued with man-eating monsters called Stained Souls, three sirens warn the people of their arrival. A world where cloaked figures called Exorcists dance through the night, purging the monsters off the streets. In this world, Devin is bullied for his doll-looking features. Little did they know, he could see the monsters even before the sirens calls. He was in his last year of high school when he was transferred to an island to attend a boarding school. A school for Exorcists.[ Image on the cover not mine ]