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  • STARGATE: A New Dawn
a Stargate Fan Fic

    STARGATE: A New Dawn a Stargate Fan Fic


    hi all,thank you for reading my book.SG1, Atlantis, and SGU all work towards a brighter future. Past conflicts heat up more than imagined, and a long wondered question is answered. Ancients, Tauri, Asgard, Furling, Nox, and a few others thrown in. This ties up the loose ends the writers left us with.please support

  • Stargate: El Dorado

    Stargate: El Dorado

  • Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure

    Eodem: a Rifle and Sword Adventure



    After a routine planet-fall on an Earth-like planet near the farthest recorded reaches of the frontier, a group of United Federation of Earth colonists looking for a new home has stumbled into a planet that is described as a "Fantasy World". Complete with Dwarves, Elves, Dragons, Orcs, Monsters and shockingly other Humans, a brave Studies and Observations Team code-named 'Stryder Group' must survive in this new world with their guns, wits, genre savviness and a few good cans of Spaghetti sauce.A story inspired by Modern World meets with Fantasy World (like Gate, the Accident and Stargate)(Now a Webnovel Semi-Exclusive! Always 2 Chapters ahead of every other releases in Wattpadd, Royal Road and Spacebattles Forums. Catch the latest chapters here in Webnovel now!)

  • Manifest Fantasy

    Manifest Fantasy



    One day, a mysterious portal opens up somewhere in the Nevada desert. Quickly securing the portal, the United States finds itself in a unique position. On the other side lies a vast new world, full of adventure, hostile nations, and magic! How will the Americans handle the various diplomatic issues on both sides? Dive into the story and find out how the United States fulfills it's manifest destiny!Taking inspiration from stories like "GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There" and "Summoning Japan", this story will visit some of the most iconic tropes of the military isekai genre!“Some of the best grammar and world-building I’ve seen in the portal fantasy genre thus far.”“A cool blend of modern tech, magic, and science fiction ideas!”“It’s nice to see such an original and well-written work for this niche genre.”“There are some Stargate and Halo aspects in this story, and it’s pretty interesting to see how the author ties this stuff to the origin of magic and fantasy elements on this planet.”“Attention to detail is mostly good, and the author makes use of descriptive adjectives and actions in order to build vivid scenes. It is easy to imagine the adventures of Alpha Team and the carnage unleashed by modern technology against monsters and medieval folk.”Story also available on Wattpad and RoyalRoad!

  • Outlaws man

    Outlaws man


    Twelve years ago, stargates that fell from the sky landed all over the world. People have discovered that behind the star gate, there are various worlds. Relying on special game props and even the technology brought out from it, human technology has ushered in a blowout leap-forward development. Chen Bin held ak47 in one hand, looked at james seriously, and said solemnly. "We are law-abiding citizens, we can't do anything illegal, understand." The next second - "Crack!" The crisp sound of the bullet being loaded sounded.

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