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  • The First Telekinetic

    The First Telekinetic


  • Teenage Telekinetic

    Teenage Telekinetic

    A boy called Dick with telekinesis. The simplest power possible. A group of superpowered weirdos looking for a saviour. A man older than most countries walking around instead of lying in a grave. Things can't possibly get any weirder... right?This is just an outlet for my imagination to stop myself daydreaming. If you like it then cool, if you don't like it still cool. I frankly have stopped caring for the opinions of keyboard warriors. This is a generic power fantasy I wrote for myself, so read at your own discretion. Also, this isn't a self insert and Dick isn't my real name.

  • Omnipotent's Ascension

    Omnipotent's Ascension



    In a world where power and strength is everything. A world whose barriers have collapsed to reveal the different races and beings that populated the universe. Thousands of years after this, cultvation of practices have become a natural phenomena in the multiverse.________Lenin had always been restricted in the use of power. Being looked down on from birth up until middle school. But now he's in highschool, and there's nothing going to stop him. From cultivators to mages, telekinetic master, race lord's and other practices. Lenin decides to ascend and protect his loved ones. He would normally laze around, but with the coming threat to those he loves, what would he do?A novel about different races, and powers. With magic, qi, prana, plasma force and other forms of energy. It also has a unique cultivation theme.__________The novel has almost everything imaginable. Cultivation system, monster evolution system, lost legacies and other fantasy clichesDiscord link:

  • Her Royal Witchiness

    Her Royal Witchiness


    "A good day to die?" "I don't think so." Ravenna Hera has her whole life flipped when she discovers she is telekinetic and can make little sparkles appear from her fingers. At the age of 7, her parents tell her that they are from a long line of white witches and that they had to go back to their world as all their kids had grown up. Devastated, Ravenna is against the idea. When she finds out that her grandmother is where they are headed, she immediately gives in as this was the one person who made her feel loved. Ravenna always felt she was different from the rest but not her grandmother. Turns out, she is a black witch. She is shunned by her parents and siblings and treated like an outsider Only her grandmother, who is also a black witch, makes her feel sane. Her death brings Ravenna on the brink of madness, further putting her true nature at an imbalance. Sending her and her siblings to an academy, here Ravenna learns of the magical world and it's rulers whom she swears to avoid like the plague as she was an outcast and a witch. Unfortunately for her, Fate seems to throw trouble her way. From attacks from the popular kids, to betrayal by family. Ravenna quickly learns to rely on herself. Her mental fortitude is put to the test when the academy is attacked by all the evil of the magical world and she has to choose between the light and the dark, good and bad, love and life. Will she choose life or love? Power over service? Bad over good?

  • PSI Mercs

    PSI Mercs


    The planetary government hired inface company to investigate an incident at the Aural Research station on Fionah. These are no ordinary mercenaries, they have PSI abilities, Telekinetics, and military training. When they arrive at the station, all seem calm and desolate, only to learn they have to contend with cybernetic threats, abominations, monstrosities, and dealing with the infection that turns humans into horrific monsters.Will they survive despite being outnumbered and dealing with an enemy that is a step ahead of them?

  • The Exorcists

    The Exorcists


    This novel is on the Scribble website now and in the user account Take_the_Moon on Qidian, the novel is under another title. Thanks for following up here.Lee Fei has a photographic memory and was a librarian who loves reading all sorts of content, reading from bridge building books to adult content books (BL) to classic literature. Yes, this 27-year-old has no prejudice when it comes to books and knowledge.One day, after buying a very suspicious but very interesting book, in an antique shop which was quite dark and had a mystical air, he hears a laugh in his mind and everything goes dark. When he opens his eyes again, he is in a completely different and very old world - similar to Feudal Europe - unfortunately, he was in the world of the book he was reading before "dying."The book is titled Song of Darkness is a BL dark book that tells the story of a young novice who has been abused and who by an accident ends up trapped in an ancient and powerful demon. The young man is expelled and presumed dead by the church, with nowhere to go he and the devil begin their adventure.Eventually, the demon falls in love with this former novice, of course, that in the end, the young boy has his revenge on the one who committed the greatest abuse in his past. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Lee Fei was not born as the MC of this book, but as a mafia character, or an extra character, he was born as Emery Darcy of Grand Duke Leon's powerful aristocratic family, who had connections with the royal family of Aurora.As is a tradition in the medieval age, the first son is the heir, the second son will be a warrior and the third son goes to church, the other children are for marriage arrangements. Lee Fei was reborn as the third son and now found himself in the body of a young bishop following the exorcist's path, yes, this world had not only demons, there were also witches, wizards, mages, people with telekinetic powers, royal healers, exorcists, and summoners…Emery Darcy had everything to be a successful exorcist, but the envy of many people causes Emery to fall into a trap and be expelled from the church and reneged by his family, and a few years later his family fell into ruin because of a “disease” that kills most men only by leaving children. So mean people steal everything from the Darcy Family, Emery, who though banished, was the only blood descendant who could take over the family, so these villains chased him until he sold him to a brothel to be a sex toy!In this world that is similar to the dark ages except that supernatural things are really true, Lee Fei will try to escape the human traps, the seduction of demons and the dominant fallen angel who insists on following Lee Fei wherever he goes.However the MC who was supposed to be a little lamb at the beginning of the novel starts acting strange and full of honey schemes for the young virgin Lee Fei, the demon who was supposed to be a jealous narcissist was now a Tsundere! And the fallen angel…Lee Fei: Wait! There was no fallen angel in the original novel!Fallen Angel: I just came to watch the show! Go on… I'm hoping you and MC get together and do that!*obscene gestures* But if the demon also participates, I'll want a part too! That tight part of you… *obscene gestures*Lee Fei: Get out!Fallen Angel: If no one wants you, I can sacrifice myself to do that! *obscene gestures* HahahahaLee Fei: I just wanted a peaceful life! Where are these supernatural beings coming from who just want to throw my life into chaos ?!

  • My Hero System

    My Hero System


    Earth, Year 2022. After the great virus swept across the world and Civilization was brought to a standstill, they appeared. Children with extraordinary abilities, from telekinetics who could move objects with their mind to 4-year-olds with herculean strength. This was the dawn of a new era for humanity, known as the Super Age. Super denoting the increasing frequency of powers around the globe, from this event awoke those with greed and vile tendencies, Villains. As well as those who stood for justice and the innocent.Or more commonly known as Hero's.Year 2262240 years after the first appearance of those with powers, a young man by the name Zen was birthed into this world...

  • Children of the rainbow

    Children of the rainbow


    Fifteen years after the strange events of 26th July 2033; Òmaaro, select children all over the world suddenly begin to exhibit metaphysical abilities. Ozoemena wakes up from a three year coma to find out that his mother is missing, he is telekinetic and that the world he once knew, now seeks to destroy him and everyone like him.He teams up with the geokinetic; Dimeji, his pyrokinetic twin sister; Anuli and his electrokinetic twin brother; Daalu to find his mother and fight against the world that tirelessly seek to erase him.

  • Strange World

    Strange World

    Jack is a telekinetic who has unknowingly mastered the ability. Oblivious to this, he admits himself into an academy for the gifted. However, the school is... strange. Teacher-student relationships, harems, psychos, other races?!It's a hard life, the addition of having to protect himself against unknown threats aswell does not reduce the stress at all.

  • enlighted


    devin just a normal teenager with many dreams trying to live up to his parents expectation.. never thought that his life could be turned upside down in seconds. in this world of psychic abilities where people can influence the world around them what will devin do !!

  • Silver Will

    Silver Will


    A young demon (Uli) with telekinetic powers will encounter some weird invaders. These aliens call themselves humans. And they will change everything.Its a story about discovering a world beyond the one you are used to. Uli is very curious and will grow to be, mainly, and adventurer. He strives to know the ways of the universe, its fabric, and its creatures. I have an itch for science fiction to be, at least at the surface, coherent with the current science. I’ve read novels in which foreign planets are regarded like copies of earth with human like aliens. In some cases they even have children between different species…. Either way, there is an explanation behind Uli and his kind to be as human like as they are. There will be more aliens, but dont expect them to have cat ears please, or to somehow reproduce with humans. And no. Aliens are not mammals. They dont have tits.The legnth of the chapters of this novel will vary between 1300 and 2500 words. I know that it is a big gap between a long episode and a short one. But some times its needed to respect the flow of the story.I’ve read some stories in this platform, and i realized that people write in very short paragraphs. I do not know the exact reason for this. I guess it makes it easier to read. I’ll try to adapt. Its easy to keep it concise when writing action, but I like explaining things beyond just adding details here and there, so I hope you guys don’t get bored of reading long paragraphs.

  • Forkman


    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    A man gets his powers from a fork. A homeless man gains telekinetic powers from thinking. There are people, the Strontium Process, powers. Superheroes are forlorn things, common now. No longer a rarity. Strength is not uncommon, Control is not. The Strontium Process goes unexplained. What is? But their is a man, who received his powers from a fork, and a homeless man who received his powers from thinking. Including Spoon Man, a man who can reincarnate, and Explosion Man, who can make explosions occur after surviving one, and Ultraman, who can control the world's oceans. But their is a thing that controls them all, like the fork that controls Forkman.

  • Lord of Crime

    Lord of Crime


    (Note: This isn't really a sypnosis, it's a prototype chapter)Hector Oda, the undisputed Lord of Crime has found himself cornered by a bunch of spandex wearing super powered allies of hypocritical justice."Surrender now! You heinous monster in human skin! It's over, your years of terror are over!"But the man in question only smirked, his body calmed, nearly making people think he is surrendering but–This was the Lord of Crime himself."My years of terror are over? Heh, it does pain me to know that my years of perfect artistry is bound to be over..."He paused, placing a palm over his face with a disappointed sigh."Artistry? You call your vile actions of massacre and terrorism ART?! Y-You! It's over! I'll make sure you spend your days in hell!"But as the heroes stepped forward, the Lord of Crime laughed– a perfect evil laugh– starting from a deep silent chuckle, all the way to a nearly high pitch sound of psychotic laugh."Oh, dear, whoever said that it'll be bound to be"As if on cue, or actually, maybe it is on cue, one of the heroes transformed his arms into a blade of light and promptly killed the hero in the front."W-Wha-?!"In only a few seconds, what was before a proud and just hero, is now a headless corpse.He looked towards the 2 remaining hero, a teenage girl hero and a old muscular man."So? Would you guys be willing to perhaps join me?"The teenage girl flew in the air, palms out as she readied a telekinetic wave to blast Hector away."You shouldn't be doing that, if I were you""W-What makes you think I'll bend over to a villain like you!"He gave a friendly smile at that and made a gesture to the traitor hero, the traitor hero gave him a phone and he tapped a bit, the ring resounded and the teenage girl was slowly losing her patience."What is this about? What do you mean! Tell me!"Hector didn't answer and just held out the answered phone to her."Boss, we're here right now at the house of the hero you were talking about, what should we do next?""Have some "fun" if I don't say anything within a minute"The teenage girl was visibly confused but it seems her patience ran out, she gathered power unto her palms and prepared to sent it to Hector, the traitor hero also went to block."Lilith Amery, lives is a mansion within the borders of H city along with her sister, mother and some aunties, the mansion is protected by some highly trained unit I couldn't care less about and your friends, normal ones, are currently staying for a sleepover"The teenage girl, shuddered at the specific information Hector gave out."You have 46 seconds to shoot that Mr over there instead and you'll have a home with no trauma to come back to""Y-You devil! My sister in only 12 years old you fucki-""Oh? She says the sister is young, you going to spare her?""It's up to you boss!"But suddenly, without even his need to remind her that she only has 37 more seconds, the teenage girl hero shot the telekinetic wave at the old muscular hero who was silent from the beginning because he had a blade in his throat."Release them!"The teenage girl bellowed, shaking at the paste corpse that was her fellow comrade just a few seconds ago, tears started coming from her."RELEASE THEM YOU DEVIL!""Release them she says""Roger boss"And with that, the teenage girl rushed off, flying towards her home."Well, I didn't need to tell her that her family was being held by ropes on top of their mansion's roof now do I?""Neither do I need to tell her that releasing them might kill them too"Hector went silent for a bit, dazing at the direction of the teenage girl hero's house."Boss! The bomb has been planted, when should we boom it?""Boom it when she arrives and cries"With that, I stretched my arms and walked away from the building. Not long after, an– silenced because of the distance– explosion could be heard."Welp, at least they had their "fun" before death, no?"Lord of Crime, Hector Oda.

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