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  • I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

    I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch



    When Liao Zixuan woke up, he learned that he had been transmigrated into the game, Fallen God. As he didn’t want to embarrass the Trasmigrator Army, he was ready to work hard to become a legendary boss. However, things changed when the small girl was shocked by his sudden appearance. She studied Liao Zixuan for a while before warily reaching out her skinny hand to touch his head, not of a human but a wolf instead. Liao Zixuan did not get transmigrated as a human but became a Summoned Beast known as a Dark Flame Wolf. That was just a minor problem for him, who was known as the top sparring partner back in his world. Many years had passed since then, and the game was introduced to a mysterious Night Empress that terrified the kingdoms. She also went by the name of Witch of Destruction, Holy Saintess of Elements, and Commander of the Abyss Fort. Outside of the game, she was seen by the players as a legendary character who was seen in every corner of the main storyline, a lady who was the dream of every male player. What no one knew was that behind the Night Empress was Liao Zixuan, who tended his farm happily. He looked at the Night Empress, who used to be a small skinny girl, then at the giant cabbages on his farm and grinned. Look! Both of these are the results of my hard work!

  • After I Transmigrated I Decided To Kill Myself Thousand Times

    After I Transmigrated I Decided To Kill Myself Thousand Times


    Ren Yan gets to choose which body he will transmigrated but he needs to be lucky because it is randomize every time he died and there are over hundred billions of population in every continent so I think he will take a very long time to get his ideal trasmigrated body.Leave your suggestions on the comment section. I will consider your ideas.My English is not good so please bear with me. I will try to improve myself as the story goes on.

  • My System Is A Computer?!?!

    My System Is A Computer?!?!

    Cliche Death But got something unusual trasmigrated into the past au in the same world and a zombie apocalypse happened

  • ROtT on hold

    ROtT on hold

    After dying her soul trasmigrated to a twelve years old girl’s body. She found herself in a mystical forest, covered in wounds as she held a little fox.With her past knowledge as Zhao family’s young miss she soars trough the heaven.“Miss, his highness is here again, do I let him in?”"..."

  • My Own System

    My Own System

    この小説は削除されたか、ハイアタスにあります By coincidence, Red was trasmigrated to another world with a system that gaves him many mysterious things. He then found out later on that he will never be the same as before. In this world Aptitude and Innate talent matters but with a system what are these to him ? With the help of his own system he will become very strong that the heavens and earth will bow down before him without any hesitation. As easy as flipping his fingers and he will instantly transform into an unrivaled genious. Adventuring through the vast lands of this world, Ren found out that only by being mysterious will he become stronger. [Mysteriously killing a whole sect earned you a total of 1 000 000 000 mystery points]

  • Reincarnation, I became the villainess

    Reincarnation, I became the villainess


    For someone who was spending her time leisurely and relaxedly, when she was met with an accident, she didn't feel surprised.But what was unexpected was trasmigrating as a villainess in a novel.But this didn't affect her daily life much except except for trying hard to study well and earn a fortune for her family.Dad: You don't have to work hard, if you can't study well dad will give his companies for you to play with.I have lots of moneyMom: Mahua !! Sit with your back straight. You have to behave ladylike.Elder brother: You little devil, what have you done this time.I am not going to help you hide it anymoreLittle brother:Big sister, big sister...I have brought you your favourite candies.Big sister loves me the most.A certain someone: Why is it getting hard & hard to chase your wife these days.Wifey,, come back , hubby will give you anything.

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