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  • Valkyrie


    The Valkyrie's are the mechanized suits that Valkyrie Pilots use in today's warfare. Using their power to fight the Nebula that constantly threatens to invade our world. But that's not the only concern of everyday citizens, the tensions between the Federation and Space Alliance Systems are at an all-time high since the conclusion of the Valkyrie Wars. Hazer who was once a Valkyrie Pilot has since lost the ability to pilot a Valkyrie. He now lives a life normality with his family when an unstoppable force threats to tear down everything he knows and loves. An Original Light Novel/Manga Series! Concept in the works! Mecha Light Novel!

  • Valkyrie Sisters

    Valkyrie Sisters

    Right and Wrong, who has the right to be the judge of these things? What is truly right or wrong? Humans naturally have the desire to look out for themselves, taking actions towards benefitting themselves. But for some reason this has been viewed as wrong, being selfish is wrong. Is something so wrong with looking out for yourself and only yourself. My name is Rose, and I am this kind of person. I would gladly kill 20 or even 100 people if it meant saving my own life, but in truth wouldn't all humans do this provided that there isn't a moral backlash on them from people around them. Though one thing always bothered me, of how a person can give up there life for another under the simple pretense of "doing it for love". I never understood it, I wonder what it feels like.

  • Valkyrie moon

    Valkyrie moon

    Valk is a elf with a rare majic, blood majic. Shes the beauty of the village through she never bothers with boys and spends her times training and fighting off the beasts which hunt during the night and threaten the village. But what will she do when a new stranger arrives and threatens to steal her heart?

  • Rise Of The Blood Valkyrie

    Rise Of The Blood Valkyrie

    Fantasy Romance R18 SYSTEM DARK YURI

    Who did Okami anger in her past life to deserve the world's harsh treatment born in low level dungeon Okamis life wasn't too bad until one day her lover and best friend met a group of humans who were on there way to conquer the dungeon Aftwr watching her only pillars of light in this broken world be tortured, raped, and killed In front over her Okami couldn't live on and ended her life But when she awoke there she was.. the light of her life smiling down at her perfectly fine Okami brushed it off as a dream but would only suffer because of this as her 'dream' decided to repeat itself around 175 times before she could finally break out of this horrible cycle -----Not My Art-----

  • Valkyrie of Death

    Valkyrie of Death


    dropped. sorry

  • Douluo dalu Valkyrie

    Douluo dalu Valkyrie

  • Valkyrie Sparrow

    Valkyrie Sparrow


    In The Walls Of The Utopian City, Euphor CityAn Girl With A Dissatisfaction Of The Life Wanting To See The Outside World As Her Sister Discovered An Power Energy Through The Mecha And Along With Their New And Old Friends They Try To Keep The City Safe And Find Out The Truth About The World They Live in..

  • The West Valkyrie

    The West Valkyrie

    Fantasy Romance ACTION

    Book has been canceledValerie-Fayre or Val-Fayre is the daughter of a military family who was stripped of their rank under mysterious circumstances. Constantly shoved in the mud, Val dreams of uniting her divided tribe despite their cruel treatment. *A nonserious novel, updates will probably be random*LGBT warning for later in the book, if you don’t like it... well sorry.*Image is not mine, if the creator wants me to take it down I can.

  • The Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie


  • Valkyrie [CoA]

    Valkyrie [CoA]

    "My tale wasn't expected.I didn't plan it, I didn't want it, I didn't dream for it.As much as Atlas sounds as the dream of harmony between beasts and tamers, corruption and lust for power still exists.I was part of a proud tribe, note, was.""You're getting ahead of yourself Valkyrie.""Shut up. I already knew that. Ahem, as I was saying, I WAS part of a proud tribe, they were known for the ferocious desert tigers they tamed.""Rikh'shi! The tribe was called Rikh'shi!!""MELODY! Seriously?! Who's next in interupting me?!""Perhaps-""Garakan...""Don't you DARE, aha ha Ha HAHAH!""Did you use my last name as a pun...""Yes Garakan, She did.""EVERYONE SHUT UP AND JUST LISTEN TO MY DAMN STORY!!!"____________________________________________A story set in the mythical world of Atlas, where beasts replace the general animals as we know them. From glowing horses to snake headed birds, to gigantic sea serpents and phoenixes, this world has places and creatures yet unexplored.Dive into Atlas through the vision of heroes long forgotten, or heroes so famous they remain in Atlas' history. Dive in and explore to your hearts content, but don't be consumed by darkness..

  • Valkyrie & The Emperor

    Valkyrie & The Emperor

    Update: 11 Feb 2019 - this novel has been temporarily deleted for developmental editing.

  • Dark Valkyrie

    Dark Valkyrie

    A warrior by the name of Odette employs a mercenary clan to her services, after helping them deal with their mortal foe. Little does this clan know, she'd be leading them against a far greater enemy. (This is not a romantic fantasy. I don't know why it's labeled as such.)

  • Global Tamer: My Tamed Beasts Are All Humanoids

    Global Tamer: My Tamed Beasts Are All Humanoids



    "When Su Xing woke up, he realized he had been transmigrated to a world of beast tamers. Wild beasts rampaged outside cities, while evil societies were experimenting on genetic modification. As the gods began to wake, the world was only thrown into even more chaos. Only the beast tamers with extraordinary powers could take care of these problems. When he got to this world, Su Xing received an SSS-grade talent, the Humanoid Contract. The first thing he had tamed was an egg and he became a laughing stock until something extraordinary happened. [Holy Angel] SSS-grade Light Beast. Proficient in cleansing and healing. [Seven Sins Demon] SSS-grade Dark Beast. Proficient in stunning and debuffing. [Wind Spirit] SSS-grade Wind Beast. Proficient in crowd controls. [Nine-tailed Fox Girl] SSS-grade Fire Beast. Proficient in single-target attacks. [Guardian Valkyrie] SSS-grade Earth Beast. Proficient in absolute defense. Su Xing’s eyes were thrown wide open when he looked at these gorgeous and hot beasts and gulped."

  • Diana Crystal: Valkyrie

    Diana Crystal: Valkyrie

    This is the story of Diana and how her world changed when her sister was slaughtered leaving her alone to be the next warrior in line to lead her people into war.

  • Valkyrie Vampire

    Valkyrie Vampire

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Everything went to hell when I met my hybrid brother. Our worlds started to collide and we had to find a way to survive. The Supreme Court had already decided our fate but can we beat them and save ourselves at the same time?

  • Blood Valkyrie

    Blood Valkyrie

    Contemporary Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

  • Royal Valkyrie

    Royal Valkyrie

  • Soul Emperor Valkyrie

    Soul Emperor Valkyrie


    Xiao Yihun, the master of Xingyiquan, walks through another world. In this world where warriors are rampant, Xiao Yi gained the martial soul against the sky, and opened a road to a powerful man who crushed countless geniuses in the world and became the soul emperor and martial god. Shatter the heavens and the earth, break the firmament, and surpass the heavens and all realms

  • The Valkyrie Goddess

    The Valkyrie Goddess


    Tasha joins the online gaming community for the first time. In the modern day game that's been around for the Last eight years.The Ethernet company has made a new virtual reality tech gaming world called Pantheon Ethernet Domain

  • Squad Valkyrie: Eternal Misfits

    Squad Valkyrie: Eternal Misfits

    Almost every squad has that one operative that is a bit reckless, destructive, or just downright crazy. Well, this is a squad that has all three and somehow complete their missions in one piece. Regardless of how much explosives they can pack in a duffle bag.