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  • Terminator: Vengence

    Terminator: Vengence


  • The Angel’s Vengence

    The Angel’s Vengence

    Because of his crush died he bore a hatred and vengence toward the gods of heavens and how will he achieve his goal

  • The Slave Knight's Vengence

    The Slave Knight's Vengence


    Captured as a baby from the hands of his mother, Arimane was turned from a proud member of the fiend race to the play thing of the humans who took him. Nearly 500 years later their magics begin to weaken and the beast they oppressed will break free.(This system does not have stats)

  • Shadow Monarch

    Shadow Monarch


    What if you had the ability to manipulate the shadows of the world around you?Traverse the shadow realm, listen to the whispers every shadow has to tell – a persons secrets, their insecurities and their fears all freely read like an open book.Lewis was granted such a power, losing his job, fiance, company and finding out that he’s not the father of his soon to be born child, his determination will either grant him vengence on those who wronged him; discovering the true depths of his powers in the process, or save the world he lives in, living aloof above all.Walking the fine line between life and death, indifferent and cold to all around - he is no hero...He is the Shadow Monarch…***Note: The Main Character is cold-blooded, arrogant and single-minded, so before you read consider this - do you want to read about a Main Character who isn't the hero of this story, one who's cold, arrogant and aloof focusing only on himself with the single goal of becoming strong enough to decide his own fate?If not this story isn't for you, you could describe Lewis as a sociopath and I would agree. Otherwise, enjoy the story and thanks for reading :)I aim for at least one chapter a day, if I can’t put out a chapter it’ll be due to being busy/not having time to write I hope that this can be appreciated as I’m not a full-time writer rather I’m a full-time student, on another note enjoy the story!

  • The Peerless Female Knight

    The Peerless Female Knight


    When the emotionless Sera Cartesius decides to Leave her life of Solitude, She finds out that she is not an ordinary human but an Esper which are the most feared, respected magical beings in the human race.When she learns of the tragedy that befell her upon her parents from her uncle. Andafter learning that her deseased mother was also an Esper, she decides to enroll into the Prestigious Academy: Corax Academy with the intention of seeking vengence for her mother.When she meets the the fox-like boy Ephiel Von Gralian, she experiences emotions she has never experienced before. Little by little he melt her ice-cold heart.Sera is stuck with a desicion whether to abandon Ephiel and his love for her in the name of revenge or the bury it all in the name of love.

  • Wanted By The Wolf King

    Wanted By The Wolf King

    Fantasy Romance R18 WEREWOLF

    Taking a stroll on a rainy night isn't what a sane person might do, but Rabel is far from normal with her snowy white hair.An injured Wolf lying close to your cottage isn't also considered as normal in a place often plagued with werewolves and their onslaught on humans.Despite her bitter feelings, she takes the wolf into her house out of the goodness of her heart; she nurtures back to life, and the wolf left after it was fully healed.Weeks later, the rumoured dead werewolf king is back with a vengencence; slaying the humans in a one sided war.When a truce is called and peace pleaded; the werewolf king agrees to the words of agreement with only one condition: to have Rabel in his palace as his bride.

  • The Bound Twins

    The Bound Twins

    A titan of the cultivation world seeking vengeance, and a boy from modern Earth seeking his lost love after an accident are both reincarnated into the bodies of a pair of twins in a world where strength reigns supreme. Will the titan achieve vengence? Will the boy reunite with a lost love? Will the brothers find the truth about their new hosts? Will the brothers remain brothers in arms or will they be brothers at arms against each other? Find out as they rise to the top of an entirely new cultivation world.

  • The Forgotten Emperor

    The Forgotten Emperor

    With his cultivation stripped from him, the end of his lifespan nearing, the former emperor's situation seems both hopeless and miserably. His former allies were now his most hated enemies, however, on his death, the former emperor's vengeful spirit remains unhindered on the attempts at vengence.

  • Crescent Moon

    Crescent Moon

    Follow the story of the girl who seeks for vengence to the person/s who's responsible for her Kingdoms fall.Meet Crescent, the 1st princess and heir to the throne of East Kingdom. The moment she was born a great monk has foretold that she was destined for great things. Borned with such proficy she was treasured both by her parents and her kingdoms people and also was covitted by other people thinking that if they have ever possess the princess such proficy would also befall great things to her husband or people that close to her. Such temptation was so great for the greedy persons as so they have oath to take this valuable "thing". Ablate with the proficy she was labelled as the number 1 genuis of the kingdom at the age of 3. She was intellegent, elegant, beautiful, strong, and powerful.But all of this ends the night her parents were killed and her kingdom falls.Follow Crescent to every path she take, every challenges, betrayal, pained and her seek for vengence to the ones who wronged her.#New Author and New Story.-please criticized my work as you may seem fit.

  • The Great Worrior Mbuva

    The Great Worrior Mbuva


    Mbuva is a young crowned king that seaks vengency of his parents.After their land is invaded by foreigner from the west. mbuva is forced to flee to exile with a few of his fathers most trusted men....

  • Reincarnation - I Think My System Is Too OP

    Reincarnation - I Think My System Is Too OP


    Ryuuji Hiruma, age 29 Typical, Isekai anime-manga loving N.E.E.T, who one day, unfortunately, had his dream come true to be summoned to another world, only to be captured on the first day, tortured, and killed years later by The Devil lord. Many, years later Ryuuji's Soul Essence forms once more lit by vengence. But how could he take revenge with his now adorable rabbit form?

  • Born a Queen

    Born a Queen

    A tale.A tale of an innocent mythical creature. Who could have been sworn to be normal.Who wanted to be normal. Who had feelings like the human. Who accepted the human race. Who saw no other difference between the mortal and immortal other than their abnormal abilities.Until...They took the one thing that made her feel normal. Consumed by vengence. Blinded by the need of justice. Showered with negligence. Never ever to have the feeling of being loved, or cared for. No longer able to fulfill duties that was meant to be except one...



    Smitta, a once young, naive and cheerful girl she was. But everything changed when she had to watch her father's maltreatment on her mother. There was not a single day going by without the blood curling screams of her mother filling the house but nobody ever came to her aid until one day, it got out of hands. Her mother tried to escape from her father's beatings when she accidentally tripped and fell to her death. She watched her die in cold blood at the hands of her father with no justice served and no remorse at all. This made her bitter, growing up with revenge as her aim and men as her pree. Love and romance was a total no and never existed in her book until that one person came.Will he be able to change her perspective about men?Will he be able to make her live a fulfilled life void of hatred and vengence?Disclaimer : The picture not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.

  • The Demons of silverwing

    The Demons of silverwing

    The love of thousand centuries, Vengence of past meeting present staking future in the midst of darkness, When two sisters meet seven dangerously inflicting Demons with wounded souls the untold story will leash ominous waves of wickedness the worlds will see the unseen.These seven pieces of broken memories and greaving souls are....Jagar Silverwing "From the thousand years He collected her bones Weeping In her ashes Seeking her soul,Beast did he become Dying with a thousand wounds.-Valac Silverwing "For him, he was already torn by his wretched fate as he swallowed his sins deep in his guts, and formed the river of blood in roses."-Jraven Silverwing "Those beautiful obsidian eyes, filled with poison breathing grief."-Jaceal Silverwing "He watched her, pitifully With frozen tongue, but the flaming heart with beats of her shallow voice echoing in his chest."-Aryx Silverwing "Oo Darling under his pretty skin He is rotten, cruelly insensitive and gracefully insane."-Harex Silverwing "How beautiful he was A tapestry of scars Which he painted himselfWhen he wasn't the one."-Gathor Silverwing"His crooked grins, Bare fangs Yielding throats, his dangerousVoice of pride, a scarred throne, and his Golden eyes Waving broken thoughts of her."...........................................................-Simpfene Silverwing "A pure desire of Hearts,From longing centuries of life and death,Was the Queen too selfish?Or was she too innocent for herMisleading cursed destiny.-Perifene Silverwing "She was god's chosen to bear the god's curse, foolish child she was,Did she sinned at all?"............................................................."Our destiny is cruel, merciless it gave us no choice but to fill the cups of death with our blood and tears, so fill my cup sister because for this is the revival." - The Demons Silverwing cover by amazing person- @ ArtemisMoon- ( first Draft).........................................................

  • Reincarnation of Xiao Chen:Sword of the Ancient World

    Reincarnation of Xiao Chen:Sword of the Ancient World


    In this world where's Xiao Chen will be reincarnated their will be only powers through cultivation by any means, and in a certain level their will be able to a weaken their own spirit armament but sadly the Mc Xiao Chen will awaken a broken looking old knife that can't even cut a bunny's tail. But Xiao Chen will find out that he only needs to awaken it with his own blood first to reveal it's real power and it's hidden ability Gluttony being able to eat it's opponents blood and QI slowly gaining power that can kill even the evil gods, as Xiao Chen discovered this secret he slowly unravels the secret of this new world and his ancient sword which comes from a certain ancient clan. Xiao Chen will travel in different places in search of the truth of his soul weapon from a forested places full of mysterious beast, to a desert that had fierce beast and people that live in rusty iron buildings just to survive the harsh environment and sand beast, from a desert to an archipelago that houses people that can almost breath under water and water beast that is two times for more powerful than land beast as Xiao Chen travel and adventure to places that people almost don't know as the danger they will face will have a certain death which scares people to travel far and wide. And he travel the climax will be as he slowly learns the ancient swords power which can steal other people's special power and in every certain level they will need to kill demonic beast or divine beast in order to get the power that they want and if they can't they will have a weak or unwanted power, and the ending would be when he will destroy the other five Kingdoms to exact his vengence when he learns that in this life his whole clan was killed by all the five kingdoms plot towards them and he will take his rightful place, above all eles and below no one but God.

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