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  • His Human

    His Human

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

    " seems like you really like disobeying me kitten, so I'll have to fulfill the promise I made to you the other day"...My eyes widen I didn't need to be told twice because i recalled everything he said 4 week ago outside Tom's cafe..."You think just because the moon goddess paired me with you I'll accept you? are nothing more than a weak, stupid, annoying teenager who is nothing more than a waste of space...stay away from me because if we ever meet again, I'll make sure to make your fucking life a living hell.""Excuse me assface, your car hit me and you're acting as if I jumped in front of your stupid ugly car ..I'm ignoring that its a Porsche.. Apologize now before I slap your arrogant face" ---‐‐-----------------------------------------------------------Lira thinks werewolves are just myths and farytiles...what happens when she's mated to alpha known for his ruthlessness and merciless reputation...Killian hates humans.. he sees them as cunning and vicious killers..What happens when he finds out he's mated to one??Will Killian be able to accept his fate or will his past destroy his future...WARNING...this book consits of mature language, sexual themes and violance

  • Win To The Future

    Win To The Future

    Dunia yang benar-benar sangat kejam ini melahirkan sebuah bencana berupa para monster, beast, dan juga para vampire yang biasa disebut dengan "violence" oleh penduduk bumi. Membuat para penduduk bumi resah karena mereka memakan manusia. Semakin banyak manusia yang mereka makan, maka mereka juga akan semakin kuat.Tapi di saat tragedi itu terjadi, datanglah sekelompok pemuda pemberani yang menyebut dirinya sebagai "Hunter."Namaku "Regiz" saat ini aku tinggal bersama bibiku. Kedua orang tua ku meninggal karena ulah para Violance yang memakan semua keluargaku. Karena itu, sekarang aku bertekad untuk menghancurkan semua violence yang ada di alam semesta ini.




    Namaku Maise, aku sekolah disekolah menengah. Aku memiliki pacar bernama Ammar. Pacar ku ini sangat baik dan tidak pernah berkata kasar padaku.Namun, entah mengapa teman-teman ku sangat tidak menyukainya, bahkan mereka menyuruhku agar memutuskan hubungan kami berdua. Mereka bilang pacar ku aneh. Sesudah mereka mengatakan itu, besoknya mereka menghilang dan beberapa hari kemudian mayat mereka ditemukan dengan kondisi yang sangat mengerikan.Nina, dia mengatakan pacar ku aneh. Beberapa hari kemudian mayat yang ditemukan dengan mulut yang dijahit.Iris, dia mengatakan pacarku gila dan tidak berotak. Beberapa hari kemudian dia ditemukan dengan kepala bolong tanpa otak.Bagas, dia kekasih Iris. Dia menuduh pacar ku yang membunuh Nina dan Iris, dia menendang, memukul, mendorong dan menonjok pacarku di lapangan sampai babak belur. Keesokan harinya sekolah gempar menemukan mayat Bagas di lapangan sekolah dengan tubuh yang sudah terpotong- potong.Hal itu semakin membuat nama pacarku semakin jelek. Aku tidak percaya- tentu saja, pacarku itu baik, aku sangat yakin bahwa dia itu baik! Hingga sebuah fakta terungkap membuat kedua bola mata Maise terbelalak.∆∆∆#1 - Daging ( 26 Oktober 2020 )#5 - Insane ( 26 Oktober 2020 )#9 - Wild ( 26 Oktober 2020 )#6 - Mutilasi ( 26 Oktober 2020 )#20 - Membunuh ( 26 Oktober 2020 )#24 - Violance ( 26 Oktober 2020 )⚠️ WARNING : 17+, Mature, Violance, Cannibal, Abused Behavior.Readers are expected to bear the consequences themselves.Happy reading my story and I hope you like it.Writes about stories of murder, cannibals, gore, insane, psycho, psychopath, romance, mystery and more.

  • Agapios The Good

    Agapios The Good


    Anger, rage, annoyance, disgust, lust, greed....the world is filled with those nefarious emotions. They consume the peoples' heart and give birth to jealousy, hatred and envy. What is a world that is only defined by such traits? It is a world of war, violance and sadness. The mighty Orcs in the north, the repugnant forces of Chaos in the east, the clever Dwarves in the south, the elegant Elves in the west and the Humans in the center of them all. The Humans preach, they pray to the Gods, they hope to see the next day in this dark period of time. For as long as history could trace, the Humans have been ravaged and plundered by the Orcs and the forces of Chaos. Each invasion would only cause more damage than the other. It's in this troubled era that Agapios wakes up in a large wheat field. As a fervent follower of the Goddess of benevolence and hope, he travels by her teachings and helps all those in need. He will discover the truth behind it all, behind all the Chaos and behind his very being. Agapios' heart pushes him to take action and to change the current fate of this terrible world. With his sword of light and salvation, he shall go through pain, hell and suffering to shape this world of hope, peace and love.

  • Wasn't meant to be you

    Wasn't meant to be you


    High school girl met a boy and their lovers starting to catch feelings..They both had broken heart's.Read this on your own risks :) DISCLAIMER :There might be blood, abusive intentions,intensive bullying, violance, fighting, sexual intentions, curse words, self harm, abuse..⚠️IF you're not comfortable with reading this book then please don't read this book!!Enjoy!And don't forget to vote and comment for some ideas for me to write next books in the future!

  • My Long-Lost Heritage

    My Long-Lost Heritage

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

    Dawn, a 16-year-old high school student whose life is about to change and discover great powers within her.After a childhood of pain and abandonment of her father, Noah, and having a narcissist as her mother, Olivia, she lived with anger until it was her 16th birthday. Then, only questions and confusion fueled her brain. “Why me? I’m nothing, what is going on?” At school, she was laughed at and bullied by everyone, being poor and not having money to buy nice clothes or ones that fit her properly since she was growing taller by the months. Her biological sister, Ava, not even protecting her even if she has the same problems, but Ava is short, and everything is too big on her. ***********This book starts on the day of her 16th birthday.***********There will be scenes with: ADULT LANGUAGE, UNDERAGE DRINKING, SEXUAL CONTEXT, VIOLANCE.This is my first book, and updates may be slow. Please stand by me, thank you.

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