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  • Chenille


  • Violent delights

    Violent delights

  • The Violent Omega

    The Violent Omega


    When Sia woke up, she had become an omega in the mystifying universe of ABO. Not just that, she was A.O.U, in elaborate words:Abandoned. (Got dumped by an Alpha scum.)Orphaned. (Where are my fucking parents?!)Unemployed. (No money.)"..."Sia wept at her sudden reversal in life and saw a poster.'Ohhh? The first virtual reality RPG?' 'It can earn me some money?''I can beat up those arrogant Alphas?'"F*ck. I'm in."-----Sneak Peek:A piece of sudden big news swept the entire server 1 of the famous V.R RPG Labyrinth. The elite team of one of the top Guilds, 'Chaos of Neutrals' added a new team member! And it also happens that the member was an omega!The whole server was pessimistic but then---A beautiful woman kept her gentle smile as she slit the throat of the last person on the opposite team. Her lithe figure vanished in the shadows, making the spectators shiver in fear. The defeated team: ...(shivering in the corner) This...this omega is too violent!!!Other Books:Ten 100% Alpha Match MatesDangerous PlayHer Nonchalant Apocalyptic ExperienceHer Five Mer Husbands

  • These Violent Desires

    These Violent Desires

  • violent farmer

    violent farmer


    A colleague athlete has been reincarnated in to a fantasy world, as he strives for and edge in this world he realises that he's trapped by his class a farmer. as he fights his fate, fate his him, hard. so hard perhaps this could change his fate.

  • These violent delightst

    These violent delightst


  • A Violent Time

    A Violent Time

  • The Violent Heart

    The Violent Heart

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Lucas Calvin Santiago is a multimillionaire CEO of their family's company. His life was almost perfect. But it all changed when he got married to a woman named Ruby Haven Lopez, to save the Lopez's Company. He never imagined of loving someone. He didn't believe in love. She became the most hated person by Lucas.Will he change? Will Ruby be the reason for him to believe in love? Or Will she leave before he could even fall in love?

  • Red and Violent

    Red and Violent


    “Teach me how to love her, Hyung.” ——————————————————————————Kaesolin is an independent woman who fought all her life for what she wants and she achieved her goals with power and intelligence. However, her life has never been a smooth sail. She jumped one hurdle after the other.After grand loss, pain, and dark breakdowns, Kaesolin helped herself come out of the ashes. A winner before the fall, a conqueror after. On her new world-tour job with the biggest K-pop group, she meets a man who swept his way to her heart. Her walls high and defenses rock solid, he shows her unconditional, healthy love; imperfect but warm. Life doesn't come with a free pass and the wars between her past, her future, and her dragging present continue. Her past crawls back and that's when all the love he gave her is put to test. A story about healthy love, loss, fighting, dealing with a rocky mental state, and seeking help. ———————————————————————————Warnings: Mention of: Suicidal ideations.Mental illnesses and intense scenes. ———————————————————————————I hope you take this one as healing, loving, and self-conscious book. I’d appreciate your comments and love for this one because I poured my heart, soul, and pain into this one. Love, Delirium101.

  • Violent Demon System

    Violent Demon System

    This story is not made by me. I am just posting cause its not there in this website.... [The strongest wicked system, the strongest violent killing]

  • The Violent Wonders of Hell

    The Violent Wonders of Hell


    When Hell is thrown into a world where brain was more valued than brawn, how will she fight to survive a world of blood, death and a timeless dream? Deep below the land, where fiery mountains sing to the souls of burning woman and horned men, golden moons shine silver and chaotic gods thrive, Hellenia Azreal hunted for a man lost in time.Bound to the Queen by a blood bond, Hellenia is tasked with retrieving the lost prince or risk losing her life. Yet, after forty moons of searching for the missing crown prince of Aeirdos, Hellenia never came close to finding him.But when one fatal mistake puts her on the path of destructive goddess of fate, Hellenia is thrown into a completely different world and captured by a bunch of angry Fae.What will she do when's she's forced to compete in a ancient war against her will. Will she survive?Or will she thrive?

  • Rise of the Violent Flame

    Rise of the Violent Flame




    Bela Diri ACTION R18 MYSTERY

    WARNING 17+!!!['Semua akan baik-baik saja' adalah kalimat penipuan terbesar yang pernah ada-Anye]Seorang gadis misterius pencuri, penggila uang, sekaligus penderita sosiopat, membuat kerusuhan dimana-mana. Hampir segala tindakan kriminal dia lakukan hanya untuk menghilangkan rasa bosan. Dari yang kecil hingga yang besar, yaitu kasus pembunuhan berantai yang dijuluki 'Anyelir Kuning'.Lebih buruknya lagi, tidak sedikit golongan masyarakat yang mendukung si Anye dengan membentuk fraksi Anyelir. Hal itu membuat pemerintah khawatir dengan masalah si Anyelir yang ditakutkan akan membawa ideologi buruk yang mempengaruhi masyarakat. Oleh sebab itu mereka menetapkan Anyelir sebagai buronan yang paling dicari. Jiwa pendendam sudah melekat pada tubuhnya, Anye mulai melancarkan aksi-aksi yang lebih gila lagi dalam melawan mereka yang mengganggu tujuannya.Sementara itu,Deon, seorang agen lapangan BIN ditugaskan untuk menangani kasus penyelundupan narkoba dan barang ilegal yang dilakukan sekelompok kriminal misterius, si B. Selama penyelidikan, dia berhasil menarik benang-benang tersembunyi yang membawa dia harus kembali berurusan dengan si Anyelir.Dalam jaring yang dia buat, terdapat benang yang berhubungan antara B dan Anye. Apakah BIN dapat menemukan titik terang apa yang terjadi?GENRE: ACTION, MYSTERY, CRIME, THRILLER, COMEDYVIOLENT & SILENT"Orang yang baik adalah orang yang mampu menahan amarahnya"-Deon"Maka dari itu gue dilahirkan bukan untuk jadi orang baik"-Anye-VIOLENT&SILENTKarna gue nulis sebatas ungakapan dari fantasi liar gue, jadi maaf kalo gaya nulis masih awut-awutan dan sangt amatir. Tapi gue harap kalian suka! especialy buat kalian pecinta genre aksi-kriminal•maryn2020

  • His Violent Side

    His Violent Side

  • Transmigrated Into the Violent Boss’ Little Mermaid

    Transmigrated Into the Violent Boss’ Little Mermaid


    Jun Qingyu pursues a novel with a protagonist that strives on his own, from an ordinary person to a high position as a marshal. He suffered from an accident on the battlefield that only a mermaid can heal, but because the injury caused the protagonist to have a violent temperament, the mermaids refused to treat him.The protagonist’s family seized the opportunity to steal his token to start an interstellar war. The close friend of the protagonist kicked him when he was down. For a period of time, the protagonist became a target of public criticism. He was simply a model example of an unfortunate person with good looks and strong capability.Initially, the protagonist should have risen at this time and started a series of face-slapping in line but the author ran off in the end, leaving the novel incomplete and directly sentenced the protagonist to death.Jun Qingyu got so hung up over it that he dreamt of the protagonist of this book and after he woke up, he became a mermaid in that novel.Fu Yuanchuan didn’t know how many times he had stood by the mermaid pond. The little newborn mermaids in the pond were no more than the size of his palm.The mermaids rejected coming into contact with him very much. He looked at the pod of mermaids, who were originally close to the shore, quickly fleeing without any accident when he approached.The sound of taunts and jeers fell incessantly in his ear.‘How can someone like him still dare to buy a mermaid?’‘If I were him, I would stay at home and wait for death instead of running around and scaring people.’Fu Yuanchuan looked indifferent but when he was going to leave, he heard an exclamation.‘What’s going on with that mermaid?’Fu Yuanchuan looked down and saw a golden-tailed little mermaid struggling against the pod of mermaids to swim towards him. The little mermaid stopped when he was close to the shore. He raised his head and his golden eyes were full of his shadow.After a moment of silence, he crouched by the side of the mermaid pond and tried to dip his hand into the water……The little mermaid did not flee.The little mermaid hugged his hand.The little mermaid kissed his finger.It was as if a beam of light had shone into the gloomy world, leading him back to the world.NOT MY NOVELCAN BE FOUND ON FORESTNOVELAuthor: Xian Sanqian



    Fantasy Romance ANGST

    “The hell are you on about Y/n? You must of hit your head pretty rough to think that you have feelings for me.. Tch! Let’s go! I don’t have time for this..” ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ~> In which Y/n tries to become friends with Bakugo, and later on develops feelings for him. Published: 01-22-21 8:03 pm Finished: WARNING: manga spoilers will be used from ch. 194 and up! DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the mha characters other than my oc!

  • My Violent AI Princess

    My Violent AI Princess


    MVAP is Mad Max on VRMMORPGs. The story follows Alyx Grey and his violent AI helper Elise as they navigate a virtual world where you can die. Alyx is an op protagonist with a twist—he's the equivalent of a level 3 character in a world of cheats with broken stats. This story is told to an unnamed interrogator as she presses Alyx for information on The White Noise Incident, the event that caused all the people in Dark Paradise to go missing after he arrived. [Please note that Alyx and Elise show up to Dark Paradise to shut down a realistic human trafficking ring. This topic can be distressing to some, so reader discretion is advised. Additionally, that this story begins ~60 chapters into Grey's Labyrinth on Web Novel. GL starts out a lot slower but its worth it.] The actual plot of this book can be summed up as follows: "Is Alyx Grey a good person?" Alternatively, "Is Alyx Grey a bad person." That's the theme that drives the madness in this story. I'm releasing this version because it jumps to the fun without the mystery or unnecessary things like "plot" or "development." I'm being serious. It's a web novel, folks. We read them for the dopamine, not the slow burn. Wherever you start, just enjoy the fun.

  • Dual Cultivator Reborn[System In The Cultivation World]

    Dual Cultivator Reborn[System In The Cultivation World]



    Yohan was a game maniac. He loved playing the cultivation game that was popular on Earth, being one of the most famous players in the action genre, but unfortunately he died while crossing the road. Truck Kun Hit him at lightning fast speed. "I am going to die like this. I was about to get a breakthrough in the Heavenly Soul realm! I waited for six years for this day. Damn you, Truck Kun, you ruined my whole life!" Yohan cursed Truck Kun from the bottom of his heart. Meanwhile, A young man was in deep thought, thinking about the woman he loved. Unfortunately, lightning struck him and he died instantly. When people saw that lightning strike the area, a mob started gathering in that place to see what was going on. Suddenly the body of the young man started flickering with red light and shaking violently. The next moment he opened his eyes. "Where am I?" Yohan mumbled and his memory of his previous life started to come into his mind. "Shit, I died and reincarnated in a different world," the young man mumbled to himself when he found himself half naked in the middle of the road while people were looking at him with eyes wide open. The surrounding area was destroyed by a lightning strike. "You shameless bastard, what are you doing here?" A cold voice resounded in his ears. He looked in the direction of that voice. "I am a goner now," he mumbled when he saw a middle-aged man looking towards him with killing intent on his face.************* Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well, well I am not a native English speaker but trust me this novel won’t let you down. At least Try reading 40 chapters before Thinking about dropping. Note: Cover is not mine all rights reserved to the original creator.

  • My Oddly Violent Demonic Academy Romance

    My Oddly Violent Demonic Academy Romance


    A long war ravaged an ancient land for far to long. A line Entity saw it fit to find a peaceful solution and gains aid from the other races to seperate them so that tensions may be calmed over the next couple thousand years, however the unknown factor for the others was their later reincarnation. Upon reincarnating Lucifous finds that the world he knew before was long gone and a pseudo peace was achieved. Trying to live normally and enjoy his first love will prove far more of a task now that he must unravel the lies of history and uncover the truth of what happened during his absence. (Please note this is the first thing I've actually written since I was a kid, I hope you all enjoy and that my writing isn't too bad.)

  • The National Goddess Reborn

    The National Goddess Reborn



    After her rebirth, she went from the Commander of the Apocalyptic World to the useless second daughter of the Nian family from the upper-class society! 'Trash', 'stupid, and 'useless' were the typical labels the rich daughters of other families stuck on her. In the past, the Host was often framed by her manipulative sister. While her stepmother tried to seize her inheritance rights, her scumbag of a father wanted her dead more than anything in the world. Since her rebirth, Nian Yue has been settling old scores one by one. “Don't be anxious, everyone! I will slay you one by one!” From then on, she became the top scorer, the champion racer and even the god of investment! He was the Fu family's Ninth Young Master. He was handsome, violent, moody, and had an androgynous face. Many women flocked to him, but everyone knew that under that countenance was a devil that killed people like they were flies. Initially, it was thought that this devil would be arrogant and aloof all his life and would never have eyes for anyone. However, everyone’s jaw dropped when they witnessed the devil trailing behind the Nian family's Second Miss, wheedling and asking for hugs!