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  • Yellow


    This is a Tagalog story only recommended for Filipinos.—yel·low\ˈye-(ˌ)lō, dialectal ˈye-lər or ˈya-\adjective: having the color of the sun or of ripelemons: afraid in a way that makes you unable to do what is right or expected: containing news that is meant to shock people and that is not true or is only partly true

  • yellow


  • Yellow


    Living a mundane life, Sara suppresses her potential and passion under the weight of her past. She tries to confide in a mediocre job and goes back to her mother every day. Until the life she left behind shows up at her door. The still water of Sara's life starts to wobble when the pebbles from her past are thrown at it. Carrying a mountain big secret, she tries to hide from her responsibilities but for how long can she manage to hide the sun of truth? It's bound to come out someday and shine upon everyone.

  • Yellow Chrysanthemum

    Yellow Chrysanthemum

    "para sa pagmamahal na binuhos sa maling tao"An evening under a starless night, they met at a busy city street. They agreed to meet every after work for the occasional hanging out with her. She said she will be in the city for a week for her on the job training. He seized the chance to be with her in high hopes that maybe, just a little, she could grow some affection for him. Hoping she can maybe regard him a little more romantically. How he wished that she sees through his eyes and know all he can see was her. They stopped at the corner to her apartment. He bid her goodnight. And she waved back and mouthed, "In the next life, marry me."He got the message but did not act on it.Unknown to him, it would be his last time seeing her. Had he known, he would have pulled her into a bear hug and not let go.




  • YELLOW Flower

    YELLOW Flower

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CAMPUS MAFIA

    It’s the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.Lurking in the background is the dark side of yellow: cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness.



    a teen girl realises her sexuality after falling in love with her friend. however , she soon realises that her friend doesn’t feel the same… how would their story end or is it just the beginning?

  • A Yellow Tulip

    A Yellow Tulip

    Elizabeth was surprised at the death of grandmother, but will it take her farther than to just sit and mourn?

  • be my yellow

    be my yellow

    Magical Realism ROMANCE COMEDY

    Love Story of two School boys. Ved has always been attracted to Amir but didn't had the courage to confess until one day Amir notices it and starts messing with him for fun.

  • The Yellow House

    The Yellow House

    by the way i did not make the book cover

  • Red and Yellow

    Red and Yellow

  • Yellow is the Sun

    Yellow is the Sun

    these are recordings of my life encoded in metaphors. i hope you find your meaning by reading in between the lines.

  • Yellow love

    Yellow love

  • yellow blanket

    yellow blanket


    In which a fifteen year old orphan boy living a colorless life befriends a very special bird. "Hey! Shoo, Shoo!! I don't want any bird droppings in here!!" He swatted the bird away, who frantically flapped its wings in an attempt to dodge him. "Hey, Hey!! Watch the feathers!! They're kind of the only things that make me handsome, ya know!" The bird flapped around. The orange-haired boy stood in shock. "I'm sorry, did you"

  • Yellow Strings

    Yellow Strings

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18

    "No secrets, Together forever we are best buddies kaya walang iwanan" - Theo EnriquePapanindigan ba ang mga pangako o magsisinungaling sa ngalan ng pagkakaibigan upang hindi Ito masira, Ikaw anong pipiliin mo?

  • Yellow Carnation

    Yellow Carnation


    Not a love triangle that is complicated and makes you dizzy when you read it.Yellow Carnation is a story of two girls and one boy who like each other.No one fights for love. Indy likes Kevin, Kevin likes Fina, and Fina likes Indy.The three of them never fought at all, even though Indy always said many things to Fina about her feelings for Kevin, Fina was even more jealous and annoyed when Indy paid more attention to Kevin and forgot his existence.This is not an ordinary feeling of love, because Fina is a normal girl who doesn't want to lose her best friend. Seeing Kevin's treatment, which looks casual to Indy, doesn't make Fina suspicious at all of Kevin.until one day that day came, Fina was confused when Indy, who was originally very close to her, became very angry with her.Shouldn't Indy know the truth about Fina's feelings for Indy, the girl should be normal?Indy becomes more difficult to understand when Kevin shows another side of himself."Isn't this outrageous, Fina? You snatched Kevin from me when you found out Kevin was the guy I like?""Indy, when do I want to have it?""Fina, can you look at me to hear all my explanations and feelings first?"Everything is ruined, when Fina loses Indy because Kevin likes her.It gets even more damaged when Fina continues to defend and hurt herself because she doesn't want to accept Kevin's feelings because of being afraid that what Indy accused her of actually happened.How about this?

  • Yellow Daisy

    Yellow Daisy

    Martial Arts ROMANCE R18

    One day at the Yellow Daisy Park, a shining boy with brown hair helped a blueberry boy for his picnic.“Thank you for the help,” the blueberry boy says. “I think she will like it.”“Yeah, she will!” the brunette smiles bright.The blueberry boy blushes at his smile and nodded in agreement.And that was the day when everything began to change.

  • Master Pei Has Tons of Ideas to Trick Her Into A Marriage

    Master Pei Has Tons of Ideas to Trick Her Into A Marriage



    After witnessing her fiancé sleeping with another woman, Su Yu got herself drunk at a bar out of sadness and rage. At the end of the night, she accidentally slept with a ‘poor scoundrel’. This poor scoundrel was stubborn, always hounding after her to take responsibility after their night together. 

Pei Tianlin said, “You took my first time, so you should take responsibility.” 

Su Yu flew into a rage. “That was my first time too!” 

Pei Tianlin retorted, “Then I’ll take responsibility. Let’s get married.” 

Su Yu was flabbergasted. “Dream on!” She had a feeling she was being tricked by the poor scoundrel, but he didn’t want money or assets. He just wanted a marriage certificate. Su Yu gritted her teeth in anger. “It’s just a marriage certificate! Sure, let’s go get it!” When her fiancé heard that she was marrying a poor scoundrel, he kept trying to persuade her. “Yu Yu, I know that I hurt you, but you can’t ruin yourself by marrying a poor scoundrel out of spite. If you’re willing, I can marry you.” Su Yu scoffed. “Go marry your mother!” Who knew that on the second day of Su Yu’s marriage to Pei Tianlin, countless jewelry pieces, diamonds, high-quality custom-made clothes, luxury cars, and deeds to extravagant manors were delivered to Su Yu. The ‘poor scoundrel’ suddenly became a domineering CEO who spoiled Su Yu to no end. Rumor had it that Pei Corporation’s mysterious CEO, Pei Tianlin, was a germaphobe. But when Su Yu was eating grapes, he obediently extended his hand to catch the grape seeds she spat out. Rumor had it that Pei Corporation’s mysterious CEO was aloof and difficult to get close to. However, he was nothing but gentle in front of Su Yu. Rumor had it that Pei Tianlin was a fair and unbiased man. But he would break the rules just to protect his wife, Su Yu. Justice and law were nothing compare to his wife!

  • Yellow and Blue

    Yellow and Blue

    A blue hedgehog and a young, friendly yellow fox decide to go on an adventure together and journey the world. Come along and see how they will meet new friends and new enemies.

  • Hues Of Yellow

    Hues Of Yellow

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY