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48.64% [Multiverse] Sex System In Highschool DxD / Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Izana's Queen! [2]

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Izana's Queen! [2]

(A/N: Man, If you're enjoying the fic, just go ahead and read advance chapter on my page... don't hesitate... it's worth it.)



The air around Izana stilled as a slash made of Magical energy tore forward and divided the flames, Izana's hair billowed in the wind as he folded his arms.

Seth was still in the sky, her thoughts and all of her power was being focused on a single goal- Proving to her Master that she had what it took to be his Queen.

She gazed at Izana and saw his expectant eyes, he was expecting more from her and she was going to deliver… crimson flames burst to life around her fingers as flames danced in the air, seemingly making an eerie dance. As the flames revolved around her body, Seth pushed them forward to Izana and the wind around them grew hot.

Sweat trickled down Izana's face as the heat that usually boiled his hot bath was actually being used against him in an actual battle- As the flames neared his skin and the radiating heat exuding from them could be felt… Izana simply waved his hand and a diagonal slash cut through the air instantly, destroying the flames in an instant.

'Cleave is an attack that utilizes Magical energy while Dismantle is made from pure physical force,' Izana thought as he clenched his teeth.

Seth was capable of unleashing more power but she didn't do it on purpose- like she was holding back against him and Izana didn't like that, he clenched his fist and moved into the air with purpose. His eyes brightened as he made his way toward Seth.

Seth was surprised, she hadn't expected her Master to take initiative to attack her but she brought up her guard rather quickly and just in time as Izana swung his fist toward her, the wind around them parted as a powerful shockwave sent Seth propelling backward and crashing into the ground. 

She saw the monster behind him and then it vanished; Izana was on the move once again and Seth was determined to meet her Master with equal force.

Izana moved, his speed was something Seth could not keep up with and what surprised her was that this was his pure physical force- without exerting any magic.

"Master truly is amazi-"

Izana appeared before her, his eyes locked onto her face as he threw a punch forward yet Seth's gaze stood unwavering.

'But if I want to truly win the position as Master's queen,' Seth thought as she blocked Izana's attack quickly, a shockwave spreading through the air and shaking the ground.

'I must come at Master with the intent to kill,' Seth muttered as she mustered enough courage to actually start attacking her master seriously.

Seth threw a punch forward toward Izana but he dodged it, utilizing his smaller stature as an advantage. Seth began throwing a flurry of punches, utilizing her skills as a combatant to the maximum but Izana was more than capable of dodging her strikes with his pure speed alone.

Flames burst to life around Seth's fists as their movements became faster and fluid but the red haired Gremory couldn't care less as his dodges were well-timed and excellent but Seth could only grin, her true intentions was not hitting Izana but rather making sure he was going to be hit…

Izana at once noticed something was off about Seth, instead of looking hot-headed, she was instead calm and calculating and although he loved this look better, it was truly unlike Seth… she had a plan and she was going to execute it.

Izana smirked as he felt the temperature underground increase.

'So that's it, huh?' Izana thought.

Of course she knew that he would sense it and leap backward but that was where the mistake was, A 5-meter radius around them would be covered in flames.

Izana was of course already informed of this but he decided to play along with Seth's expectations and as he expected, Seth focused more energy into a kick and aimed it at his head… he leapt backwards and she smirked.

Flames rose from the ground, painting the surrounding area in red crimson flames and Seth gave a small sigh.

"Master, you expected it right?" Seth asked as the flames cleared instantly revealing Izana, unharmed by the onslaught of flames that had rained upon him- his body was coated by a crimson energy and it dissipated rapidly as Izana's eyes landed on Seth.

"Yep, but a good strategy," Izana said, "Kinda basic though,"

"That would obviously work against weak opponents with low IQ but you're up against me," Izana said, "And not to brag, I'm pretty smart,"

"But knowing that, you made sure I sensed the pillar building right beneath me," Izana said, "Clever trickery, But your difficulty level has been increased- Welcome to Level 2,"

Seth could barely blink, Izana was in front of her one moment and the next she found herself sprawled across the burnt ground, her face hurt.

'What just happened?' Seth wondered.

Izana was nowhere to be seen and she couldn't feel her legs but she definitely was on the battlefield, her back arched and her eyes let loose a flaming passion.

Seth forced herself to her feet and sighed, she had not even felt anything- but that was not an excuse to back out now… She had to become Izana's queen at all costs. 

"You're still standing?" Izana asked.

Seth could see the monster behind him, distorting at his every word.

"Y-yes Master," Seth replied.

"Incredible willpower," Izana commented and vanished from her sight yet again, Seth tried to follow his movements but it was almost like he vanished from existence- she couldn't perceive his movements at all.

And Seth flung through the air once again, crashing against the ground and kicking up dust… Izana appeared before her and smiled.

"Until she breaks through the code… She ain't going nowhere," Izana muttered under his breath.

[You're a Sadist, you know that?]

'Yup, I am a Sadist and I'm thinking about BDSM with you, my dear Goddess,'

The Goddess could sense the sarcasm dripping from his voice… and she sighed, Being reincarnated in High School DxD surely had been a good choice for Reincarnation but- he had changed from the Young, Naïve man who once existed in her realm… he had been childish but he crafted his own way.

And the Goddess preffered the Izana version of him more… The way he carried himself… the way he did everything… It invigorated some kind of lust within her.


Man, If you're enjoying the fic, just go ahead and read advance chapter on my page... don't hesitate... it's worth it.


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