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Mark was a college student who was in love with his childhood friend, Mai. One day, he decided that he would confess his love to his childhood friend Mai but was brutally rejected.

Dejected by the rejection, he went into a trance for a moment, but that moment was all it took for him to be crushed by a speeding truck-kun that came uninvited and crashed into him, sending him straight to the afterlife.

But that wasn't the end of his pitiful life as he met an omnipotent hentai goddess who made him her fiancée, and then she reincarnated him into the DxD World, the infamous erotic world with no logic, something that's only used as fap material by people.


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Brief Description- A very degenerate piece of work only being written because the author is hôrny.

Tags- Extremely OP MC, Invincible MC, Evil MC, Perverted Protagonist, Smart Protagonist, Scum Protagonist, Blackmail, Anal, BDSM, R-18, R@pe, Incěst, Netori (Only mc NTR other), System, Harem, Large Hárem, Smut, Sex...

And various other fetishes, you can probably find everything here.

BUT NO Gay stuff and Femboy stuff.

Also, No traps.


Remember not to compare reality to fiction.

If you're as trashy as me, then enjoy the work. If you're a snowflake, then kindly leave.

Thank you for reading!


I do not claim ownership of the cover picture nor the anime "Highschool DxD"

If you're the rightful owner and you do not want it here, you can tell me in the reviews and I'll remove it after conforming your identity of being the owner of the picture.

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Mandatory 5 star review from the author because he thinks it definitely deserve it. Before we start, please kindly read the synopsis as most people tend to not read the synopsis. And do not compare reality to fiction .... If you're trashy as me then enjoy the fic. If you're a snowflake then, kindly leave right now least my poor fic get spammed 2 star review... And the mc will be a neutral evil.... cuz why not? He got a lazy lust system so... you know the drill? :)

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Yo, i just see you write Dxd fic Here is my advice never write Dxd story by using Dxd anime as reference, Because unlike in light novel, dxd version anime ruin a lot of characters, especially Issei's characters hard to the point that reduce him into fanservice machine.

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You novel is so good. No thots and No Yuri in bed-scene, please. And more sadistic scenes in the future... he-he-he

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This fics is about sirzechs and mc simping grayfia so fkin hard. I don't get it, why do people still read these kinda story. Seriously, get some help

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More chapters author-San more more more

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Honestly I can't give a full review because we are not in the plot of the system yet and the multiverse travel will be more far like the one creator of the system, stuck at the teeming Vengeance buildup.😶😶 Anyway, try to read to pass the time if you want or just skim through it like you don't care at all lol. 😅😅

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I'll read it once it gets around 50 Chapters. Wish you good luck and remember, have love for what you're doing otherwise you'll burn out very quickly.

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Reveal Spoiler
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my first impression and I'm gonna let author cook for now

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It is not bad but the chapter take long to come out or it just feels like that and author do you have a update schedule ?

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Good story 10/10. I just wish there were more chapters

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a five star review for the continued supply of some spicy chapters

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