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[Multiverse] Sex System In Highschool DxD [Multiverse] Sex System In Highschool DxD original

[Multiverse] Sex System In Highschool DxD

Author: GodlyMadara

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Read This Before The Actual Story (Spoiler Alert*)

Apperance Of Members of Izana Gremory's Peerage.

Izana Gremory.

Izana Gremory is a very handsome man with crimson red hair and deep red eyes, standing at a height of 187cm. His demeanor is cold, calculative, and manipulative, reflecting a personality aligned with neutral evil tendencies.

Grayfia Lucifuge.

Grayfia Lucifuge possesses an elegant and regal appearance, with long, flowing silver hair that cascades down her back like a waterfall of moonlight. Her piercing ice-blue eyes hold a captivating gaze, reflecting both wisdom and determination. With a slender yet graceful figure, she exudes an aura of authority and sophistication. Adorned in attire befitting her noble status, Grayfia carries herself with poise and grace, commanding respect from all who encounter her.


Meet Seth, a powerful member of Izana Gremory's inner circle. With fiery red hair and intense amber eyes, she commands respect and fear. Seth is second only to Izana in authority and exudes grace and shyness in his presence. But on the battlefield, she becomes a fierce warrior known as "The Priestess of Flames," unleashing relentless fury upon her enemies. Despite her fearsome reputation, Seth remains fiercely loyal to Izana, serving as his devoted ally. Together, they are an unstoppable duo destined for greatness in their world.

Akeno Hagime.

Meet Akeno, the trusted Bishop of Izana Gremory in my story. With her long, flowing black hair and captivating violet eyes, she exudes elegance and mystery. Akeno's grace and charm are matched only by her formidable power as a devil. Serving Izana faithfully, she offers strategic counsel and formidable combat abilities. With mastery over lightning-based magic and a deadly combat style, Akeno is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her unwavering loyalty and dedication make her an invaluable asset to Izana's cause.

Asia Argento.

Asia Argentina, Izana's Bishop, possesses a gentle and compassionate demeanor that shines through her soft features and warm smile. With her long, flowing blonde hair and gentle, doe-like eyes, she exudes an aura of innocence and purity. Standing at a modest height, her graceful figure and delicate features add to her charm. Despite her gentle appearance, Asia possesses remarkable inner strength and unwavering devotion to her master, Izana Gremory. Her kindness and healing abilities make her an invaluable asset to the Gremory peerage, earning her the respect and admiration of her comrades.


Meet selena, a striking woman with long, deep black hair that cascades down her back. Her most captivating feature is her crystal-like eyes, which shimmer with a mesmerizing allure. With a beautiful face and a figure that would make any man turns their heads, she stands at a height of 167cm. As the Knight of Izana Gremory, she embodies strength, loyalty, and unwavering determination.

Xenovia Quarta.

Xenovia Quarta, Izana Gremory's Knight, possesses a commanding presence with her short, light blue hair that frames her determined face. Her piercing blue eyes reflect her unwavering resolve and determination. Standing tall with a strong and athletic build, Xenovia exudes strength and confidence. Her knightly attire, adorned with the Gremory crest, emphasizes her allegiance to her master. With a no-nonsense demeanor and a fierce combat prowess, Xenovia is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Harem Members.

Grayfia Lucifuge.

Xenovia Quarta.


Asia Argento.

Akeno hagime.

Sona Sitri.

Venelena Gremory.


Rias Gremory.

These are the harem member of jzana for now. There are a lot more but I haven't decided. You can recommend me some, I'll add the one which has more than 100 likes.


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