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1.85% [Transmigration] / Chapter 1: Chapter-1()

Chapter 1: Chapter-1()


A sharp pain runs through my body as I try to move.

'What just happened??'

Opening my eyes, a cold floor made of stone blocks comes in my vision.

'Where the hell is this?'

Enduring the pain running through my body, I try to use my hand to lift myself from the ground.



A pathetic voice escapes my mouth as I once again fall down on the stone-cold floor.


Just when I was going to keep swearing, an unfamiliar voice reached my ears.

"Oh my what happened to you?"

It was a calm and friendly voice.


I tried to get a clearer look at the figure but my vision was blurry and couldn't see that far.

"You shouldn't move with those types of injuries"


I stopped moving as I hear his footsteps getting closer.


I focus my gaze and try to find out the identity of the person in front of me.

I was tongue-tied after looking at his face.

He had dark blue hair with dark blue eyes and his eyes were full of compassion and kindness.

But it was not his handsome face which made me at a loss of words instead it was because I surprisingly knew this ma---No this god.

"Hhmmm these wounds are quite bad indeed, well I suppose I don't mind helping a person in need"

The fourth son of Dian Cecht and also one of my favorite god's from the anime Danmachi, God Miach.

I was stunned by the situation and didn't know what to do. So I just kept staring at God Miach.

"I have to say that it's your lucky day as I made some extra potions today"

He opens up his small bag hanging by his side and takes out 3 bottles filled with green liquid.


Miach opens the bottles and pours the liquid on my body.

"Well that should about do it, Oh and please make sure to take care of your body from now on"

'He has a good heart just like in the anime'

I silently hive my thanks to God Miach for his generosity.

"Well I should get going now then until we meet again young adventurer"

I keep watching Miach's figure as he leaves the alley.

-----5 minutes later------

'It doesn't hurt anymore'

I make silently praise the effectiveness of Miach's potion.

"Haaah now that I think about it the situation seems quite unreal"

I sigh to myself as I think about the whole situation I'm in.

Honestly, I am not an idiot and by looking at the middle-aged building's around me I can pretty much conclude that I have somehow come to another world.

"But how exactly did this happen did I perhaps died like in the novels and got reincarnated to the world of Danmachi??"

I try to remember what I was doing before I got here and surprisingly...

"I don't remember"

I honestly don't remember what happened just before I came here and it's not like memory is hazy either as I can remember clearly about the other events of my life.

I am a 16-year-old high school student and was just about to turn 17 next month, I had some family issues but other than that I lived a normal life. I also have an elder sister whose name is.....

It was at this moment that I made a shocking discovery.

I can't remember the name of my family members... actually I can't even remember my own name.

Why? why can't I remember my name when I remember everything else just fine, it's like every time my name is called in my memories what I hear is #


'Just what is this??'

I put stress on my mind and kept trying to recall my name.


It was then that I was struck by a sudden headache.

" haaah...haaahhh...W-william Greenleaf"

A name came to my mind with some memories.

'So William is the name of the person whose body I am in'

William Green leaf was an orphan raised in the dungeon city. He lived in the church located on Daedalus Street.

William had just turned 13 and wanted to become an adventurer and so he ran away from the church after saving some money and tried to register as one but was unfortunately caught by a bunch of thieves who took his money and beat him up black and blue.

William was, unfortunately, unable to take the beating and ended up dead.

'And then somehow I took over his body'

I have to say that William was a really unfortunate guy.

Well since I took over his body I might as well take over his name.

But now the question is what to do from now on....

People might think that I am heartless for not even thinking about what will happen to my parents without me and honestly if I came from a normal family then I would have been worried but you see....I am from quite a rich family and my parents definitely don't need me to take care of them.

As for my sister, well she would be sad for a while but I know that she will get over it after some time.

Also, I don't even know if I will be able to survive here much less think about my family.

'Hhmm honestly isn't this quite good after all I did achieve the dream of every person who ever wanted to go to a different world'

Yeah, now that I think about it I am quite lucky aren't I.

After all, I don't think that just anybody can go to another world or can they?

The more I think about it the better it seems.

Yes, from now on I William Greenleaf will live a new life and become the greatest adventurer the world of Danmachi has ever seen!!!!!.

nkcthereaper nkcthereaper

[Read till chapter 10 before deciding to drop or you'll regret it]

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