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3.19 - (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! - Chapter 62 by ForeverPupa full book limited free

Chapter 62: 3.19

Bi He saw Ru Lan sitting on the bed, shaking his head a few times, "Ru Lan, what are you doing?"

"Ah, I—I am just feeling unwell all the sudden," Ru Lan said.

"Unwell? But you seem to be fine a while ago," Bi He wondered. He was only wearing a small towel to cover his private part, his gentle face with pink lips exuded a sensual aura for him, his white skin dripped with fresh warm water that would be fatal for everyone, including Yunyu. But after discovering the dark secret behind Bi He, Yunyu didn't feel any attraction at all. 

In fact, he was scared. Bi He was a very unpredictable enemy, like a lurking viper that could strike at your worst. Yunyu finally believed Pupa's words when it said that Bi He sold him out to Ling Kai before. 

[Should I kill him? System, since I already know his true nature, is it allowed for me to kill him as Ru Lan?]

[Pupa: 'Ru Lan' doesn't know about the hidden plot, 'Yunyu' does. So if you kill Bi He without obvious reason as Ru Lan, then it will count as OOC.]

Bi He noticed the nervousness of President Ru. He chuckled and pushed Ru Lan onto the bed, he sat on top of Ru Lan's crotch and grinded his manhood with his perky butt, "You will feel better once we are finished, Ru Lan." 

[Oh my god! OH. MY. GOD! I don't want this!]

[Pupa: This might be your chance of getting laid in this world.]

[But not with him, I just can't do it with a scheming bitch like him! Besides, don't you remember what I said before? I only want to do it with Ling Kai in this world!]

Bi He's hot breath landed on Ru Lan's lips, he pecked Ru Lan's lips and said, "Ru Lan, you are really a perfect man, with your power and my assistance, we can rule not only Duran City, but the entire nation."

Unable to hold his disgust any longer, Ru Lan pushed Bi He gently and got up from the bed. He fixed his tie and said, "I—I am feeling unwell Bi He, I will leave first. You should take care of yourself."

Bi He saw the hot flush on Ru Lan's face. He felt that he had teased him enough, it was too bad though, since he actually liked Ru Lan. Ru Lan was an amazing candidate for a partner, but Bi He thought that he still had plenty of time. Especially, after he gained the power from his former colleague, Ru Lan would inevitably cower under his feet. 

Yunyu left Bi He's house in a hurry, he had to warn Ling Kai about this. At least, he felt that he should tell Ling Kai about his past now, since everything had been discovered. Yunyu was scared that Bi He would target Ling Kai again, because Ling Kai had a special body. 

[So, Bi He knows about Ling Kai since the very beginning?]

[Pupa: It seems so. He might have gone to Duran City to attract Ling Kai, because Duran City is a popular city among the settlers, and both you and Bi He got amazing physiques. Bi He should be more than thirty years old now, but he doesn't age at all. The miracle cure in his body also immediately cleansed all effect of ZX caution.]

[That means, when Bi He swallowed Ling Kai's brain bead, he is doing it consciously. He knows that Ling Kai wouldn't be able to take control over his body, but Bi He still gained all Ling Kai's power, because of the miracle cure, right?]

[Pupa: Correct.]

[Oh god, I should have told Ling Kai about his past sooner!]


Meanwhile, Bi He wore his shirt and opened the door of his room. He stood in the living room, he darted his eyes at a corner and smirked, "Have you heard everything? I told you that Ru Lan will choose me over a rotting zombie, right?"

The shadow on the corner slowly materialized into a tall man with dispirited eyes, Ling Kai saw everything Ru Lan and Bi He did in the living room, but he didn't have the bravery to enter Bi He's room to witness his loved one having sex with another man. He could only listen to Bi He's sweet talk with Ru Lan from outside.

It was Bi He who suddenly invited him to his house, because he wanted to discuss something important. 

Ling Kai was not scared with this weak shrimp at all, but he was shocked when Bi He proposed that he would eat Ling Kai's brain bead. 

Ling Kai was absolutely disgusted at first. But, not long after Bi He proposed the idea, Ru Lan came to Bi He's house and they had it together, well, almost had it together. 

Ling Kai's heart dropped, because he finally realized that Ru Lan never put him in his eyes. Maybe because he was not as good looking as Bi He, maybe because he was a decaying zombie that had to switch bodies every five years or less.

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Bi He told him, once Ling Kai took over his body, he might never need to find another body. Because Bi He's constantly regenerative body would deny the decaying process. 

Bi He was right, Ru Lan was an amazing man, how could he settle down with a disgusting zombie like him? Ling Kai was dreaming a stupid imagination. 

"Why do you volunteer yourself like this? You know that you will lose all your consciousness once I take over your body, right?" Ling Kai asked suspiciously.

"Simple, because I'm tired of being a weak man. I'm tired that I would need to assist Ru Lan every day, I'm pissed off when people see me as someone who is only good in helping and assist others," Bi He grinned, "If you can take over my body and dominate the world, or at least, dominate Duran City, I will be more than satisfied."

"Why do you need to ask me anyway? Once you get my body, I won't have any control over it. My offer doesn't last long, Ling Kai. You have to decide now or I will call Ru Lan again, you will witness our love on the bed," Bi He put the pressure on Ling Kai, so Ling Kai didn't have the time to think about this.

Ling Kai always felt that something was fishy about Bi He, but when he heard Ru lan and Bi He's lovemaking, he felt that he almost lost control over his logic. 

Ru Lan was his first love and would also be his last, if Ru Lan didn't love him at all, then he would be the one that Ru Lan loved. If Ru Lan loved Bi He, then he would be Bi He. 

If love meant that he had to trick himself, then so be it.

'Ru Lan, I love you so much. I don't know if my feeling for you is right or wrong, but I just want you to love me. If you love Bi He that much, then I will be Bi He for you.'

Ling Kai glanced at Bi He who was smirking all along, he had made a decision, "Bi He, you can eat my brain." 

Bi He smirk widened from ear to ear, finally, once he got Ling Kai's power, he could be the strongest in this apocalypse world. 

'My long plan has paid off.'

[Pupa: Ding! Breakmeter increases to 80%. This is the bonus Breakmeter for unlocking the second hidden plot! Congratulations, host!]

[Pupa: Alert! Breakmeter decreases to 70%.]

ForeverPupa ForeverPupa

Oof, Bi He succeeded

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