42.08% Once Human, Now a Parasite / Chapter 138: Chapter 135 : The System

Chapter 138: Chapter 135 : The System

"W-What's h… happening?"

Lissandra was petrified when she looked at Anastassia but she managed to calm down just a bit after hearing Arthur. This didn't stop the fact that Anastassia was furious and wanted to vent her anger. Knowing her attitude, Arthur could only sigh and add

"She destroyed your clan, she suffered enough... at least for now."

He walked behind Anastassia and whispered into her ears with a low voice

"When I'm done with her, you're free to do whatever you want."

With killing intent still lingering in her eyes, Anastassia could only step back and hold back her anger. As for Arthur, he crouched in front of Lissandra and smiled while saying

"It's interrogation time."

Lissandra forgot about her origins, past strength and everything that has a connection with what she did, her only thought is not dying, if it meant replying to him honestly, then that's what she'll do.

"Y,Yes, I'll answer!"

A Dark dagger appeared on the tip of Arthur's finger, who played with it and smirked.

"I don't have to repeat the rules.... or do I?"

Heavily shaking her head, Lissandra unconsciously backed away when she saw the dagger and tried her best not to infuriate him.

Jackob, who was sitting at the back, felt his heartache when he saw such a beauty was the enemy. It appears that Anastassia and Arthur didn't like her.

'Well... I have Anastassia, I just need to take it slowly.... yes.. slowly.'

"Do you know who to access Earth?"


Lissandra was confused as it's the first time she heard about that. For her or anyone that doesn't know about Earth, the word 'Earth' is referring to the ground or maybe the attribute... which is why she was left speechless without answering.

"It's a planet but it hasn't any dungeons, magic or anything of the sort. The technology is advanced in it."

Arthur kind of expected this kind of response, so he tried to describe it perhaps Lissandra has some hints.

"N-no... There i-is a lot of planets that do not have magic and is home to mortals but as far as I remember.. t-there is no planets with that n-name..."

Sighing, Arthur shook his head in disappointment as he got nothing from her, just as he was about to stop this useless interrogation, Lissandra spoke again

"T-there is a chance that it's a planet that belongs to The System...."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's complicated to describe what The System is, you can consider as an unknown e-entity. It controls a universe of its own and no one is permitted to enter without its consent."


"A-Ah.. y-you don't know about the Universe Trinity? Ah ah, let me e-explain. A-after you become a God and start visiting many Realms and planets you will come to know that there are three known Universes.

The one we are currently in is called The Cloud Sea Universe. The second one is the one that belongs to the System, it has a strange name. It's called the X-TR 500. As for the last one, it is called the Heaven and Hell. Usually, no Universe interferes with another, no wars or anything. People are free to go to the three of them but the second one is hard to enter as you need access from the System, you'll be forced to follow a lot of rules, so it's the biggest Universe but it's almost devoid of people."

Lissandra stopped talking for a couple of seconds to take some breather, becoming a Mortal made it even difficult for her to walk. She was so low-leveled that she may be weaker than a normal human.

"..... E-Earth, the planet you mentioned is most likely in the System's Universe because, in the two other Universes, there is no such planet with that name.... but you said that there is no System on E-Earth, so I cannot be s-sssure...."

Arthur's face was gloomy when Lissandra glanced at it, for a second she thought she was going to get tortured. With shaking hands, she waited for him to react but when he did, she couldn't help but back away from him until her back was facing the wall.

"See! You can do it when you try."

Arthur patted her shoulder and at the same time, an invisible force broke the chains around her feet and hands, making her feel a bit comfortable. It's not like he was setting her free, she's still his prisoner but she's just a mortal, she can't escape even if she tried, neither can she sneak attack him.

"You are free to roam wherever you want as long as it's inside the sect's territory.... you can consider 'it' your guard."

What Arthur referred to was a 2 meter tall Death Knight that had a long axe on its back. Its two lifeless eyes were staring at Lissandra and it didn't seem it'll stop anytime soon. Arthur ordered it to protect her from any dangers and stop her if she tries to do anything suspicious.

Lissandra was surprisingly obedient, she slowly backed away and left the room after ascertaining that it was not a trap. The Death Knight right after her which freaked her at first but when he did nothing, she breathed a sigh of relief and walked away.

"Why did you let her go...."

Anastassia was against this as she wanted to imprison Lissandra so she could not plot against them again.

"No need to worry, she's a mortal.... or even weaker than that. I took her storage, powers. Plus, that guard is at the Spirit Realm."

Despite hearing this, she wasn't pleased, she snorted and sat angrily on the chair. As for Jackob, he was feeling depressed when he saw Arthur spawn a Spirit Realm in a second. He trained for a year yet he is still weaker than a Death Knight that was created a second ago, his sense of accomplishment vanished and his thirst for strength was ignited.

"So... I'll let you two handle the sect, I need to do something."

With that, Arthur teleported out of the room before the two of them could complain. He searched for a place to seclude himself for while. The search was not long, in two hours he was able to find a perfect place. It was at the center of the Human Continent and precisely in a thick forest full of dangerous beasts.

Behind a big waterfall was a wide cave that suited his desires. With a simple play of his Earth Magic, he was able to build a decent room for himself. He can't go around aimlessly although he wanted to find Lucy immediately. Things need to be done properly.

If what Lissandra and Delia were true, he needed a Spatial Stone but amongst the things he found in Zodiak's storage, there were no Spatial Stones. There sure were a lot of stones that resembled the description Delia gave him but none of them were named Spatial Stones. He thought that maybe the System made a mistake again but gave up on that idea soon after.

What he also needed to do is properly learn Alchemy. He already has it in Advanced but the trick was not just having it in Advanced, he doesn't have any experience it and it's the main key to use the Spatial Stone.

To travel to a specific world, especially one like Earth, which has no spatial tunnels in it, one needs to be a very good alchemist to transform a grand quantity of Spatial Stones in one Spatial Tunnel then direct it to Earth. What's that got to do with alchemy you say?

To burn or melt or even use a Spatial Stone, you need the Flame Essence, the same gray flame that Arthur possess. It was useless in battles but very effective in concocting pills.

Not only pills can help him breakthrough faster, it can heal wounds, recover Nether Energy at a faster rate and many other wonders.

Arthur was currently a 5th Grade Immortal. There was no Nether Energy on Astria so he has to rely on Mana which is not a very efficient way. Fortunately, the techniques he practices are unique and he had a special race. Possessing corpses can only give him a meager amount of Mental Power if not none. But the Stats are still increasing, he decided to possess endlessly until his stats reach a limit, then he'll focus on breaking through.

Standing alone in the empty room he just created, Arthur waved his hands and more than ten beast corpses appeared. He started possessing them like crazy but since their stats are not that high, it was quite a slow process. What's a bit surprising is albeit possessing hundreds of thousands of corpses, he was still earning unique passive skill and new active skills.

Most of them were useless of course but some are really helpful. His Poison Resistance had already reached max level so poison doesn't affect him as much, he had 30% damage reduction from poison. But that was not the only resistance skill he had it maxed.

Be it Sword Mastery, Spear Mastery, Dagger Mastery, Wind Magic, Water Magic, Healing Magic, he had them all on advanced.

But none of them would be useful in a proper fight against a God, if he does not rely on his powerful skill, he can't win. Putting Rizaki aside, he had his Dark Magic, Ancient Fire, flawless Sword Mastery coupled with Makaze's sharpness. There were also the countless passive skills he could activate if he found the perfect body.

Unfortunately, he only had two bodies left that could activate most of the passive skills, and procuring similar ones is very very difficult.

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