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13 Mink Street

13 Mink Street

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Author: Pure Little Dragon


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When Karen opened his eyes, he learned that he was transmigrated to another world with a face that looked as good as Leonardo Di Carpio.
He was also able to feel the emotions of the dead, see their past, and even reincarnate them.
Even the strong demons would cower beneath him and become the servants that obeyed him unconditionally.
When the all-powerful Evil God returned, Karen made the god his pet.
While other people would have to become believers of a god to become a divine being themselves, only Karen disregarded all of that and still became a God.
Karen did not believe in the existence of a higher being as he was God himself.

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    Vague, bit of a gamble with this one.

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    The original sypnosis is: “I like to sit on an empty street at night, listening to the whispers of “Them” and enjoying the hustle and bustle of “Them”” The novel is actually very good. It’s about a transmigration and his complicated rela tionship with his family. Everyone here feels so real, the motive sometimes impure yet pure at the same time. The grandfather in this novel discovers that the MC is not his real grandson, and part of the horror in the early chapters is the MC (Karen) trying to survive. Keyword: Family, Religion, Gods, Evil Gods Family being the most important. Also, the changes in the sypnosis makes me question if the translator will make changes to or westernize the story. After all, although more descriptive, there are several errors which does conform with the plot. I’l keep an eye out since it’s actually a novel I know (and if Webnovel does not completely butcher the novel or it’s just another altoge ther.) *The story makes it seems like all those unoriginal novels with God complex, supreme cheats, jade skin beauties, cliché plots, etc. But it’s more slow and methodical like Plague Doctor and could ac tually pass as a published novel if the ending doesn’t suck too much.

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    Eh, it sounds kind of like a horror. Sadly, novels that sound good never get through the pilot.

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    Ay.............. This one was pretty popular on qidian for a bit. It was your classic horror novel. Not bad. ...........................................

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    come on? #13 minke street? there's already a comic translated by webnovel known as #63 Pompeii street. however, if it's as good at Pompeii street I'll accept it

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    malo: -Esta bien es un mundo de teocracia como LOM ,pero tiene el problema de que el protagonista es agnóstico lo cual mata un poco la magia del mundo en el que vive el protagonista y siempre arruina la inmercion , cosa que no ocurre en LOM en donde el protagonista respeta la cultura y religiones del mundo donde transmigro y trata de descubrir sus secretos. -El protagonista busca evangelizar su postura agnóstica en un mundo donde no hay duda de lo sobrenatural , lo cual carece de sentido , casi como que frodo reniegue de que anillo de sauron es mágico . -Se cumple demasiado la profecía auto cumplida : el protagonista llega a una deducion y eso se vuelve un hecho consumado en el mundo en el que están -La novela tiene mucho nacionalismo , Indirecto para el publico chino , el cual choca bastante al estar el personaje en otro mundo, amenos no hay racismo - xenofobia. -La forma de mostrarnos y revelarnos el mundo no tiene ni punto de comparación con LOM, es horrible y muy amateur , prácticamente te escupen en la cara el transfondo del mundo. -Los elementos de terror duran poco ya que el protagonista pierde muy rápido su miedo a lo desconocido a diferencia de LOM , donde el terror esta mejor trabajado Bueno: + Los personajes están increíblemente bien hechos , se sienten vivos y cada uno diferente , un nivel muy superior al de mayoría de novelas chinas , incluso mejor que LOM +Si lo comparamos con la media , esto SI es una buena novela o al menos intenta serlo en sus primeros 100 capítulos hasta donde leí el raw

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    ----------------------//\\ ---------------------// ¤ \\ ---------------------\\ ¤ // ---------------------- \\// -------------------- (___) ---------------------(___) ---------------------(___) ---------------------(___)_________ --------\_____/\__/----\__/\_____/ ------------\ _°_[------------]_ _° / ----------------\_°_¤ ---- ¤_°_/ --------------------\ __°__ / ---------------------|\_°_/| ---------------------[|\_/|] ---------------------[|[¤]|] ---------------------[|;¤;|] ---------------------[;;¤;;] --------------------;;;;¤]|]\ -------------------;;;;;¤]|]-\ ------------------;;;;;[¤]|]--\ -----------------;;;;;|[¤]|]---\ ----------------;;;;;[|[¤]|]|---| ---------------;;;;;[|[¤]|]|---| ----------------;;;;[|[¤]|/---/ -----------------;;;[|[¤]/---/ ------------------;;[|[¤/---/ -------------------;[|[/---/ --------------------[|/---/ ---------------------/---/ --------------------/---/|] -------------------/---/]|]; ------------------/---/¤]|];; -----------------|---|[¤]|];;; -----------------|---|[¤]|];;; ------------------\--|[¤]|];; -------------------\-|[¤]|]; ---------------------\|[¤]|] ----------------------\\¤// -----------------------\|/ ------------------------V

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    Raw? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . ............... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. . ....... ....... ......

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    Looking forward to thIs book as i really Like the synopsis. Pls dont let me down [img=recommend]author fighting 💪looking forward to seeing your good work

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    Author Pure Little Dragon