37.43% Realms In The Firmament / Chapter 371: Be Rich

Chapter 371: Be Rich

Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Earlier before, Boss Wan was acting arrogant like he was such an unimportant figure. All of a sudden, he was cautious and humble. He nearly kneeled down.

He even nearly fainted away.

Ning Biluo wouldn’t bother to keep that in mind. He wouldn’t do anything to Wan. In fact, he was more or less an employee to Wan. Even though Ning Biluo was working for Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao was Feng Zhiling, the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. It was reasonable to say that Ning Biluo worked for Ling-Bao Hall. Wan Zhenghao was the boss of Ling-Bao Hall, so it appeared Ning Biluo was working for Wan Zhenghao!

However, Wan Zhenghao could never let it go, as he was so afraid of King of Assassins.

Whenever Ning Biluo looked to Wan Zhenghao, in purpose or not, Wan Zhenghao would tremble. It nearly became a conditioned reflex to him.

[Oh my god. I am sitting in the same room with the No. 1 Assassin in the world…]

Thinking about that, Wan Zhenghao felt that he was like a mouse, staying with a cat in a room, trembling. The cat looked quite friendly and nice though…

What if he went mad?

Mouse was mouse while cat was cat.

Ye Xiao saw it and he sighed. [Wan has been through so much during his thousands of years of life. How experienced. He must have seen everything. He should have met so many people. Time passes and generation replaces generations. He has been living for such a long time. He should be a man who has seen through everything. How come… How come he is so afraid of death!

Maybe the saying is right… The wealthier you are, the more cowardly you will be! He is the richest man in the Land of Han-Yang, so he is also the one who is afraid of death the most!]

That was true.

"Mo… Monarch," Wan Zhenghao stammered, "the items that are paid to us as the price in the auction have all been delivered… That is such a huge amount. The storage room cannot hold all. Many of the items are placed in the yard. Could you…"

Obviously, he was asking Ye Xiao to take those things away, as they were all Ye Xiao’s idea. It wasn’t a good idea to keep them in the yard. There might be damage to them. They were all after all precious things. He didn’t want to waste them!

Most importantly for Wan Zhenghao. [Let me show you where they are now… Let’s just get away from here… There is a… Uh, the King of Assassins… I am freaking out!]

Ye Xiao frowned and said, "That’s alright. Just lead me to it."

As Ye Xiao said so, Liu Changjun was riled up. He was lying on the chair because he was seriously wounded.

There were really too many treasures. Over half of them were placed outside. The guards of Ling-Bao Hall couldn’t protect them. Liu Changjun’s men in his assassin group had to be guards of Ling-Bao Hall for some days.

Assassins to be guards, that was hilarious. Only Ling-Bao Hall would do such luxury thing!

It was not that they were wasteful, but things just went that way!

Liu Changjun had complained many times about it. "Have you ever seen any assassins being guards for anybody? That is the most stupid and hilarious thing!"

Now that Ye Xiao came back, he could finally let his men do what they should do.

He could finally assign them to some serious tasks.

Ning Biluo disappeared when Ye Xiao turned around.

As an assassin, he would never show himself in a conspicuous place.

He had been following Ye Xiao for such a long time. It was the limitation of how long he could stay uncovered. He had been breaking his own rules. Now that things were settled, he just went back to the shadow.

He would continue his elusive life.

Liu Changjun and Ye Xiao knew that Ning Biluo would never truly leave. He must be around somewhere.

If anything dangerous happened to Ye Xiao, Ning Biluo would show up immediately.

If there was nothing dangerous, he would never show up again…

Assassins might not be guards, but assassins must be the best guards, because they knew well about all the methods to kill!

That was Ye Xiao’s thought when Ning Biluo disappeared.

When Ye Xiao saw the small mountain, which was actually formed by all those treasures, his mouth arched and formed a smile.

And then he laughed.

[That’s a lot!

There are actually this many? Hahahaha. I am going to be super rich this time. Those guys, they did have lots of good things!

Even when I was the Monarch in the Qing-Yun Realm, when I was in my most wonderful time, all I had was even less than one percent of these amount! That is so much!]

Ye Xiao had been shocked by the treasures already. However, this time, it was several times more than the last time. He was stunned!

He didn’t dare to just throw all the stuffs into the Boundless Space anymore. There was something that could take his life in the Spaces.

That was the Cosmic Hades!

If the Cosmic Hades made another wave of cold qi eruption, he would be in a huge trouble! What he had now was times more than before. If cold qi eruption happened again, he would be unable to do anything to stop it. Maybe the Boundless Space would explode. He wouldn’t make the same mistake again after what it had costed him. He wasn’t a fool!

He picked a few pieces of stones and put them into the Sky Space. He then put half of those medical materials into the Wood Space. He would never leave these outside.

They were all plants. If he didn’t keep them carefully, their efficacy would be greatly reduced. Besides, Wood Space had been attacked by the cold qi eruption several times. Even though the nine Spaces were connected, Wood Space was after all the weakest. With all those materials, he could definitely improve the Wood Space.

What surprised Ye Xiao was that among all those treasures, there was actually a bottle of Murk Water.

[Murk Water is the best of the best. It hasn’t been seen for a thousand years even in the Qing-Yun Realm. I truly have never expected to see such a small bottle in this place!]

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