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7 Days Series [Horror]

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Author: Phakhinai

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Everyone has their fates connected to their birthdays, they are likely to have psychic abilities specifically connected to ‘something’.

Some can sense it while some cannot, depending on what they have committed in the past.
Mystery, Death, Foolishness, and Greed are the things attracting the evil spirits to be around.

Those who were born on Sunday… “Ward: Labor Tomb”
If you see ‘the pregnant,’ please beware; they are there to take your head.

Those who were born on Monday… “Mirror: Who’s the First to Die of Them All?”
After midnight where mirrors are, ‘mysterious things’ will appear.

Those who were born on Tuesday… “Haunted: Mystery of Plumeria House”
Stay away from ‘bathrooms’, if you wish to stay alive.

Those who were born on Wednesday… “Theater: Book Me a Death Ticket”
When people born on this day go to a funeral, they tend to witness bad events.

Those who were born on Thursday… “Stairs: 12 Steps...Ghost Staircase”
At night, do not look at the stairs, or else something might be there.

Those who were born on Friday… “Reality: Dare the Living, Discover the Dead”
There is a game for the living, but noted that it might take their lives.

Those who were born on Saturday… “Holy: Soul Sacrifice to Spirit’s House”
The ancient saying goes: think before you speak, as something the eyes cannot see does not mean it is not real.

Every inconsiderate action must be traded with the living, and only death is the answer!
One question… What day were you born on…?


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    Since I read this novel, I've never had a good dream again lol. It's haunted, spooky, and exciting, don't know how to describe it. I really respect the author 'cause it's a really great scary novel. I think I would be haunted by this novel for a long time

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    The plot of this story is kinda different. 7 days with 7 different ghost stories, making us bewildered, though some parts are able to be predicted. Anyhow, I like the revenge scenes. The author doesn't have mercy at all, the death must be revenge only by the death. Never want to leave or quit reading. I mostly finish reading only in a few days.

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    Personally, I like suspense and thriller books, so I can say this book is such a premium that the readers should buy for reading. And so far as I read, whether it be the crux, plot, and description are all amazing! If the author decides to publish any books, I will collect them all hahaha. btw, I will never read this story alone at home 'cause I am too scared of it, especially the poetry part which is so terrifying to me.

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    One thing making the plot not boring is the mind of the characters. If you think the ghost is scary, people are scarier than that!! The plot can twist anytime as there would be one person who conceals themself as a good person but deep down is full of selfishness. So, this is called the dimension of the characters.

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    I've read all chapters and I would say I like everything about it. There're many emotions such as sad, fun, and haunted. Also, it gives you views and isn't too scary. It's kinda creepy, but I can deal with it lol. If you are brave enough to read til the latest chapter, I highly recommend it to you because this novel is worth your time!

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    Author, you are a legend! The more I read, the more it terrified me. Plus, I was quite nervous and usually look behind all the time when reading this novel. The author describes it so well as if I were in the story, so thrilling! I recommend anyone who likes this kind of thriller and horror. You won't regret it!

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    I come to read this novel because of the new concept, and I don't disappoint at all. Besides, I recommend this book to my sister and she doesn't make it till the end because it's too terrifying haha (it's really creepy). Hope you could pull yourself together after reading it to the end. Thumbs up!

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    In my point of view, the characters and story progression are quite slow and sluggish. It takes too long to get to the point of what the ghost really wants. Even though it is so scary and terrifying, sometimes it does not make sense why people who don't know anything have to be haunted and died. But the overall is very good tho. There are a lot of feelings when I read this. I'll give it 8.5 then[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=coins]

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    I love that the story is highkey HORROR story. The ghost appears very early (she's very aggressive tho), and as a person who was born on Sunday, I'll have to be more careful when I'm around pregnant women now... anw, thanks for the updates!

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    This is the most terrifying story, and I can't stop reading it until now. Normally, I didn't like the creepy things that much but this novel is really worth reading whether it be the plot, the translation, and the action of each character which is too realistic as if I were in that event.

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    Author Phakhinai