Horror is a genre of fiction which is intended to frighten, scare, or disgust. Horror is often divided into the sub-genres of psychological horror and supernatural horror,. Horror intends to create an eerie and frightening atmosphere for the reader.

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  • My House of HorrorsMy House of Horrors


    My House of Horrors

    The hearse with the weird odor slowed to a stop before the entrance. The sound of pebbles could be heard bouncing on the ceiling. There were footsteps coming from the corridor, and there seemed to be someone sawing next door. The door knob to the room rattled slightly, and the faucet in the bathroom kept dripping even though it had been screwed shut. There was a rubber ball that rolled on its own underneath the bed. Wet footsteps started to surface one after another on the floor. At 3 am, Chen Ge held a cleaver in his hand as he hid beside the room heater. The call he was trying to make was finally answered. "Landlord, is this what you meant by 'the house can be a little crowded at night'‽"

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  • Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?


    Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?

    Author-san here! Well, you're smart to stop by here. So I won't praise you all anymore. (^_^)  This is my original work, and I know you all will like it. So shamelessly pop your popcorn and read away!  Oh… And don't forget to check out my other books: • I'm The King Of Technology •Help!: I Think My System Is Trying To Kill Me! And, •In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park... You can also visit my website for more books: https://LumydeeNovels.Gumroad.com/ Ps/// THE PACE WILL BE SLOW AT THE BEGINNING TO SET EVERYTHING IN MOTION. But after a while, it will pick up quickly. . . Now, back to the synopsis. Er-Erhmm.. (narrator-voice on) ... In another world called Blue Star, the famous son of wealth, Dorian D. Tian, is thrown into a whirl of unfortunate circumstances, resulting in his death. . His parents had a brutal car accident that left them in a coma, and his uncle had quickly taken over the company,  and seized the company, making sure that he was financially crippled for good. With that, the famous young master struggled desperately. And in the end, he gave in to his despair and depression, leaving the sad, lonely world. The end? Heh... Think again! Because in that brief moment, the lifeless corpse suddenly opened its eyes, revealing a deep calm look. That's right. Another mysterious soul had entered the body. But if one thought this story was just about revenge, then sorry... that wasn't even the half of it! .... The mysterious entity suddenly triggered an exorcist system. And from then on, both humans and even those from the underworld shuddered in fear and despair at the mysterious soul's cruelty. [Humans]: "Demon! Demon! You're definitely a demon!" [Demons]: "Help! Help! The famous demon wants to eat me!" [Evil Spirits]: "You!... Are you the one who is an evil spirit or us? Why the hell did it seem like you're the demonic one instead?" [Ghouls]: "You stay away from me! Stay away from me now, you evil entity!" [Hellhounds]: "Are you sure you're not the son of hades?" The system couldn't help looking at its host in doubt. Its indicators said that its host was indeed mortal. But why did it feel like something was wrong with its host? Dorian lightly chuckled in amusement. He would also like to ask the same question. What exactly was his identity? Well, this would be the biggest mystery of all. But Dorian wasn't in a hurry. Who were his enemies, and who were his allies? Soon, he would find the truth. In the meantime, why not play a little? "Demon! stay back!" "Oooo~~~... I... I want to go back to the underworld where it's safe." "Run for your lives! The demon is here!" …..

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  • Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!


    Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!

    "Better to have and not need than to need and not have." Sky Ishiyama is a nerd with Photographic Memory who after the bumps and turns in his life, turned to be a Doomsday Prepper. The story takes place in our world where our MC was diving through the Dark Web just for fun and discovered something that could only be found in books, movies, novels, manga, anime, or games. Zombies, Walkers, Freaks, Infected, Biters, or whatever you may call them. They're fucking real. Ever wondered what you could do in a zombie apocalypse where you actually know what you're doing? Actually surviving properly while preventing stupid deaths? Doing what is right and necessary? Or better yet, actually doing what you shout in the monitor when you're watching a film? Our MC is coupled with the knowledge of not just fighting z's but actually surviving by securing his home, finding allies, scavenging for supplies, building a community and so much more. If you could, kindly like the tags I've put up and it would be huge, huge help for me, thanks in advance! Also, a comment, a review, or even a vote of a single power stone would help me out a lot! Thanks again! Disclaimer: All of the names and places mentioned in this novel are fictional and any relation to people IRL is purely coincidental. Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/3JstDAV (It's just something I created for fun and random chatting with people that want to discuss more about zombie things and other random stuff. It's created on 16/07/20 so it's fairly new and nothing much is in there lol Anyway, everyone is free to drop by and spend a few minutes to pass the time.) My Discord: Sky2316#9623

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  • Plague DoctorPlague Doctor

    Plague Doctor

    The once-bustling and noisy streets were now filled with an eerie blanket of silence. Hoarse and frenzied whispers lingered high above the heavens, and an indescribable ancient giant lurked in the shadows of the bottomless ocean. A mysterious plague had outbroken, and natural disasters wrought the Earth. Global pandemic and catastrophes had the panicked masses seeking illusory shelters from the devastation, day and night. A bloody shower poured over the land as the streaks of lightning tore across the sky, illuminating the ill-intentioned gathering of ravens above. Nevermore, nevermore, quoth the ravens. "We can see that this malformed creature has twelve pairs of ribs like humans, but also has a "transverse bone" that humans do not possess..." In the medical school, Gu Jun continued bringing down his scalpel, illustrating the abnormal thoracic structure of the malformed cadaver on the dissection table to the surrounding students. Ominous and treacherous times had descended! Truth and logic had crumbled, order warped into a frenzy. Humanity can only forge ahead through the power of intelligence and wisdom. Dive into this Lovecraftian horror and witness madness come to life.

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  • AutophagyAutophagy



    Song Lei had been living his life in poverty and taking care of his younger sister until that day. After losing his life at the hands of his drug-addict father, Song Lei was transmigrated into the city of horrors. In the city of horrors where an uncountable amount of monsters and ghosts reside; Song Lei has to use his wits to survive and find a way to go back to his sister... "Are those authentic ghost repelling talismans on the wall?" "Yes. Yes, they are." "So? Why is there a ghost standing right next to it? Do you think he is being repelled?" "Nope. Not even a little bit. Oh look, he's coming toward us." "Well, that can't be good..." ------------------- Artist of my cover: @Aza_x_x on Twitter.

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  • Doomsday WonderlandDoomsday Wonderland


    Doomsday Wonderland

    Lin Sanjiu is a normal woman in modern-day society. Everyone admires her outstandingly handsome, gentle, and rich boyfriend. However, Lin Sanjiu feels vaguely afraid of this "perfect" boyfriend. She's always felt that her boyfriend looks at her like she's a tasty piece of meat... The transformation happened one night. Sanjiu got into an argument with her boyfriend, and he finally revealed his true colors. As it turns out, he was a being with special abilities from an apocalyptic world who wanted to eat Sanjiu to help him evolve. To his dismay, he ended up being the one killed by Sanjiu with her hidden abilities instead. However, Sanjiu's troubles don't end with her dead boyfriend. In fact, the world she resides in is starting to go through unusual changes. This world is becoming a scorching hot hellhole...

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  • High in pursuitHigh in pursuit

    High in pursuit

    Ryan, an outstanding police officer with the highest criminal arrest rate in the city. He is kind toward the innocent but cruel and violent to the criminal. There is no pity for those who oppressed the weak. This is a typical system and transmigration story, but, rather than meet truck-san, he is killed by a serial killer he has chased for years. Join his journey on world hopping with his snobbish system to resurrect back into his original world and apprehend the serial killer. Well, due to his good luck anyway, he meets the serial killer's reincarnation in every world he went into and continuing the game of cat and mouse between them. "Change the cannon fodder's fate? Who cares about that! As long as I can catch him by my own hands, I'll even become the devil himself!" (What rotten luck. I got a rather peculiar host this time -Sigh- Host! You need to finish your mission at least! Grab some points, damn it!) This is a work of fiction and purely comes from the writer's imagination. And the cover picture is not mine. Credit to the real owner. P/S : This is BL Story. Please support my other books: High In Pursuit : Another Story Behind The Veil : Vengeful Spirit

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  • Queen of the Castaway IsleQueen of the Castaway Isle


    Queen of the Castaway Isle

    Sophie liked to think of herself as a tough sort of woman, a survivor. As an average person, she survived hell on earth and returned to tell the tale. Give or take. In a tragic freak accident, she and the survivors of two plane crashes were trapped on a strange uninhabited island. It took 8 years for help to locate them. Of the original 288 missing passengers and crew, only 22 people remained. The world went wild, everyone wanted to know what happened. What went on there? In a true Lord of the Flies fashion, it was humanity at its worst. It was hell on earth, a miniature apocalypse in the middle of the ocean. Sure Sophie had survived, but even after years of intensive therapy, she isn't always happy about it. Those who murdered her younger brother were now rich, those who raped and left her baby sister to die in childbirth were famous. The kings of that hell island, monsters wearing human skin, had sold their stories and were now living the good life after. And try as she might move on, hell has followed her home. Till she wakes up 13 years back in the past that is. Less than 1 day before her scheduled flight to hell. ---- https://discord.gg/ARkSMFPbew Will be posted on other sites such as Royal Road and Scribblehub

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    "THE END IS HERE" The only sentence which made sense in the situation Mark was in. Trying to take the easy way out from all the horrors of his life Mark Blaze encountered the eruption of Zombies. The fight for survival has started. Would Mark be able to survive while facing his dark past he wanted to get away from or would he lose everything once again? IMP NOTE- THE MC IS NOT COLD BLOODED AND ISN'T A SOLO WARRIOR. IF YOU EXPECT THAT KIND OF CHARACTER THEN I CAN ONLY SAY THIS BOOK DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU THAT.

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  • Outbreak Chronicles: Dead PandemicOutbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic


    Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic

    Labeled as a delinquent and bad influence, high school student Kyosei Ichinose choose to stay out of the people around him, indulge himself to his headphones, pick fights against other people and stay alone. He was later famous for being a dangerous fellow that even his fellow students and his teachers feared him. One day, everything is normal until the world is now in turmoil after the appearance of a mysterious disease that turns humans into mindless cannibals, infecting humans all around the country in an alarming state. After receiving a distressed message from his former friend, he reluctantly returned only to find the school overrun by the dead. Armed with his house keys, a revolver and a duffel bag containing a few items to aid the rescue, he returned to the school without knowing why he still need to rescue a former friend.

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  • The Mate HuntThe Mate Hunt

    The Mate Hunt

    What happens when the powerful handsome and strong Maximiliano Black's Alpha King induction ceremony is stopped because he deliberately doesn't want to find his mate ??? And what happens when he is banished from his own pack and asked not to return until he finds his Luna , other Half and Soul Mate?? Read the Mate hunt to find out

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  • BloodborneBloodborne


    What if you hear about a place where men could reach immortality? What if you're a man with nothing to lose? Only one last chance at getting your life back? Surgit, desperate to find a cure for his mortal disease, sets sail towards the fabled city of Yharnam. The city of healing and miracles. The city of Legends... ..... ..... This story is a fan fiction inspired by the world of Bloodborne, a game made exclusively for the PS4 by fromsoftware. .... .... For Bloodborne fans: the story will expand upon the lore of the game bit by bit. Most other characters and elements are from my imagination. .... .... Release schedule: 1 chapter per day except on weekends. Depending on my work schedule I might release two to three chapters a day.

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  • Steampunk Apocalypse!Steampunk Apocalypse!


    Steampunk Apocalypse!

    Earth suffered apocalypse. All electronics over the world were destroyed. War and famine ravaged the lands. When humanity tried to rebuild, they discovered that most technology no longer worked. The laws that governed the world had changed! Steam technology rose in popularity after the apocalypse. Humanity entered a new golden age. Then, the seven nightmares attacked. Espers with strange powers appeared. Mutants took over most of the world. This was the beginning of the Mana Apocalypse! My name is Edward Tesla and I was born during the Mana Apocalypse. This is my story about trying to protect everything I care about in this living hell. My inventions will defeat the nightmares and save the world! Steam rifles, steam tanks, and steam mechs. My inventions will surpass them all! Extra Note from the author: Some of the early chapters are a bit rough and need rewritten. Most of the long-term fans come from Chapter 21 and up. I guarantee the story continues to improve from there as you continue reading. Political factions, wars, steam tech, mana mysteries, and more. Though the story starts in America, it also visits China, Europe, Africa, and other areas of the world later on. -------------------------------------------------- Note from author: This novel was the winner of the Steampunk writing contest. Chapter Length: Chapters usually average between 2200 to 2800 words. Chapter Updates: Daily Updates. Chapters are usually posted around 12:00 PM US EST time. -------------------------------------------------- Readers, if you enjoy the book I'd appreciate anyone that adds the following tags: Academy Action AntiHero Apocalypse Esper Fantasy Futuristic Setting HiddenGem Horror Kingdom Building Magic Mech Mecha Mutant Steampunk SwordAndMagic War Weak to Strong

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  • Human CultivationHuman Cultivation


    Human Cultivation

    Second place winner of WPC#144... Inspired by The Walking Dead The Game, A Promised Neverland the anime, and Attack on Titan, I bring to you, Human Cultivation... ***** What if the world was doomed to end tomorrow? How would you cope with the stress, pain, heartache, and never-ending agony that surrounded you? This is the situation, Zane Civil has found himself in. Zane is an optimistic, second-year college student who gets caught up in the end of the world. Following the end of the year 2020 and its pandemic, a species known as Apocrypha have invaded the Earth to harvest humans as food. Follow Zane through his suffering and constant mistakes as he meets both friends and foes on his journey to stay alive. Will he be able to survive? Or will he find the power to do much more..? ***** NB: This is not a Cultivation or System novel. It is an end of the world book. The word ‘Cultivation’ is referring to the Earth and the humans that live on it. Updates are once a day for seven days of the week. All editing is done by myself for the time being. Cover Courtesy- To the respective artist and a special shoutout to @sagorika_adhikari for the design. Read it, enjoy it and get yourself eaten up by the Apocry- I mean the story... And leave your thoughts in the review section!

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  • Dreadful Radio GameDreadful Radio Game


    Dreadful Radio Game

    “Dear audience, welcome to [Dreadful Radio Game], hope you enjoy our company. Okay, now, let’s turn around and check behind you. Is there a smiling face looking at you?” ------ A recommended Qidian novel, written by Innocent Dragonet. Will you survive such a system? Can you live through all these horrible encounters? Are you ready for a world of murders, zombies, suspense and darkness? What happens if a psychopath killer comes across ghosts? Come and join the adventure of Su Bai! As a human turned vampire, he’s gonna play the game with all kinds of other players— a Taoist, a will power controller, a fugitive, an elegant indifferent lady, and…you name it! Let’s enjoy the game!

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  • pure vampirepure vampire

    pure vampire

    . ***** INTRODUCTION "Sometimes death isn't the end.......my death was the beginning.....and my true beginning began the day a vampire killed me...." Analise Walker has a tough everyday life. Her older sister torments her on a daily basis. Ana copes by eating and gains a lot of weight further adding fuel to her sister and classmates teasing..... One day it goes too far and Ana runs away..... Right into one of the cruelest vampires existing..... He kills her. But when she transforms into the most beautiful vampire he's ever seen he takes her prisoner... Two years later she escapes...... Follow Ana's story as she deals with life as a human, vampire and then something much much more dangerous..

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  • Through Apocalypse (BL)Through Apocalypse (BL)


    Through Apocalypse (BL)

    Huang Jin made it ten years before he died and travel back in time. Betrayal made him angry and bitter in life. He only wanted to live life and be contented, but he never imagined it would be so difficult to survive. Experiencing Apocalypse. No hope? Maybe... Maybe Not… HJ: "Why just not chop off its head? You're still playing with its arm!!" ML: "It's kinda fun, c'mon you try. It really relieves your stress. Update every Wednesday

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  • The Birth of a Ghost OverlordThe Birth of a Ghost Overlord


    The Birth of a Ghost Overlord

    Just when Liu Xiaodan thought that his strange, mundane life was at its peak after meeting the ghost child he named Guangru, the child ended up being a gateway to the past that he had never wished to unlock... and a future he could only brace for. Through his blood came a mystery that had soon given birth to an existence that everyone wanted to subdue yet no one would like to meet. Liu Xiaodan was destined to stand at the top of the food chain, but would he use his powers for good? Or would he rather lock himself away from the light forever? After all, his kind... was the strongest in the dark. This is the monster that he chose to become. [COMPLETED BY JUNE 30, 2021] This story is a work of fiction. Similarities to people, living or dead, are coincidental. No, the child is NOT the object of affection.

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  • Meta 4Meta 4


    Meta 4

    Junichi Hexen was just a kid when his hometown got attacked by Meta 4 monsters, failed experiments that chose to run rampant, eliminate all of humanity and make their way to the top of the food chain. During one of the Meta 4 rampages, Junichi got caught in its deadly web, he was surprised when he woke up in a secret organization known as M.D.T and was told he had been unconscious for five years. The story follows Junichi as he helps the Meta 3 battle Meta 4 monsters with his newly founded power, while still trying to keep his humanity and not turn into a full Meta 4. Warning: You might get some Aot vibes.

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  • Out of the BlueOut of the Blue

    Out of the Blue

    About a girl named Raylynn who lived a normal life in a small town and found a new crush named Shawn who recently moved to the town. Everything was going normal until one day everything changed when girls in the town started mysteriously dying or rather being murdered along with leaving behind a blue rose causing the people of the town to be completely terrorized. Will they be able to find out who is the mysterious murderer and the reason behind the blue rose?

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