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71.69% A Half Conjurer / Chapter 38: Newborn!

Newborn! - A Half Conjurer - Chapter 38 by Copper_mask full book limited free

Chapter 38: Newborn!

Mitugh looked at the fainting Orion and tried to talk to him to keep him from losing consciousness.

"Hey, hey kid. Don't fall asleep. Can you listen? Hey! "

At this moment Orion closed his eyes completely. Mitugh crouched near him and tapped his cheek a few times. After confirming he was knocked out entirely.

He stood up and turned his back to him who was lying on the ground. He sighed and shook his head,

"If that is all then I am disappointed, Orion. "

He whispered as he aimed his trident above the head of Orion and prepared to stab him to death. He was hopeful maybe like earlier he could show him something interesting, at least some foresight of his father who probably must have thought about this scenario.

But nope, he was disappointed again. In this world, if you can't survive by yourself, you would probably not going to live longer. So instead of dying some other day in the near future, he should end his suffering now.

Without Magic, without the power to defend yourself, your status is even less than an ant. People will roll over you as soon as they get the chance.

He loosened his grip over his weapon, to let it fall over the head of unconscious Orion. He turned away his eyes as he didn't want to see the death of a helpless normal, just because he was caught between games of power.

The Trident stabbed down and went into the floor by two inches. Mitugh was surprised as the expected sound of skull shattering was replaced by the sound of Trident colliding with the floor.

He curiously turned back to see no one near his feet. Only his Trident was lodged there like a straight ruler. He looked ahead to see Orion standing at a far corner leaning on the pillar as he was taking deep breaths to recover his stamina.

A smile formed on his face as he focused on his body. The magical traces were coming out in waves from his body indicating he had only just acquired his magic energy. He was like a glowing bulb, releasing light everywhere.

He lifted his trident and swirled it around on his fingers as he walked towards Orion. The water revolved around the trident edges as he swirled it.

"Impressive, You made my day kid. Now let's see if you are capable of self-protection."

Orion inhaled and exhaled as he tried to remember what Cassis has told him about his powers, or rather what he could actually do right now?

Because the only thing he could remember was

"That you have to discover yourself!"


Ai was constantly monitoring the incoming cars as she was waiting for Mr.Tachibana because he had given orders to stay put. Finally, a black sedan pulled in front of the street as Asahi practically dashed out of his car.

He discovers Ai and gestures to her to follow him. Both of them began to go through the vast crowd and police checkpoint to the subway station.

The officers tried to stop them as it was a restricted area but Asahi snapped his fingers and the police officer forgot why he was talking to the air.

"Mr. Tachibana, do you know where he is?"

"Yes, our surveillance picked up an unusual energy signal near the subway. So my bet is Oceanus has formed a facet world and somehow pulled Orion into it. "

Ai gasped a little in shock,

"Then, he would have plenty of time to kill him till now. "

"Yes", Asahi nodded as he increases his walking speed towards the station. Two of them were nearing the entrance of the subway quickly.

"But still he hadn't done so till now. I mean we could be wrong, he could have completed his bounty much time before but still hadn't updated it probably.

But his records of updating at once, give us hope however little it may be. "

"I'm sorry…."

Asahi turned to her and gave his characteristic friendly smile,

"This is not your fault. We have underestimated the hate towards him that they could even go for hiring one of the strongest Conjurer out there for a kid. Seriously it would be the insane luck of Orion if he could survive from it."

Both of them entered the busy subway where trains were taking off and people were going around their path. Both of them instantly channeled a few waves in the air to detect the presence of any corner of Facet world in another dimension.

Two things happened at the same time as Asahi got a message update on his phone and he unlocked it to read it. While Ai, who was randomly looking around the crowd, accidentally finds the familiar Boy sitting on the bench in the last corner.

The message was from the headquarters, The Oceanus has finally responded. He had canceled the bounty and gave back all the amount to the issuers. And the reason he gave, to the collective rage of the magical community, was

"I don't kill newborns."

Several elders have condemned his actions but like always he didn't care about others and just followed his heart.

Asahi breathed a sigh of relief reading this message. When Ai tugged his arm and pointed in that direction. They looked to see Orion with blue-black eyes, several cuts and bruises on his face sitting with his eyes closed as he was trying to sleep.

Several passersby frown upon his terrible condition but no one comes forward to disturb him thus leading him to take a small nap.

Ai and Asahi walked to him quickly but as soon as they got close to him. Both of them discovered it simultaneously, small waves of magical energy released by his body unconsciously.

Surprised, they exchanged looks with each other but decided to talk about it later as they tapped on his shoulder to wake him up.

Orion who was running from early morning, then getting thrashed by the stranger was finally dead tired as he sat down and felt it was time to take a quick nap.

He hesitantly opened his swollen eyes to see Asahi and Ai standing in front of him. Finally, it was at this time, he felt relaxed even more than when getting release from that Mitugh.

The first words that came from his mouth were,

"I need sleep, guys. I'm tired. "

With this, his eyes closed automatically as he fainted on the support. Apparently keeping himself vigilant all the time he could stay awake all this time. As soon as he relaxed he fainted comfortably.

He opened his eyes to find himself on the unfamiliar bed in the unfamiliar room. He looked around to see it was some kind of first aid room where he had been dumped.

He tried to sit from his lying position as he felt something in the front pocket of his trousers. He fished out the mobile and placed it aside but with the mobile, a pamphlet also came in his hand.

It was the demon summoning pamphlet. Orion looked at it hard and then sighed. He hadn't expected anything good would come with this but without any action, he still was caught up in it.

The memories of the previous night began to flow in his mind as he was sitting inside his apartment with this flyer in his hand and in front of him, a ritualistic diagram was drawn accurate to the instructions.

In his rage, he was about to chant those hymns when suddenly the phone rang in his pocket. It was from Ai, he debated for a second whether to take it but at last, picked it up.

She talked to him about the final closure of the fight and other things, which included no guilty verdict of that blonde kid. He was again filled with anger but till the end of the call, he cooled down significantly.

He had decided to go with it when suddenly he caught his own reflection in the black screen of the phone. The eyes staring at him back were crazed and angry, not the ones he remembered his eyes to be.

The thoughts began to rampage in his mind, what was he going to do exactly? Because he doesn't have magic he was going to use this shady thing. Even he knew in his mind, it can't be a coincidence that it flew to his feet just when he needed it most.

This was the plan to trap him, and in one corner of his mind, he too knew it. But his anger was forcing him to just act oblivious towards it. But the sudden reflection asked him several questions, which were more than uncomfortable to him.

He looked at the sick ritual in front of him, felt terrible, felt stupid and idiot for even allowing himself to fall at this down. His jealousy, his desire for this hidden world was changing him into someone he couldn't even imagine himself to be.

He stood up and cleared up all the sh*t silently and threw it down the garbage. He vowed to himself that he would never allow himself to fall this low ever in the future. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_53739220124106365">!_53739220124106365</a> for visiting.

He now in the infirmary looked at the flyer and shook his head. He tore it into several pieces and then threw it into the garbage can nearest to him.

Copper_mask Copper_mask

He didn't summon the demon!

Happy Reading ....

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