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47% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 46: Chapter 46 - The Other Clans

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Chapter 46: Chapter 46 - The Other Clans

The falcons seemed to hesitate. Obviously my reaction to his mate was not what they had been expecting. Looking at his mate again I noticed something rather interesting. She was attractive but in truth she was no better looking than the girls I already had at my side. It made me wonder if I had found her more attractive because I would have to win her from her current mate. If that was the case I really needed to work with my mind ability. I was positive I wasn't normally the kind of man who relished in stealing women away from their men. The situations with Karen and Rebecca were exceptions with extenuating circumstances.

"I will give you some time to think about it, but know that when we leave here I have no intention of returning." I told the falcons.

That seemed to get their attention. "Are you sure you will not try and claim my mate for yourself?" the male falcon asked me.

I nodded, "Yes." I replied. "While your mate is attractive I am not interested in stealing another male's female." I replied.

"I wonder what Karen and Rebecca would have to say about that?" Calidia asked me with a smirk.

I glared at her. "You and I both know there were extenuating circumstances involved with that." I replied to her irritably.

Calidia smirked at me then leaned over and planted a kiss on my lips. She meant it to be brief and chaste but I wrapped an arm around her and held her tight as I kissed her thoroughly. With all the tension that had been building up in me since I used the beast form I needed some release. Calidia was near and willing. Unfortunately we weren't alone so I settled with just the kiss.

After releasing Calidia and steadying her as she caught her breath he looked back at Tracy and her family. Tracy was eyeing him uncertainty but seemed to be a bit uncomfortable while the rest of her family were glaring at him despite the fact that he had just saved all of their lives.

"Already ready to abandon us?" the old man sneered at him.

I glared at the old man angrily. I had no idea what I had done to piss this old man off, but he was really starting to get on my nerves.

"That is up to you." I replied coldly. "I came because Tracy couldn't contact you and was worried. Whether you chose to accompany me from here or stay and fend for yourselves is your own decision."

"Daryl." Tracy called out unhappily.

I shook my head. "They have been nothing but rude to and combative since we met." I told her.

Tracy tried to extract herself from the crowd that was her family but her father and Ben stopped her from leaving their side. "No girl, you can't trust one of his kind." the older male told her stepping forward to block her way as well.

I glared at them but didn't interfere. I had given my girls the chance to chose as well. It wouldn't be unreasonable for her to chose her family over me. It wasn't what I wanted, especially not with her family being led by such a fool.

"Stop it." Tracy yelled at them then forced her way past them surprising everyone. Tracy walked forward to stand in front of me her eyes seeming to search mine. "Are you really going to leave us behind?" she asked me.

I stared at her for a moment wondering to myself if there was more to this question but answered her the best way I could. "I don't want to, but I can not force anyone to come with me. Not only will they hate me for it, it would cause problems with everyone else." I replied.

Tracy seemed to consider that for a moment but Calildia stepped forward and wrapped the other woman in her arms and whispered something into her ear. I couldn't hear it despite the increased sensitivity to my senses. After a moment Calidia released Tracy and stepped back while Tracy glared at her with a red face making me even more curious as to what she had said to her.

Tracy took a deep breath then let it out before moving to my side then turning to face her family. "Pappy, what is your issue with Daryl? You've never met him before so he couldn't have offended you." Tracy asked.

"I don't need to have met him to know his kind, all bonders are the same, it doesn't matter if they are Larifin's, Destrion's, Morimer's, or Yasthlin's." the old man retorted looking at me with disgust.

Tracy stiffened beside me and seemed ready to yell at her grandfather. "What of Wallous'?" I asked the old man.

To my surprise the old man actually looked surprised and stared at me like I was some kind of mythical creature. "They were one of the few bonder's that were responsible for their actions, but they died off millenia ago." the old man replied. "How do you know that name boy?"

"Its my family name. What kind of wanderer are you?" I asked in reply convinced that this man was not originally from earth.

The old man seemed to have lost much of his aggression and seemed far more curious now. "That is a dangerous name to have boy. The other bonder clan's detest the Wallous' consider them traitors to their clans, it's why there aren't anymore of them left alive. Unless…" the old man seemed to have a thought then looked at me excitedly. "Did Johnivus and Janalette survive?" he asked me.

The names seemed close enough, maybe he was talking about my parents. I shrugged in response. "My parents went by John and Janet in this world. I only know that I inherited my father's bond ability and he worried for a time that I might use it inappropriately. He never said anything about any other bonder clans." I replied.

The old man seemed to think about that for a while. "It could be possible, few of the wanderers stay when the end nears. I only stayed because I had grown tired and couldn't leave my family behind." he said aloud to himself. "With the Lost Ones appearing here everyone else probably already left so there isn't much of a chance they would find out about you."

I had no idea what this old man was talking about. I looked over at Tracy wondering if maybe he had hit his head on something one or two times too many.

"Wait! Your mother, what was her ability?" the old man shouted excitedly.

I frowned at the old man unsure if I really wanted to tell him anything.

"Elemental Lord." Tracy told him. I glared at her but she refused to look at me.

The old man started to laugh out loud with great excitement, then to everyone's surprise he started to get younger. In moments the old white haired man was gone replaced by a young man with short red hair who looked to be in his mid twenties with bright emerald eyes. He strode forward than bowed to me, "Jessarn Sorrel, Immortal Wanderer. While I have never met your parents I have heard tale of them and know they are one of the few who use their abilities as they should rather than as they could." he introduced.

Was it too late to leave them here? I had the horrible feeling that this was going to become a giant headache.

'Daryl did you really add three more women to your harem!' Megan yelled in my head.

I groaned what perfect timing.

'Do they have a human form?' I asked Megan in response then looked at Jessarn, I had no real choice but to bring them, they were Tracy's family after all.

"If you all want to come you should gather your supplies, I really need to get back so I can work on creating a haven for everyone." I told Jessarn.

He nodded then turned to his own family who were staring at him in surprise. He gave out a few orders which they didn't seem to hear. After yelling at them they finally seemed to wake from there stupor and scurried off to do what they were told.

'Nala said they don't.' Megan finally replied.

'There is your answer. They are Nala's subordinates, if a chance presents itself I will try and convince a male to join us for them.' I replied.

Megan didn't reply and before I could think of something else to tell her Tracy moved closer and leaned her head against me. "Thank you." she told me with her eyes closed.

I smiled at her despite the fact that she wasn't looking. "I did promise to take care of you no matter what you decided." I reminded her as I wrapped one of my arms around her waist.

Tracy opened her eyes and looked up at me in surprise. Then she had to blink away a few tears. She didn't say anything but leaned on my a bit more. I thought it was a good step in the right direction with her.

"So now what?" Dena asked. She had shifted out of her beast form and approached me while eyeing Tracy jealousy.

I reached out my other arm and pulled her close kissing her as soundly as I had Calidia. "Thank you for your help today." I told her when I finally let her go.

She nodded at me shyly a big smile on her face. Having her in my arms was having a rather specific effect on me, then again her figure was nearly as provocative as Mary's and I had yet to actually taste her yet.

"First we have to take everyone who is coming with us back to the hotel. Hopefully they have come up with some plans to secure enough food for everyone." I told them. "Then I need to question Jessarn about the other bonder clans and the Lost Ones he mentioned earlier, especially since it sounded like the Lost Ones might be the ones in control of that pyramid."

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