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59% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 58: Chapter 58 - Monica

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Chapter 58: Chapter 58 - Monica

I groaned as I released into Trill as she lay beneath me. The white haired beauty was just as beautiful naked as she had been clothed and incredible in bed. Her legs squeezed my waist as she reached her own peak then relaxed a sated smile on her face as she looked up at me with her sapphire eyes. "That was wonderful husband." she practically purred then her eyes drifted closed and she fell asleep.

I sighed then extracted myself from Trill before looking around. Once it was officially time to celebrate Emy had created a extra large bed for us to use. Megan had differed the first few rounds to Dena and Trill who had yet to be with me. Both were incredibly shy when it was actually time to start but became very passionate once we had begun. The rest followed after.

Emy's stamina potion, while a miracle by itself wasn't enough by itself. However my beast emperor and physical abilities hadn't been affected by the creation of the haven. Singling out the sex drive sub ability like I had seen in Emy's abilities, along with some strengthening of key portions of my body with my physical ability had added enough to help me plow my women in to the ground.

The eight incredibly beautiful but sleeping woman around me was testament to that. If I wanted to add any of the other girls into this mix I was going to need a better stamina potion or higher levels in my beast emperor and physical abilities. I was still awake but I wasn't far from passing out.

"That looked like fun." a beautiful musical voice commented.

Glancing in the direction of the voice I found the silver twisted standing by the bed watching me intently.

"It was." I admitted as I matched her gaze. I was more than a little surprised that she was talking.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked.

I was even more surprised and a bit worried. The idea was great, but no man wanted to admit that he didn't have it in him to go another round. "You want to go a round?" I asked her a bit nervously.

"Yes, no." she shuddered. "I do, but I don't know why, I don't think I have ever met you before, or have I?" she asked seeming to be very confused.

"No, I don't think we have ever been officially introduced. I replied shifting a few of the girls very gently to make room for her and myself.

"This should be bothering me." she commented as she looked at the other women sprawled out on the bed. The juices, hickeys, and what not all pointed clearly to what we had just done.

"But it doesn't?" I asked shifting myself so I could lay comfortably while leaving room for her to join me. Given the conversation earlier the girls had already accepted that she would become one of my women when she and I bonded. I would have to look into that later, but I was way to tired now.

"No." she replied still obviously confused then she surprised me again as she started to pull off her lab coat then the clothes underneath to reveal a sky blue matching bra and panty that didn't go very well on her new silver skin, but was probably very attractive on her previous skin. Those followed the rest of her clothes before she crawled onto the bed to lay beside me.

I had been right the clothes she had been wearing had masked a lot of her figure, she was just as athletic and curvy as Trill. A look I found I liked a lot. Not that I wasn't just as thrilled with the other figures my girls had.

My beast emperor's lust reared its head getting a rise out of me. Apparently I wasn't nearly as spent as I thought I was. "Not this time." she told me seeing the reaction in me.

I agreed, just because I was able to respond didn't mean I had the energy to use it right. If she wanted to be the one in the lead we might have been able to make it work, but there would be another opportunities.

"That's fine." I told her as she snuggled into my side. I wrapped my arm around her as we settled down. "Its Daryl. Daryl Wallous." I told her.

"Monica." she replied. "I had another name, but....I can't seem to remember it anymore." she replied then shivered. "What happened?" she asked me.

I was still amazed by the changes in Monica from before to now. I knew that just becoming a silver would make her smarter than she was when she was a purple, but not like this, and there wasn't a hint of aggression in her at all.

I started to tell her what I knew, but as I did Trill snuggled into my back and with the warmth of both women and my own exhaustion, I was asleep before I even realized it.

Laughter woke me from sleep. Looking around blearily I found myself alone in bed. Sitting up slowly I spotted my girls sitting around a table chatting with each other happily. Monica was with them and seemed comfortable with them which was a relief to me, then again I should trust the girls a bit more. Megan has already become fairly good at adjusting to sudden changes in our relationship. Through their bonds to me I could feel that they were happy and having fun.

I crawled out of bed feeling well rested despite the fact that I was sore in a few places.

"Seems like sleeping beauty decided to join us." Karen said noticing me getting up and getting dressed.

I smiled as the girls chuckled then I went around the table giving each of the girls a morning kiss. All were rather enthusiastic then again after sharing a bed together there really wasn't any reason for them to be shy with each other anymore. Monica was a bit shy when I reached her but I could see the desire in her eyes as easily as I could feel it through the bond I had with her. So I didn't leave her out. She moaned as we kissed but I kept it brief.

"I noticed Monica had joined us." Megan commented smiling at Monica.

I snorted, "Just in time to be a hug pillow." I replied.

"So she didn't?" Grace asked curiously. I couldn't feel any anger or animosity from the girl, just pure curiosity.

I shook my head.

"We'll get that fixed later dear." Megan reassured Monica surprising me to no end.

Megan chuckled seeing my reaction. "I love you Daryl, and if this is how it is going to be I can accept it." she told me. Then she gave me a stern look. "However you will not be adding just any Jane to the group. You need a good reason, or they have to be exceptional." she told me warningly.

The other girls nodded their approval. "Being your bride won't mean anything if any woman can get into your bed." Trill added.

I nodded, then again there were now fourteen girls, fifteen if I counted Emy separate from Mary, and that was already an astonishing number to me. I didn't want to add anymore especially since I still had five who hadn't joined my wives group just yet. Heather and Rebecca seemed close but I needed to figure out what was going on with the twins and Tracy.

"I have to admit to my surprise with how much Monica was changed by the bond." Emy commented.

"Despite your own changes?" I asked.

Emy nodded. "My changes gave me emotions, which were something else to focus on besides the need to absorb nutrients and grow. She was able to regain her memories and humanity."

"Maybe that is it though. She had all of that before, it didn't give her something new, just restored what was lost. Something important for her and I to be able to interact with each other." I pointed out.

"Yeah, the beasts already had emotions and thought so they just got a human form." Grace pointed out. "Nothing drastic for them."

"It did more than you think." Nala replied. "You just don't have a lot of experience with beasts. We are very aggressive, but our own intelligence allows us to limit it when necessary. After the bond with Daryl I lost some of that aggression, and while I hate to admit it I got smarter." she explained then looked to Dena and Tril who both nodded. "The human form isn't limited to those bonded to Daryl remember? Not all of the subordinates have a human form."

"It made us stronger too." Trill added. "I felt a large change in me when he bonded to me both as a mate, but also as my emperor. It didn't seem like such a great deal at first but once we bonded and I did get smarter, stronger, it was a very good choice to join you." she admitted then smiled at me. "Better make sure you don't piss off Emy though, you are going to need a steady supply of that potion!"

The other girls giggled as Monica looked confused and Emy snorted. "Not like I could limit that, even if he deserves it I would hate to have the rest of you mad at me." she commented adding to their laughter.

"My sisters here explained what has happened and what they knew about how I ended up with you." Monica told me once the laughter had died down and Emy produced some fruits and juice on the table.

Sisters? Megan worked fast. Though I had no reason to complain.

"Did you have questions?" I asked her.

Monica hesitated for a moment.

"Go ahead." I reassured.

"Are you going to go back to Phoenix any time?" she asked.

I hesitated for a moment then nodded. "Yes, eventually I will need to go and see what is going on." I told her.

"Can we look for my daughter?" Monica asked. "She was staying with her father at the time."

I glanced at the other girls wondering if no one told her about the nuke.

"He lived out beyond Buckeye." Megan told me.

I nodded. While I was sure they would still have been affected, the damage from the blast wouldn't have been as extreme.

"We can look for Heather's sister too." Grace brought up.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Heather's sister turned. If she is still alive we can set her up under Monica, that should allow her to regain some of her mind like Monica did, isn't that how it works?" Grace asked.

I blinked. I knew something had happened to Heather's sister, how she had reacted to the news from Jennifer had made that obvious, only now did I realize I hadn't followed it up and discover if she turned or died. Then again up until this point they were practically the same thing. I nodded, "That part of town was on the other side of the valley from the explosion, it would have been affected, but the damage may not have been severe, if she was still alive before it she still might be alive now. Finding her though could be a problem. What of her parents?"

Megan shook her head. "Heather said she watched them die. They were on a video call when a twisted came into the house and killed them. She got to watch it all." Megan told me.

I nodded. "Don't bring up her sister until I have a chance to look for her. No reason to get her hopes up when we aren't even sure her sister is alive. If it works." I added at the end then looked to Calidia and Grace. "I believe the pair of you said you had captured a few twisted after the last energy wave."

The pair of them nodded.

"Don't bring out the girls." Megan spoke up immediately.

Calidia and Grace's gaze shifted then Grace shivered. "I have one left in my space." she told me. "It killed the rest."

"Don't let it out!" Emy yelled. Then forced herself to calm down. "It is rare, but some of the twisted go insane, worse than usual and will lash out at anything human, twisted, anything. Just cut away that pocket and let it go into the void."

"But, what if the bond cures it?" Grace asked.

Emy paused then looked at me a thoughtful look on her face. "You have a point. Let's do that one last and by itself." she offered.

The rest of us looked to Calidia who looked uncomfortable. "What is it?" I asked.

"I let mine go after you got back. I dumped them outside of the hotel then they ran away from your aura's." she admitted.

"It's fine Calidia, before Monica that or killing them outright were our only options. No reason for you to have held onto them and eat up your energy." I reassured her.

"So just the manic one huh." Emy said looking back to Grace.

Everyone looked at her only to see her squirm as she looked back to Megan.

"Seriously!" Megan asked.

Grace nodded.

Megan and a few of the other girls glared at me.

What had I done this time?

Ashra Ashra

Welcome back everyone! Great news I have all of this weeks chapters done already so no worries on late chapters this week!

Anyone know of a good Dungeon Core story on Webnovel, the ones I have seen haven't updated recently.

If I can't find one I might get the itch to write my own, and that won't be pretty.

As always comments, reviews, and power stones are always welcome. I do check the comments and reviews, at least on the recent chapter.

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