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61% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 60: Chapter 60 - Secrets

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Chapter 60: Chapter 60 - Secrets

Once she had passed out I moved back to the bed then laid her down. I wanted to conjure some water to clean her up but remembered that I couldn't use my elemental abilities, only to be surprised when my ability responded and created the water that then flowed over my new woman and cleaned her up. With the blood removed from her skin and clothes I found out that she had caramel skin and chocolate colored hair with a few blonde highlights. She was also anorexic skinny. With her rage diminished I could feel that she was very hungry and hoped the anorexic look was just because she was starved. While I liked skinny girls, this was too much.

I was surprised by her skin color though, I knew she was different than the twisted, but she had been mistaken for a twisted so shouldn't her skin color have matched her tier like Monica?

"So?" Megan asked as the other girls crowded around looking at the new addition to our family.

"She isn't a twisted." I told them then looked at Emy, "I can guess that she changed like the twisted, but she became something else, something related to the void."

Emy frowned worriedly. "Why would you say that?" she asked me.

I accessed my light and shadow abilities then created an image of each of my emperor abilities. "These are my emperor abilities, one for each race, awakened, beast, plant, twisted, and hers." I told them then enlarged the void. "I think this is why I couldn't subordinate her to Monica, they aren't the same race. Plus her own inherent nature fought against the bond. The permanent bond was probably the only way I could bond her, and even then if I had been a bit weaker she might have been able to break that too."

"I don't remember catching her." Grace told me as she frowned at the girl on the bed. "I was sure we had only caught twisted, red and greens mostly with a single blue."

"You probably did." Emy spoke up. "She might have originally been a twisted but when you caught her, her change hadn't finished."

"You mean she is an evolved twisted?" I asked.

Emy shook her head. "No, just a separate branch, something else inside her affected her change shifting it from twisted to something else." she told me. "Though to be very honest with you master, I have no idea. She isn't what I thought she was. I have seen insane twisted before but they were still twisted. I have never seen anything like her."

"Is it possible she is one of those insane twisted, just the bond changed her?" Grace asked.

Emy hesitated then shrugged. "I don't actually know. I have never been able to absorb one of those insane twisted. One they are very rare, and two they are a lot stronger than anything else I have ever seen. I tried once to kill and absorb one, it destroyed everything I used against it and nearly entered my haven. I haven't tried again since then."

I nodded, I could feel the terror coming form Emy through our bond as she remembered the occasion. "Alright it's fine. If they really are that rare then we shouldn't run into any of them." I tried to reassure her.

"And now he jinxed us." Karen groaned.

"Keep it up and you just get to watch tonight." I growled in response.

Karen's eyes widened as she gave me a horrified look. "You wouldn't!" she exclaimed.

"He might, but I won't let him." Megan said reassuringly as she hugged Karen from the side.

I frowned at Megan who stuck her tongue out at me. "You can't cut any of our girls off without a valid reason, and you being moody is not a valid reason." she told me.

I sighed and wondered what I had gotten myself into.

"Before we head back you should up Monica's bond to match ours." Megan added. "Then I believe we have a raid we have to participate in."

I nodded, I hadn't forgotten the raid. I looked at Monica about to ask if she was sure only to find her pressed up against me her arms wrapping around my neck. "Please, pretty please!" she pleaded.

I nodded stupidly. I had not expected such enthusiasm. I upgraded the bond then enjoyed a lingering kiss as she rewarded me for my efforts.

"Talking to her this morning we noticed that there was some extreme loyalty towards you." Karen told me.

"If you didn't take her as one of yours she probably wouldn't let anyone else touch her even if you gave her permission and encouraged it." Grace added.

"Which you would never do." Megan pointed out.

"I get it." I told them. "So now we go do the raid?" I asked.

Emy shook her head. "Technically, but problems may arise, before you go you should expand the haven you made." she told me.

I nodded. "Yeah, we need to get everyone moved into there as soon as we can." I agreed.

"No, not into this one." Emy disagreed. "If it was just your friends and family it would be fine, but you have three other untrustworthy elements around you. You need a haven you can use to retreat to incase they turn on you."

"Three?" Megan asked. "There is Derek who already betrayed Daryl once, Jessarn who is a ass, but who is the third?" she asked.

"Michael hun." Karen spoke up.

Megan frowned at Karen angrily.

"Well maybe not Michael, but Courtney, who has a lot of influence on Michael." I spoke up to forstal a fight between my girls.

Megan didn't stop frowning but I could feel that she could accept that answer.

Karen shook her head. "No, Daryl. Michael himself is a problem. Megan knows it but doesn't want to admit it will be a problem. He sees himself as a leader much like a protagonist of a story. You are stronger than he is so he can't fight against you directly, but his people skills are much better than yours, a lot better than yours. He will influence everyone to follow him even if he doesn't have the ability to support them. In fact I am sure he has already started converting the guests Calidia and Grace saved. Derek's troops should be beyond his reach, and Jessarn has a strong grip on his people so he will be limited but you can expect that every time we get new people he will be trying to draw them into his group." Karen told us.

Megan continued to glare at Karen but didn't argue with her. It seemed that while she didn't like the idea of viewing her brother as an enemy, she couldn't disagree.

"Fine, so three groups I have to worry about, but how am I supposed to make another haven?" I asked.

"I have a gem that will work as a focus for a large haven. You can use that to make another haven tonight and keep the fact that we made one last night a secret." Emy told me.

I was surprised, but knew I shouldn't be. Emy was older than she looked and had plenty of time to pick up a few things.

"Why don't we let them use this one?" Nala asked gesturing at the haven we were in.

"Because people who understand havens, like his siblings, will know he didn't make this one. The more secrets we have the better off we will be." Emy explained.

"So you want to be kept a secret?" Calidia asked.

Emy nodded. "If that is alright with master of course." she added.

I nodded. "I agree, your abilities will be helpful in bailing us out if we get into trouble and can be masked as Mary's abilities as long as you don't go all out."

"I gave Mary a few new skills using that ability you upgraded for me. She should be able to do more so I don't need to intervene." Emy told me.

I nodded. "Sounds good. Monica and the new girl will stay here for now. No reason to introduce them yet." I told them.

Monica frowned but didn't argue.

"As you say master." Emy agreed.

I looked to Megan to see if she had any thoughts but she seemed caught up in her own.

"Alright then." I said then concentrated on my haven then started to push the mixture of elemental and space energies into it to expand it. Mixing the energies was getting easier but it was still a bit rough at first.

To my surprise it didn't take a lot of energy to expand the haven using only a quarter of the energy I used to make the haven and it expanded to match a small spell formation maximum at one square mile.

"The initial creation of the haven is the hardest part. As you created a medium spell formation on the scale from the start it wore you out. Leave it at that for now, it is more than enough room for what we need. If we need more you can expand it later.

I nodded then turned to the space tunnel, it was time to go back. "Everyone ready?" I asked.

One by one they nodded though Monica seemed reluctant and stole a quick kiss before joining the new girl on the bed.

"I will watch over them and let you know when she wakes up." Emy promised.

I nodded then led the rest of my girls down the space tunnel back to the hotel.

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