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72% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 71: Chapter 71 - A Feat of Strength

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Chapter 71: Chapter 71 - A Feat of Strength

Despite knowing that something needed to be done, I had no idea what to do. I tried to manipulate the cores, and while I could move them around inside her inner space there wasn't anything else that I could do.

Kayda shivered against me as I moved one of the cores causing the other to shift in response.

"You alright?" I asked her worriedly.

Kayda shook her head. "No mate. I am not, it hurts." she told me.

"What was it like before?" I asked. While it looked bad, as long as she was supplied with enough food she would be fine.

"They fought, all the time." she told me.

I frowned at her. "What are they doing now?" I asked.

"Glaring." she replied.

I shivered as I got an idea what had been going on.

"I told you." Annitte told me.

"You had no idea." I replied.

Annitte wanted to argue but stopped and shrugged. "You aren't wrong, but what will you do now?" she asked.

I had no idea.

"It's here." Mary said as a space tunnel opened to the side of us, from it seven cow sized deer with enormous horns,thick hide, and razor sharp claws and fangs entered my haven.

They stared around my haven with fierce looks in their eyes as if they owned the place.

I growled at them along with Nala, Dena, and Trill. Immediately the seven beasts dropped their heads and avoided eye contact with us. While they looked fierce they didn't have as strong an aura as the wolf I killed at Jessarn's place.

"Mate?" Kayda asked looking at the beasts as she practically drooled, no not practically, she was drooling, on me, and it was running down my arm. "Go for it." I told her.

As soon as I gave her permission Kayda was gone like a flash of lighting. All I saw was the after image.

"Damn she is fast." Annitte complained.

I nodded. "She only has two abilities." I replied.

"That is common for the other races, if you look at your beast girls they are probably pretty similar." Annitte told me then looked around, "Only humans have such an outrageous number of abilities. While it is a blessing, it is also our curse." she added.

"Huh?" I asked looking back at her.

Annitte hesitated for a moment as she considered how to explain. As she considered it I watched as Kayda brought down the largest of the beasts. The others seemed like they wanted to fight back, but a single growl from Kayda and they all ran like the skittish deer they resembled.

"The beasts, plants, and twisted are all specialized, mostly in physical skills, but at higher levels they gain access to some special abilities like space, time, or the elements. Even when that happens they only get one, maybe two." Annitte told us.

I frowned looking at her confused.

"So like a green or red core?" I asked.

Annitte shook her head. "No, even they have too many abilities." she replied.

I frowned but waited for her to continue.

"In this world more isn't actually better. You understand that each of our abilities has levels right?" she asked.

We all nodded.

"Well you can get ten levels then it is maxed out." she told us.

"So we have a maximum strength?" I asked.

"Yes and no." Once an ability reaches ten it stops getting stronger, but there is a level beyond it." she told us.

"Then?" I asked.

"Ten is a barrier level. To date we haven't been able to pass level ten unless all our abilities reach level ten." she told us.

I stared at her in surprise.

"The twisted, beasts, and plants are ruling the Great Realm because they can reach level eleven and above." she told me.

"What about our green and reds?" I asked.

Annitte sighed, "We have a few who can reach the peak and jump to level eleven, but even for a green with only five abilities it is hard, and time consuming." she told us. "In the havens we put together special units whose sole purpose is to increase their levels to the peak, but the results were not very good." she said with a sigh. "The ones who manage it get and enormous bump in power, and making level twelve is just as easy as level two. As the leaders of the havens we have always given them special privileges to encourage others to do the same, but the numbers of people who managed it are few and far between, those who get close usually end up dead before they accomplish it." she told us.

"And the number of reds?" I asked.

Annitte gave me a sad smile. "Two in my entire life, no blues or beyond have ever breached the level barrier." she told me.

"Not even our siblings?" I asked astonished. We were immortal and they had years on years to work on it.

Annitte shook her head. "The last I knew they had stalled on their elemental, space, and time. Reaching the level ten with our peak ability is simple, but the rest of the abilities, especially the elements that we aren't as good with, is hard to manage. Corrin is the closest of us all, and if he managed it we were supposed to see a new era for the havens where we didn't have to fear the beast, plants, and twisted as much as we do now." she told us then sighed sadly.

I could feel for her a bit, but I didn't like what she was saying. There had to be another way. I couldn't sit back and watch my wives get stronger than me. If they did, then it would be likely that they were only staying because of the bond. That would be a problem for me. I couldn't let this happen, then again I still had no idea what my peak ability was.

"What about the mana waves?" I asked.

Annitte shook her head. "Each level needs more effort to unlock it, and for some reason that we still don't understand the mana waves don't have any effect on an ability that has reached level six." she told me.

"So seven to ten have to be done on our own." I commented to myself.

I distracted myself from my thoughts by looking over to where Kayda was only to find her stalking a second beast having left the first beast a pile of bare bones.

"Is she really that hungry?" Megan asked me.

I nodded then explained to them what I had seen inside her inner space.

Annitte sighed after hearing the description. "Pity, she seemed interesting." she muttered. "Even if she eats none stop for the rest of her life, her body ability won't be able to keep up with two cores fighting each other like that." she told us.

"You've seen this before?" I asked.

Annitte shook her head, "No." she told me then was about to say something else but I stopped her.

"Then be quiet." I told her. "Mary, the manic twisted Emy ran into, how strong was it?" I asked.

Mary tilted her head for a moment, I couldn't help but letting my eyes drift down to her enormous assets as I waited for a reply. It had been a while since I got laid last and with as many women as I had, that seemed like a problem for me. Yet there was too much to do, especially Kayda's issue, for me to just start fucking my way through my wives.

"It was many years ago, but I believe it was near its peak at the time, given its incredible strength." Mary replied then shivered as she probably relived the encounter.

"So keeping her properly fed will help her for now." I said my mind trying to come up with a solid plan. Then I stopped and frowned as a sudden idea popped into my head. It was crazy, and I had no idea if it would work, but it couldn't hurt, I think.

"Kayda!" I called out to my wife then gestured for her to join me as she lifted her blood soaked face out of the second beast.

I cringed a bit, she was sexy, but blood was not a turn on for me.

Kayda ran over to me a questioning look on her face.

I closed my eyes for a moment looking at my own abilities for a second then nodded. It should work. I reached out and laid my hand on the top of her head. "I have an idea how to get those cores to stop fighting, but I am not sure…" I tried to explain to her.

"DO IT NOW!" Kayda told me a determined look on her face a scary glow in her red eyes.

I nodded then focused on her inner space. Using my mind I grasped both of the cores at the same time. Then as they struggled in my grip I used my bonding ability to bind them, I had already bonded Kayda as a whole but now I was focusing the bond strictly on the cores in her inner space. They were the center of her very being, however I wasn't using a permanent bond, just a temporary bond that was very strong but would only give me a few minutes of complete and utter control over my target. It was the part of my ability that I was the most fearful of, but it was also the only thing I could think of that might work.

With the two cores under my control I locked my jaw in preparation then told the two cores that they loved each other and wanted to become one.

My bond gave me complete control of the cores, but it couldn't change what they were. Trying to force the cores to do something that was completely against what it was willing to do was difficult as they fought against my control the whole time. Yet I held out and pushed them closer and closer together. As they were about the touch I could feel a final barrier like when trying to push to like charged magnets together.

I was sweating like crazy from the strain but the time limit on my skill was running out so with a colossal effort I pushed the cores towards each other one last time. They drew closer and closer until only a sliver of space I could barely make out separated them. My strength started to fade as they two cores finally touched then it was over as the two cores joined together like two small bubbles joining together into one larger whole.

I was so exhausted that I collapsed onto the ground too tired to see what I had accomplished. I raised my head to see how Kayda was doing only to have darkness wash over me as I fainted.

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