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76% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 75: Chapter 75 - Seriously I’m Fine

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Chapter 75: Chapter 75 - Seriously I’m Fine

When I woke up again. It was dark in the room I was laying in. I didn't hurt like I had the first time. In fact I felt even better than I did before.

Like last time I wasn't alone. I felt a warm body pressed against my side. I rolled to my side and found myself looking into Kayda's ruby eyes. They weren't the same as they were before. Before her entire eye was bright red except the iris. Now only her irises were red, the sclera had returned to the normal white I was used to seeing. Her skin remained the same caramel color, and while longer her hair was still the same chocolate color it was before. Thankfully she no longer looked anorexic, her figure had filled out to resembled Nala's athletic yet curvy build.

Seeing me looking at her Kayda smiled happily then leaned into me her lips meeting mine. I could feel her joy and happiness through our bond. I kissed her back happily but didn't let it get to heavy. I was worried for my girls. I could feel Kayda's joy but the rest of them were depressed and scared. They were all close, but only Kayda and I were in the room together.

"Come on." I told Kayda as I sat up.

Kayda frowned at me and I could feel her displeasure as well as I could see it on her expression. "Why? I can think of better things we can do." she told me giving me a seductive look.

"The others are worried." I replied. "My waking up then passing out again probably didn't do them any good."

"That was your fault." Kayda told me simply.

"Is it?" I asked her as I climbed off the bed we were sharing. I paused for a moment when I realized that I was in a different room than I had been. This room was a lot bigger than the last one, and the bed we had been laying on, we had been on the edge of it, and it was enormous. If I were to take a guess it would easily fit me and all my girls. I had no idea where they found such a large bed. The biggest I had ever heard of was a California King, and this thing was like four of those pushed together. It was covered with one large sheet, but on top of it were piles of blankets and a small mountain of pillows. Had the girls made this so we could all sleep together?

I shook my head, I could ask about it later.

"Of course it is. In fact I should be pissed at you." she told me.

"Huh?" I asked looking back at her. Thankfully she wasn't naked, someone had dressed her in some comfortable looking pink pajamas. She looked cute in them, but they weren't overly sexy.

"I would have been done with my transformation on the first day instead of that week long drawn out torture I went through." she replied.

I stared at her stupidly for a moment thankfully she decided to elaborate. "Our transformation took a few hours. The last few hours to be specific. That week we were passed out was your body adjusting for the transformation so you didn't die. No idea why it took so long, but it did. As we were linked I got dragged along for the ride. Passed out yet conscious of what was going on. It was fucking awful. You have a lot to make up for." she told me.

I groaned. I had my doubts about what she said it didn't explain why I woke up for that little while. Then again I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get a better answer than what Kayda gave me.

"Even so I need to let the others know we are fine. Seeing me up and about will be better than a simple mental message." I told her heading for the door. Thankfully I was also dressed in some comfortable black pajamas so I didn't have to bother looking for clothes to wear.

There were three doors to the room, I took the door that was closest to where my girls were. It opened into a short hallway with two other doors and led to stairs heading down. The stairs led to another floor with a hallway full of doors that I guessed led to other rooms. I passed that floor heading another floor down. As I neared that floor Kayda caught up to me. She didn't seem happy but she didn't let it show. Oddly enough the only issues I could feel from her was a lot of pent up sexual frustration. How in the hell did she have that after being passed out and tortured by the transformation for a week?

I found my other wives in a large room on the lowest floor. They were all really quiet and seemed incredibly nervous.

"Hey." I called out to them giving them a cocky grin.

They all looked at me for several long moments as if they couldn't comprehend what they were seeing. Then as a group I was overrun but them as they all came for me teary eyed and relieved. Even Kayda was overwhelmed by them as she was grabbed and hugged as well.

The hugs and kisses that followed lasted for several rounds before the girls were all willing to calm down and sit back in the living room I had found them in.

"How long do we have this time?" Megan asked me seriously.

I looked to Kayda as she seemed to have some answers a moment ago.

"We are all done this time." Kayda replied for me.

"Really?" Megan asked relieved.

Kayda nodded then repeated what she had told me. "Even I have no idea why he woke up in between his body adjustment and the transformation, but he did, then he gave you all a heart attack, and now we are all fine, and horny. Can we go back up to the big bed and get the sex fest going? I can't remember feeling this horny since that one time I got drugged by my boyfriend in an attempt to get me to loosen up." she grumbled.

"No sex on that bed." Megan declared immediately and firmly.

"Huh? Then what is the point of such a huge bed?" Kayda asked.

"The other rooms on the top floor are the sex rooms, after sex we all get to sleep together. It was what we all came up with while you were passed out. If it doesn't work we can change the plan later." Karen spoke up.

"Isn't that just some creepy plan for you to be able to cuddle with a bunch of pretty girls?" Kayda asked bluntly.

Karen shook her head. "No, it's a benefit, but with as many of us as there are taking turns would leave too many of us without attention for too long." Karen replied.

Kayda gave her a big toothy grin, "At least you are honest about it." she said getting a chuckle from several of the other girls.

"As for the question of the sex fest? No problem." Megan said then gave me an evil smile. "Emy said she had improved the formula of the juice to keep you going and awake longer. After that scare you have a lot of comforting to do." she told me.

"A suggestion." Heather spoke up.

"Yes?" Megan asked.

"We start the no sex on the big bed tomorrow." Heather suggested. "While we all can't enjoy him at the same time, I doubt many of us are willing to part with him right now."

"She's right, I don't think any of us are really convinced that he is fine after that last scare." Jamie spoke up.

"We can clean the bed up once." Mary added.

Megan seemed to consider it then looked to Trill.

"I don't care where we do it as long as I get a couple turns." Trill told Megan.

I swallowed hard hearing that and wondered if I needed to run. Taking care of that many women could be dangerous to my health.

"Sounds good to me. It could be a test to see what his new body can do." Kayda spoke up.

"I fine girls really." I told them as I noticed that all of their gazes had become rather predatory. I didn't fear for my life, but I doubted my hips would ever be the same again.

"Tell Derek you are awake, fine, the door is locked, and you will be out in a couple days." Megan said as she stood and walked over to me her eyes hungry her stride determined.

I swallowed nervously as I swept my gaze over my wives. I did as Megan said. Derek sent a simple grunt back as reply then led the way to the top floor. I desperately hoped Emy's juice worked, it would be a huge blow to their confidence in me if I couldn't handle all of them. It would also justify the complaints that I had too many wives, and I certainly couldn't have that. How would I accept more?




Did I really just think that? What the hell was wrong with me?

Once we were in the large room my clothes were quickly removed for me. I can only describe following events as a pleasurable aggressive assault that I enjoyed every minute of. As the first wife Megan took the opportunity to get the first turn.

To my surprise the first round with most of my wives went rather quickly. Not because I was that amazing at pleasuring them. It was because what they wanted was just a physical connection with me to reassure themselves that I really was alright. Despite the hungry gazes they gave me, everything was undercut by anxiety. Despite being with most of these girls for such a short time, I had become a very important part of their lives. This realization was far more humbling as I was forced to admit it to myself. Whether it was because of the situation we had found ourselves in, the bond we all now shared, or my devilishly good looks, or a combination of the three. These women depended on me to be their protector. This week without me had made them realize it, and their need of me now that I was awake helped me to see that it was real.

I wanted them for their beauty, I desired to keep them for myself, but I also wanted them to be happy, free of worries. Seeing their anxiety, fear, and worry as we came together was painful for me. To keep them for myself I needed to be able to protect them, and even more importantly I wanted to protect them. The only thing I wanted to see my girls do was smile, and laugh. At least outside of the bedroom.

My first time with Tracy, Monica, and Kayda weren't so quick. It was our first time together. I tried to take it slow with each of them enjoying the occasion, but they seemed to be too caught up in the mood of the room for such a coupling. The following rounds were more time consuming as each of my wives were more interested in their pleasure now that they were satisfied that I was fine. It was going to be a long night.

Ashra Ashra

Yes. Our MC is starting to grow up a bit. Give him some time he will get there.

Thanks to all of you who continue to read my story even after my break.

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