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9% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 8: Chapter 8 - Passion

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Chapter 8: Chapter 8 - Passion

After letting the hot water wash over my head for a while and ensuring all the shampoo was gone, I left the shower to stare into the mirror. With only a towel wrapped around my waist I took in the changes the body ability had made.

I still had the same black hair, and dark blue eyes, but everything else had changed. I had no idea how much weight I carried on my face before now. The man in the mirror looked like a completely different person. It was hard to accept at first but I did, I wanted to.

The rest of me had also slimmed down, I didn't have the bulky muscles that Michael had but I still looked fit. If I didn't know better I would think I had been regularly visiting the gym to keep in shape. The six pack abs was a pleasant surprise. I had seen how well the ability had helped Rebecca, but I wasn't completely sure that wasn't from her mutation rather than her ability.

I still wasn't as handsome as Michael, but I was a hell of a lot closer.

My biggest fear now was that I would have to experience that pain again when I raised the body ability to level two. I hoped not, but even if it did, I would do it. I had taken a glance into the body ability while relaxing under the stream of hot water. The most noticeable benefit to the ability was the weight loss obviously, but there was more to it than just that.

The body ability also took care of my overall health, it purged any problems or diseases I might not have known of. I hadn't confirmed it yet, but the information that I received gave me the feeling that even a late stage cancer patient who awakened the body ability would become perfectly healthy. Mana really was an amazing thing.

Lastly my healing rate would increase drastically, and all this was only at the first level. The image of what I could become if I raised the body ability to a high enough level didn't seem as magical as the elemental or space ability, yet it still gave off the image of a unstoppable and nearly invulnerable war god!

Obviously I was satisfied with the results.

I dropped the towel the pulled some sweatpants with a drawstring out of my space then pulled them on and tied them tight. It looked stupid, but I didn't want to put on any of Michael's clothes until I confirmed that Megan didn't buy me any clothes. A severely over sized shirt completed my ensemble. Looking at myself in the mirror I had to resist the urge to laugh, both the pants and shirt were gray so I looked like a anorexic elephant.

I shook my head then opened the door to the bathroom. Outside I found Megan just about to knock. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she looked at me. Her gaze traveled over my face for a moment as if confirming that I was who she thought I was. Once satisfied that I was, her gaze dropped down to the rest of me. A frown creased her pretty face as she noticed my horrible attire.

Immediately she stepped forward into the bathroom then grabbed the shirt I was wearing and pushed it up to reveal my now muscular chest and abs.

"I have the abs now." I teased her.

Megan ignored me as she pulled the shirt over my head then tossed it to the side. I complied, I didn't really want to wear it anyways.

Megan's hands rubbed there way over my chest and abs as if confirming that what she saw was what was really there.

I let her play for a moment. I couldn't say I wasn't enjoying the attention. Before she was my step sister she was an attractive woman. Besides, even after our parents married, we had led completely different lives and rarely interacted with each other despite living in the same house. It might seem bad, but I had never really seen her as a sister. Perhaps it was because I had never had one before so I had no idea how to treat her as one, or perhaps it was because I always thought she was attractive and didn't want to label her as family. In the three years since the marriage she had only grown more attractive and my desire to think of her as a relative disappeared altogether.

The marital issues between our parents didn't help. My father was a dog and couldn't stay home to save his life. The fact that our parents were still married said loads about how tolerant her mother could be.

Eventually Megan raised her pretty face to look into my eyes. I saw something there, something I wasn't expecting to see from her. Need. It was a look I was familiar with, I had seen it often enough from the girls who circled Michael. I had never expected to see it directed at me, and certainly not from Megan. Maybe it was the situation, changes were coming and she felt scared and needed reassurance, or maybe it was something else. I had no way to know.

"Stop thinking so much." Megan told me her hands on my waist as she looked into my eyes.

I stepped in closer to her, our bodies practically touching as I watched her for her reaction. She stepped in to me her hands wrapping around me. That was all I needed to know.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a kiss. It wasn't my first time kissing, but it didn't mean I was good at it. Passion made up for my awkwardness as Megan returned my kiss just as passionately.

We kissed and stroked each other passionately for several moments, my hands roaming over her back and ass hungrily. I wanted to feel her breasts in my hands but was loath to put more space between us.

Finally coming up for air I knew I wanted more. My fire had been stoked and I was ready to go.

Megan could see it in my gaze and feel it from my body. She seemed to shiver in my arms but she didn't pull away.

"I want a bed." she told me seriously.

I could do that.

I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She squealed as she clung onto me while I moved quickly down the hall and into my bedroom. I thanked the heavens that I had left the bed in the room, it made this so much easier. As much as I wanted to toss her on the bed, rip off her clothes and pounce on her I restrained myself. I set her on the floor gently by the bed the slowly stripped her of her clothes. Her shirt was first to go revealing the black lacy bra that matched the panties I had noticed earlier.

Megan blushed prettily as I reached behind her to pull off her bra. I stared at her bare breasts for a moment amazed at the sight. She was big, bigger than I had imagined. Yet she didn't sag at all even without her bra. Cute dark pink nipples crowned those peaks begging to be teased and sucked.

When I reached for her skirt I hesitated. I wanted this but did she really, any farther and I wouldn't be able to stop myself even if she wanted me too.

Her little hand grabbed me through my sweatpants stroking it slowly. Who was I kidding? Between the two of us she had always been the more assertive one. I stopped thinking. Her skirt and panties were pushed down to the floor.

Once she was undressed Megan fled onto the bed laying just out of reach as she gave me a naughty grin.

I dropped my own pants then climbed onto the bed after her. I wanted to touch and caress her, explore every inch of her body, but I didn't have the patience to wait that long. Megan spread her legs for me then helped guide me to her opening a look of anticipation on her face. As my tip reached her entrance I saw a look of worry on here face for a moment, but I was beyond the point of reason anymore. I pushed my way in slowly, she was wet and ready for me, but dear lord she was tight. I pushed in a bit at a time until I reached the bottom. I stared down in surprised, I had barely gotten my glans inside her, how could she be this shallow?

Megan kicked at my ass to encourage me to continued.

I looked at her face only to see her blushing a dark red. "Hurry." she mumbled embarrassed.

I wanted to stop, I had never anticipated this, but I couldn't, I wanted it even more now than I had earlier. I grabbed her waist with both of my hands then in one strong thrust I tore through her virginity and continued until I was fully sheathed within her.

She cried out in pain as I tore through her.

I stopped moving as soon as I was all the way inside. Not because I wanted to give her a chance to adjust, but because any more stimulation and I was going to blow my load. She wrapped around me tightly contracting occasionally as her body adjusted to the change.

I looked down at her. She seemed to be relieved as she lay below me with a sweet smile on her face.

"Don't tell anyone about this." she told me nervously.

Huh? She thought we would be able to hide this?

She had to have read my mind because she giggled before wincing. "About me being a virgin." she clarified.

That didn't make sense to me, why should we hide it?

Megan placed her finger over my lips to stop the torrent of questions from gushing out of my mouth. "Later. Everyone else will be back soon." she told me.

That gave me pause for a moment, in my lust I had forgotten about the others yet now that I did, it did seem awfully quiet, and there was no way Michael wouldn't have objected to me fucking his little sister. If that was the case I had better hurry. There was no way I wasn't going to finish after getting this far.

With slow movements at first I started to move inside her. Slow movements became fast as I pumped into her. I could hear her moaning beneath me but I couldn't think about her now. I knew I was stronger than I had been before and it was taking all of my control to keep myself from go at her with everything I had.

I built up to crescendo and was about to burst.

"No…...not in…..oh god!" Megan panted below me then I had unleashed everything inside her.

We relaxed in the afterglow my body laying beside hers. As I pulled her into my arms I could feel that something had changed inside her. Not just the loss of her virginity, but the mana was swirling around inside her.

I concentrated on it and was surprised to feel a familiar mana inside her. It was my own mana that was swirling around with the pure mana that had been there before. My mana seemed to be stimulating the pure mana. As I watched the mana formed a red mana core, a body ability, and a wind ability. Somehow our coupling had awakened her.

Megan almost seemed to purr in my arms a happy smile on her face while my mind was full of questions I had no answer for.

Megan giggled again then kissed me gently. "It was your eyes." she told me. "I fell for them as soon as we met. Just had to wait for the rest of you to catch up and get over Karen."

"So you saved it for me?" I asked incredulously.

Megan snorted, "You wish! That is the product of an incredibly overprotective big brother, and that is putting it nicely. One which you are going to have to deal with later." she informed me.

I chuckled, it wasn't hard to believe, and I wasn't worried about Michael, not anymore. Megan wasn't a woman he could fight me for. They were close, but not that kind of close. So I rolled her over so she was under me again.

"Again?" she asked surprised and even a little scared.

"You awakened, now I need to see what changes there are." I replied with a smile. "And I should get some benefits for dealing with Michael right?"

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