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84% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 83: Chapter 83 - Reunion

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Chapter 83: Chapter 83 - Reunion

I walked slowly through haven heading towards a particular dorm. It was nearing evening so most people were out cooking and eating at the various pits. While there were a lot of homes with plumbing for everyone, we didn't have much electricity or the stoves so it was campfire cooking for all of us. As such there were several communal cooking areas where people gathered. I was aiming for the one Monica's old community frequented.

After finishing her transformation and getting a good look at herself, while I was drooling, she started to cry.

As a twisted Monica was beautiful, silver skin with pitch black hair just looked good on her. However as a human she rivaled Grace. Her hair somehow seemed to have gotten even darker drawing all the light like a black hole. Her skin was pale nearly transparent like you would expect from a vampire, yet her lips while not having changed in shape were now red and begged to be kissed. Her eyes a deep dark sapphire. She seemed the overly sexed up personification of Snow White and I loved it.

My other wives were equally as impressed. Now Monica was following behind me nervously as we headed to see her daughter.

When we reached the cooking site I scanned the crowd to find Edwin her ex. I found him but wasn't happy to see Marshal, Rebecca's ex, with him talking animatedly. Rosa was standing nearby looking bored until she noticed me approaching.

Next to Edwin I saw Cassy clinging onto her father's leg a teary expression on her face. This didn't look good. Since I woke up I had heard that Marshal and Rebecca's dispute had escalated as she refused to allow Emily to stay with him. As he hadn't tried to force the issue or harm my wife I had allowed them to try and work things out themselves, though that was mostly at Rebecca's insistence. If Marshal had moved on to trying to undermine me with other family members I wasn't going to let things stand.

Rosa took a single look at me then tugged on Marshal to get his attention while I approached. I had initially felt a bit bad for taking Rebecca as I had thought there was a chance the two could have reconciled and kept their family going, but Rebecca had cleared me of the misconception.

"Daryl." Marshal greeted politely as did everyone else. I nodded to him in return. "Marshal, Rosa, Edwin." I greeted in return.

My eyes scanned each of them and I couldn't help but notice a couple barely visible bruises on her arms and a bandage on her stomach just barely visible as her shirt was a bit small on her.

"Bad hunt?" I asked curiously as I knew the pair were a part of a hunting party.

Rosa nodded but didn't reply. The woman never seemed to be willing to speak in my presence.

"Not all of us can be as great as you." Marshal commented.

I ignored him then looked down at Cassy. "Hello Cassy, I have a surprise for you." I told her giving her a smile.

"Told you." Marshal commented.

"Where is Monica." Edwin asked seeming a bit uncomfortable.

I frowned then looked behind me. Monica wasn't anywhere in sight. I checked our bond and felt that she was behind Edwin and Cassy.

I peered past them to see Monica standing a few feet behind them nervously watching her daughter. "There." I said nodding in her direction.

Edwin turned to look then froze when he saw her. "Monica?" he asked breathlessly.

Monica gave him a halfhearted grin her focus on her daughter.

I saw Cassy turn to look at he mother and freeze. I couldn't see her expression but I could guess she was shocked, then a moment later she took off running towards Monica. "Mommmmmyyyy!!!!" the little girl screamed happily.

I smiled at the sight that had caught everyone's attention. I wanted to join them but I resisted, this was a moment for mother and daughter to restore their lost bond.

"Are you taking her?" Edwin asked worriedly.

I shrugged. "I don't get involved in that. You and Monica can discuss that between yourselves. Obviously no matter what is decided we will make sure she gets everything she needs." I replied.

Edwin sighed seeming a bit relieved.

"Fucking liar." Marshal grumbled.

I looked at the big man dispassionately. "Be sure Marshal I have not gotten involved in your dispute over Emily. If I had there wouldn't be a dispute. Rebecca has insisted I not get involved despite how irritated and pissed off she is everytime she returns from your visits with Emily." I replied.

"She doesn't seem so angry during our visits." Marshal told me with a cocky grin.

I snorted. "Don't try to fuck with me Marshal, our bond allows me to feel Rebecca's emotions at all times, just as she knows how I am feeling. Trying something so petty as to create a misunderstanding is a new low." I told him icily.

Marshal stiffen under my gaze which lasted until Edwin interrupted us.

"How?" Edwin asked watching Monica and Cassy, oblivious of my interaction with Marshal.

I saw Marshal slink off once my attention was off of him. I had no idea what was going on with him, he hadn't been such a petty person before. Rosa didn't look very happy either as she followed behind him. She glanced back at me once as she left and mouthed a single word which surprised me. 'Sorry.'

I nodded back to her before turning my attention back to Edwin. "She isn't human." I told him directly.

"She isn't?" Edwin asked surprised finally dragging his gaze away from the mother and daughter pair.

I shook my head. "Have you heard that I have changed?" I asked.

Edwin nodded.

"She had become the same thing I am. A titan." I told him.

Edwin nodded. "Like a vampire?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No, I don't know how or why it works, but I was able to. No blood exchanges or anything like that." I replied.

Edwin nodded and was silent for a while. "She can't come back to me, can she?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No, the bond I created with her to give her, her mind back is permanent. Changing her species has no effect on it. She is and will remain my wife." I replied.

Edwin nodded then sighed. "I understand." he told me though he looked sad. It was obvious that the man still loved Monica. Their split had been a mutual decision as they drifted apart due to their jobs.

After a while Monica with Cassy in her arms clinging onto her as if she was afraid her mother would disappear the moment she let go, walked over to us.

"Edwin, do you mind if Cassy stays with me for a few nights?" Monica asked.

"You aren't taking her?" Edwin asked.

Monica smiled. "I want to, I know my sisters would help me raise her, but no, there is a lot I can do to help now that I don't look like a monster. Unless you want me to take her." Monica said giving Edwin a odd look.

Edwin hesitated for a moment glancing at me.

I groaned internally and took the sign to walk away, I disliked leaving them alone, Monica and Edwin weren't like Rebecca and Marshal. Edwin still cared and Monica didn't hate him. I knew Monica's feelings though, she cared for Edwin too, but the love they had once shared was gone. As a titan I knew she had nothing to fear from Edwin so trusting my wife I reluctantly gave them some privacy.

I didn't go far, just far enough I wasn't eavesdropping. Unfortunately that left me alone and an open target for several of the young women nearby.

There was nothing exceptional about any of them but I smiled and was courteous. Thankfully the girls were too intimidated to be overly direct or insistent with me.

A flash of irritation proceeded Megan's arrival. I looked over and gave her a smile as she walked over without showing any of her irritation on her face.

Monica and Edwin were still talking and while it appeared amicable from afar I could feel that she was getting irritated.

"How's it going." Megan asked.

"Fine." I replied a bit surprised Karen wasn't following behind her. "Monica and Edwin are having a private discussion, probably about Cassy." I replied.

"That's good." Megan replied.

"I hope so. The man seemed to quickly remember how much he cared for her the moment she didn't look like a monster anymore, so we should keep an eye out for trouble." I added.

"You sure?" she asked.

"Marshal was here talking to Edwin when I arrived. I had a little confrontation with him before I sent him running after he attempted to imply he and Rebecca were up to something during Emily's visits."

"Asshole." Megan snorted then moved onto the topic she was worrying about. "So not scoping out a new wife?" she asked seriously though she gave me a joking smile.

I shook my head. "What would I need with a ball of insecurities?" I asked. "Not one of these girls can match up to any of my wives." I retorted.

Megan nodded and relaxed, "Yeah that would get tiring." she agreed with me.

"Anger came across my bond with Monica telling me it was time to interfere.

I started to walk over with Megan at my side only to see Monica turn away from Edwin and storm off towards me Cassy still in her arms.

Edwin watched her go a look of regret on his face. He caught my eye then flinched and looked away.

"Problems?" I asked when Monica reached us.

Monica shook her head. "No, not really. He couldn't pass up the chance to try getting us back together, but he isn't like Marshal. He won't try again." she replied.

"I hope so." I replied.

Monica smiled. "He won't, we were already divorced, so he doesn't feel like you stole me away or hurt his pride." she replied.

"Hurt his pride?" I asked.

Monica nodded. "Sure, it was going to end up the same way, but instead of you picking up his trash you took his wife away." she told me.

I blinked in surprise, was that really the issue? Fucking moron.

"Did you come to a conclusion about Cassy?" Megan asked.

Monica nodded, "She will stay with me. His skills aren't as useful here where we have healers." she told us, "At least that is what he says."

I frowned, we did have healers, but there were only a few of them, not enough to deal with everyone but the most heavily injured hunters. Doctors were still needed for everything else. What was really going on?

'Don't worry, having a kid was probably just making it hard to get laid.' Monica reassured me mentally.

Ashra Ashra

Here is the fifth chapter for this week. Hope you are all enjoying it.

As always comments, reviews, and powerstones are welcome.

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