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90% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 89: Chapter 89 - Monster Potential

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Chapter 89: Chapter 89 - Monster Potential

"So he is still alive?" I asked curiously.

"No, once he lost control of the elementals his doom was set. They tore him apart in their desire to gain more power to grow stronger." she replied.

I wasn't sure how to feel about that. He was my brother, but he had been born and died before my parents even stepped foot on Earth. However if my brother caused that much trouble I could see why Annitte would be scared of me. Probably worried I would follow his footsteps. After I was done talking to the observer I would go talk to her. I am sure she would like to hear about Zelia anyways.

"We got off topic a bit." the observer told us.

"How so?" I asked.

"This talk wasn't to tell you about your family history." she reminded me.

"What did you want to talk about? The reforging with elements?" Kayda asked.

The observer hesitated for a moment. "Yes, no, and a request." she replied.

I waited for her to continue.

"Reforging the human body with elements will strengthen them tremendously but it will also lock that person away from the other elements. Your mother's gift is an acception to that rule. You can also reforge the body with multiple elements, but the more elements the greater the danger, and the person has to have a strong affinity to make it work. It also reduces the number of abilities a person has to master to step through the barrier. So pros and cons, consider it carefully." she told us.

"That was the yes." Kayda spoke up.

"Reforging humanity with the elements isn't the only thing you can use them for." she told us. Elementalists are those who take elementals into themselves like you and your brother." she said then stopped and looked away from us hesitating for a moment. "Fusions between humans, specifically awakened and elementals creates a new race. We have a great deal of documentation of these different races, using the same technique you use to create titans will prepare a core to fuse with the elemental ability changing the core and therefore the individual. It is dangerous so be careful who you try it on." she told me the with a lightning fast movement she tapped my head imparting the knowledge she described and a test for elemental affinities.

Now I was worried, this was the most information she had given us, the request she had for us must be a real doozy to warrant all this buttering up.

Again the observer went silent, I wasn't sure if she was hesitating or giving me a chance to absorb what she had already said.

"We were aware you had some affinity with your mother's bloodline, your ease in using the elements confirmed it a while ago." she told us. "However we were unaware of the extent until it finally manifested."

"And?" Kayda prompted.

"You know nothing of elementals, correct?" she asked.

I nodded.

She sighed. "Elementas are initially very weak, yet there incredible control of their element allows them to gain strength at an exponential pace. To use the levels you humans are so fond of, the newborns you have would all be considered level one. Your fire elemental a level two, at level five, they will have the strength to rival a human with ten stars in the applicable element. According to my peers your brother was able to raise his elementals to level seven, that was when they rebelled. His own power wasn't enough to keep them in line." she told us.

"And my mother's?" I asked.

The observer chuckled. "The last time she was observed using them we measured their power at level seven, but that was a long time ago. They might be stronger now, and she was raised to understand how to balance her own power with that of her elementals."

"What about time and space?" I asked.

The observer smile at me. "A good question. As far as we are aware your mother's ability doesn't apply to the greater elements." she replied. "Perhaps you will surprise us there as well."

"Alright I'll try my best." I replied.

"Like all the other races the elementals have different stages, after reaching level ten they can advance straight into the next stage."

"That is so unfair!" Kayda retorted.

The observer chuckled then continued. "There are downsides though. They are incredibly powerful, but unless they are hosted by someone, possess someone, or are born in an elemental world, they can not survive. Worse they are close to mindless until they advance which is why they tore apart your brother when they did, not only did he die, but they killed themselves when they couldn't possess a suitable host after his death."


"Once they advance they have their own intelligence, they are still dependant on a host of some sort to survive but they are more capable of keeping their hosts alive with their increased intelligence. After their second advancement they are able to sustain themselves without a host."

It all clicked, "Nathan was dying, the elemental grabbed Grace to transfer to a new host before he died." I stated.

The observer nodded.

At least that puzzle was solved.

"What is it you need from us?" Kayda asked taking advantage of my interruption.

Again more hesitation.

"It isn't your request is it?" I asked.

"No it isn't. I don't think you are ready. Not even close." she replied. "You have just barely left your world, and haven't even met any of the other races. Involving you in the politics of the demigod is just asking you to suicide." she replied a bit irritably then sighed. She reached out again much slower and touched her finger to my head. "Humanities handicap is that they have to master all their abilities to advance, the biggest issue are the elements. For an elementist like you that will not be such an issue. Grow stronger and advance." she told me then even more information flowed into my head. "Here are six locations that will help you in your growth, both yours and your elementals." she told me.

I frowned, "what about space, time, and my unknown ability?" I asked. If I needed to advance they also had to reach ten stars.

She smiled. "Your unknown ability is a passive ability. It is already working for you even now. I will tell you about it when you are able to handle the knowledge." she told me.

"Why?" Kayda asked. "You are being very helpful to him."

The observer shook her head. "It may seem that way to you, but it is not. I would consider myself as holding him back. His passive ability is one of the strongest I have ever seen. Despite not knowing about it, it is still helping him, though at a very reduced rate, like one tenth of its capability. If I wanted to help him I could reveal his ability to him and he would grow powerful very quickly. What is the saying, absolute power corrupts absolutely? Is that right? Nevermind. He has already proven to be easily swayed by physical desires, releasing his full potential would only create a monster." she told us.

I frowned I wasn't nearly that bad.

Kayda nodded causing me to glare at her. She seemed unphased by my glare kissing me on the nose. "That makes more sense." Kayda said.

The observer nodded. "You and your sisters need to keep a eye on him, keep him from straying into dangerous territory. As an observer I will not interfere even if he becomes the monster I fear he can become. I only say this because I fear the information I was forced to give him might tip the scales." she said then sighed. "And he was doing so well trying to become a better person." she added as if she believed my change into a monster was a foregone conclusion.

Kayda frowned but looked worried rather than insulted.

Did these women have no faith in me?

"Will changing humans into titans take the same amount of time as I did?" I asked the question that had been bugging me, changing the subject.

"No, changing an awakened into a titan will take about the same amount of time as twisted, unless they have special bloodlines like you." the observer replied.

I nodded, finally an answer to that question.

"What will happen after he advances?" Kayda asked.

"It depends on him. If he has lost the battle, nothing, we will never contact him again. If he is able to resist the temptations, we will help him to advance again by giving him more knowledge and locations he can visit." she replied. "Do not ask more on that, as knowing any more will be of no help and cause unnecessary worries."

Kayda looked at me worriedly. It seemed she was assuming I would fall to temptation too, but what temptation? Women, I had enough of those, more than enough. Power? I wasn't that big on it. With power came responsibility. I was already responsible for the haven and I wasn't a fan of it already. I'm not a leader, I wasn't proud to admit that but it was truth. When it came down to it the only things I really wanted was enough food and protection for my family, if I could get in some creature comforts that would be nice too.

Their lack of trust in me was annoying.

"Alright, that is all I am willing to share with you. Visit those sights if you are willing to. If not then just forget about it." the observer told us then we were back in the living room.

Ashra Ashra

Alright start of another week. I am not where I wanted to be, but still better off than last week. Let's see how the rest of the day goes.

Thanks for reading!

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