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96% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 95: Chapter 95 - A Talk

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Chapter 95: Chapter 95 - A Talk

"Daryl?" Megan called drawing my attention away from the research into my time ability.

I shook myself as I came out of my thoughts then looked around until I spotted Megan and Mary on the roof a few feet away. Megan had a worried look on her face as she looked at me while Mary was expressionless as usual.

"You alright hun?" Megan asked moving closer to me.

I reached out and grabbed her arm then pulled her gently onto my lap then wrapped my arms around her. Megan didn't resist instead she seemed happy about it as she shifted on my lap to get comfortable. "Yeah." I replied squeezing her a bit. I kept my hands in the appropriate places. Not because I was afraid to touch her, but I was positive that if I started anything I would be dragging her into a bedroom, if we even made it off the roof.

"You seemed deep in thought." she told me.

I nodded. "Yeah, I was trying to learn more about my time ability. I haven't used it much and wanted to understand how it worked." I replied.

"Any progress?" she asked snuggling into my chest."

Another nod. "Yeah." I replied then told her what I had been able to glean from the information that came with my ability. In repeating it back to Megan I realized that I understood it a lot more than I had initially thought. I was hardly a time master but I would almost say I understood time better than the other elements. I also realized my previous assumptions about the time blade were wrong. It was a blade and depended on the sharpness. Making the amount of mana used be determined by the edge of the blade, as I was only affecting a small portion of the whole. If the blade edge was thin enough it would only affect a very small amount but still be deadly. As for its effect on an immortal like myself, I would need to understand how the immortality worked, did I not age at all, or did I naturally heal any effects of time. If so how quickly did it heal it. If it healed quickly, than the thin cuts of a fine blade would just be annoying and energy consuming but hardly lethal.

"Doesn't sound like the time blade would have much of an effect on me." Megan told me.

"Huh?" I asked her confused.

Megan giggled. "I am a gold core now hun, I picked up unique abilities and even a gold ability since the last time you checked my inner space." she told me.

"Wasn't that just last night?" I asked her teasingly.

"Jerk!" Megan said hitting me on the arm. I could see her ears turning a dark red. It reminded me that despite the fact that we had been with each other frequently lately, she had only started having sex a little while ago. Then I was unconscious for two weeks. I doubt that she remained celibate during that time with Karen and the other girls by her side, but overall she was still pretty new to sex. Then again I wasn't much better, just older.

"So what are they?" I asked with a smile.

Megan didn't reply for a while so I wondered if I had annoyed her enough that she was going to ignore me. I shifted my gaze to Mary who was just watching us curiously.

"I have a weak version of future sight called foresight. It allows me to sense danger ahead of time, and sense my opponents moves before they even start to move. I am sure there are some other uses for it but I haven't discovered them yet." she told me.

"Pretty OP as it is." I replied amazed.

Megan giggled. "The other ability is self healing body. It allows me to heal and regenerate any injury." she told me. "Including time."

I stiffened for a moment then relaxed. "Including time?" I asked to be sure.

Megan nodded. "Yeah, as far as I could tell from the ability I will age until I reach my peak age, then I will stop aging completely." she told me.

"How?" I asked a bit confused.

"Aging works in two ways, maturing and degenerate. I will no longer degenerate, but I will continue to mature as it isn't considered a negative effect on me." she replied.

I frowned but didn't know what to say, I had no idea how the ability determined which part of aging was which, was there a template in her body that told the magic how she should look and allowed her body to change until she meet the template then stopped any other changes after that? Was that how mine worked? I didn't have a special ability like she did, but I bet if I dug into my body ability deep enough I would be able to….. That was it! I had an idea how to make all my wives immortal. No idea if it would work and I had some research and experimentation I needed to do, but at least I had an idea now.

"My golden ability, or peak ability as Annitte calls it, is called Sage. It allows me to stay calm and rational so I don't overreact, it also allows me to be able to understand and adapt my abilities much faster than others." she continued.

I squeezed her tightly into my chest and nuzzled her neck. "That seems even more OP than your other abilities if you think about it." I commented.

Megan nodded leaning into me. "Yeah, it's really helped me a lot." she agreed. "Just the calming effect that lets me think rationally has probably been a big part of what has kept me sane over the last couple of weeks." she told me.

I nodded, "Yeah a lot has happened." I agreed.

Megan snorted. "I am talking about everything you caused hun." she told me.

"Huh?" I asked surprised.

Megan sighed. "You really have no idea do you?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"Seems Karen wins that bet." Mary suddenly spoke up.

"Bet?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it." Megan told me with a sigh.

I sat up a bit straighter, Megan shifted on my lap to get more comfortable.

I nuzzled her neck again getting a moan out of her then let my chin sit on her shoulder. I had a feeling she was up here for a reason, but this moment of quiet was nice. We hadn't had a chance to just snuggle for a long time. Truth be told I don't think I had spent any one on one time with most of my wives since all of this started.

"Do you love me?" Megan suddenly asked me.

"I do." I replied nodding.

"No matter what?" she asked.

"What are you planning?" I asked her curiously. I admit I had a spike of suspicion as I worried she was going to cheat on me, or betray me, but that was my old low self esteem rearing its ugly head. Things weren't perfect between us, but I didn't think she was that kind of girl, and with our bond the fallout of that would be horrible.

"What was that?" she asked curiously having sensed my emotions through the bond.

I hesitated for a moment before answering her honestly. "My old insecurities acting up." I replied.

Megan stiffened in my lap for a moment then relaxed. "It did sound a bit suspicious didn't it?" she asked.

I nodded into her shoulder. "It did." I replied, "And with Marshal's comment the other night, I had to admit to myself that it is a possibility, I can't monitor all the bonds all the time." I replied.

"Worried?" Megan asked.

"There are sixteen of you and one of me. I don't believe any of you are that kind of woman, but ours isn't a normal situation either. Besides old insecurities are hard to kill. Kind of like cancer." I replied.

"You don't have to worry about it." Megan told me seriously. "As for what I am planning? Just some things you need to hear, and honestly you might not like it."

I sighed then nodded. "Hit me." I replied. I wasn't sure what it was she wanted to point out, but I was sure I had it coming. I had never met a man who could keep a single woman perfectly happy, I had sixteen. I wasn't sure if I needed to count the beast girls or plants as their way of thinking wasn't the same as a human's but even if that was the case I had eleven. Keeping them all happy without complaint was an uphill battle on a wet slip n slide with feet soaked in suntan lotion. Not possible. Not that I was complaining, my relationship with all of them was still new, and like a normal two person relationship, there were a lot of growing we all needed to do to make this work well.

"The proposal was a stupid idea." she told me flatly.

Of all the things she could say that was not what I was expecting.

"What could have possibly made you think that proposing to us now was a good idea? It was like slapping us all in the face declaring that you didn't consider us your wives!" she growled at me angrily.

I was mute, I had no idea I had even said anything wrong, let alone have a way to defend myself.

Megan twisted in my lap to look at me seeing my dumbfounded expression. She glared at me angrily.

"Wedding." Was the only thing I could think to say.

Megan frowned for a moment then seemed to relax. "You wanted us to have a wedding?" she asked.

I nodded hurriedly.

Megan sighed shaking her head. "And why did you think we needed something like that?" she asked me.

I hesitated for a moment unsure I should say anything but I had always believed that honesty was the best, and if I had misunderstood something then we should get it cleared up. "Caly." I replied.

Megan smiled at me then relaxed and leaned into me kissing my cheek. How could women shift gears like that so quickly?

"Any other answer would have pissed me off." she told me with a smile.

Staring at that smile I shivered and I truly regretted having sixteen wives. She was smiling and appeared happy, but just beneath the surface was a burning anger and rage that was just waiting for the opportunity to be let out and release a hell upon me I had no way to defend against. Even the flood dragon didn't scare me this much.

"We talked, and since Caly is the one who really wants the wedding we decided to postpone it indefinitely. The rings are good though. We are keeping those, it was about time we got something to show off our status as your wives." she continued. "We can reconsider the wedding after we get in contact with her family as a wedding in front of her family is what she actually wants. As the rest of us don't need it like she does we don't mind waiting until it isn't such a burden on our resources."

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