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97% A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse / Chapter 96: Chapter 96 - Continued Talk

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Chapter 96: Chapter 96 - Continued Talk

"Do you really want all of us to change?" she asked me the danger in her voice.

I nodded despite the danger I sensed. Seeing her glare at me I held up my hand and placed a finger on her lips to stop the tirade that was about to descend on me. "Wait." I replied.

Megan frowned at me but waited.

"Normal circumstances tell me I should never ask my wives to change anything about them, even if it is in their best interest, as it would only start a fight. This is not normal circumstances. As Annitte has repeatedly pointed out, the places I am going to head to are incredibly dangerous. I am going to be taking my wives with me on those trips so I want all of you to be as durable and capable of surviving as I can ensure. I can't even guarantee my own safety let alone the rest of you, so I won't force anyone, but I won't back down on that." I told her.

"For the rest of the girls, I was also reminded that one attack on our haven could wipe out everything we have here. Emy is strong but she isn't invincible." I told her then gave Mary an apologetic smile. "Sorry." I told her.

"No offense master. I am happy you don't intend to rely solely on my strength to protect yourself and my sisters." Mary replied.

I frowned at the way she said that but left it for later. "I would be devastated if I came back from a hunt or exploring to find everything was gone. Even with our bonds I might not be able to rush back here immediately if there is danger." I told her.

Megan was still glaring but she had calmed down a lot, so I removed my finger so she could reply.

Megan glanced over at Mary who looked away for a moment then looked back to Megan then nodded.

Megan sighed as I wondered what was really going on here?

"So its for our protection and not because you want a bit more variety?" she asked.

I nodded. "Though to be honest, I am not sure how most of it will even work. Most of it is just a theory I hope will work." I told her.

Megan took another deep breath then sighed.

"You know I love you right?" she asked.

I hesitated for a moment. "I hoped so." I replied honestly.

Megan nodded, "We all do Daryl." she told me.

I nodded for a moment then frowned. How was that possible? Yet we had all talked about it before. "Annitte never said it was that strong." I told her.

Megan shrugged. "It's just a theory, but we have come to the conclusion that it has to do with your selection criteria for the first ten, you were being the knight to save us, but that meant we were all vulnerable, we needed and wanted someone to be there, save us and be our pillar. We think it made us very receptive to the bond. Otherwise I can't believe that eight, no six, five?" Megan stopped and started counting on her fingers, "Mary and Nala don't count as they aren't human and adore you." she grumbled.

"Good to hear." I said giving Mary a smile. She blushed a bit in response.

"Me and Karen have known you and were already in love or close to it." she added, "Caly had to marry you after you slept with her. Grace and Jessica adore you for healing them and Jessica follows her sister, not that she doesn't like you." Megan continued. "So three, without the effect of the bond there were three women who were unlikely to come back to you." Megan finished.

"Rebecca, Heather, and Tracy?" I asked.

Megan nodded then frowned, "That didn't sound as dramatic as I thought it would." she commented.

I nodded.

"It isn't the point though." she told me.

I nodded. "Is it about the fact that I haven't spent any time getting to know most of them?" I asked.

Megan nodded. "You know me and Karen, and even then you know us as we were before, your step sister and the friend you had barely spoken too in three years." she added.

"And now you are my wives." I continued.

Megan nodded.

I sighed a bit then held her closer. "It was pretty busy for a while there, I had to do everything in my power just to keep us alive and moving." I commented.

"We know that. We just want you to realize that you aren't on a time limit anymore. We have plans in place now to become self sufficient. Hunting will help, but there is no reason for you to rush out there. We need you here with us just as badly as we need you to get stronger. No matter what it was, the bond, we were extra susceptible, or we just fell in love with you, we are all in love with you now, we want time with you, and not just in mass orgies." she told me.

I nodded. I wasn't against the idea either. I was really enjoying this time with Megan even if Mary was here with us.

Megan smiled at me reverting back to the woman I had fallen for back before all this had started.

"Thanks hun." she told me. "If you need help finding time with any of us just ask, we will help you as much as we can. We probably want this more than you do."

"Master, you do not need to worry about Emy and I. Any alone time we have with you will probably be spent with one of us on our backs." Mary told me bluntly. "Just make sure we are included in enough of the group activities and we will be happy."

I stared at the pretty green haired woman shocked that it was the plant girl who seemed to be the biggest sex fiend of them all.

"Mary that isn't the point of all of this." Megan protested.

"We know, but we do not understand the emotions, they are new to us, and complicated. So we would prefer to just enjoy the pleasures of intercourse for now." Mary replied.

I chuckled, "I understand, but I will still try to find some alone time for each of you. If anything there is the difference in sex between a single couple and an orgy, that you might want to experience." I told her.

Mary tilted her head to the side of a moment as she seemed to consider it. "If you believe so master, we will not be against time with you focused solely on pleasuring us." she replied.

Megan sighed while I laughed.

"Will that be all miss?" Mary asked Megan.

Megan seemed to think for a few moments. "I think so, what of the others?" she asked in return.

"They are satisfied for now." Mary replied. "Though all of them are hoping to have their turn soon." Mary told me.

I looked down at Megan hoping for an explanation.

"We decided that instead of overwhelming you with the whole group, I would talk to you while they watched through Emy and Mary." Megan explained.

I frowned then glanced at Mary uncertainly. All of my wives were watching? For some reason I was feeling incredibly self conscious.

Megan giggled. "Don't worry you did well. None of are mad about your reasons. If anything Caly is probably so happy she is crying. In fact you should head down to her right now. I am sure she would be very appreciative." Megan told me with a mischievous grin.

I frowned at her knowing that I also needed to spend some actual alone time with Megan, and she was already in my arms.

Megan leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "Go now, she needs this more than I do right now. Think of it as officially consummating your marriage with her. Trust me I will get my time with you." she told me.

I nodded then kissed her hungrily.

"Fine, but I love you." I told her as I got up and set her on her feet gently.

"You better." she replied with a smile.

"We also need to talk about setting up an official council." I added.

Megan nodded relieved. "Thank heavens, I can't stand running this place anymore." she admitted.

I chuckled then gave her another hug so I could whisper in her ear. "Think what you want from me for your birthday." I told her.

Megan's face lit up with a bright smile as she nodded then pushed me to go.

I was still reluctant to leave her like that but knew that she would get just as mad as she would be happy if I stayed. I would just have to work extra hard to make it up to her when we had some alone time together.

I hopped down off the roof leaving Mary and Megan by themselves then went inside the house.

If everyone really was watching everything then they had all hidden or cleared out quickly. I could check on them with our bond, but didn't see the point. Caly was sitting alone on a couch waiting for me. A hopeful look on her face as she gazed up at me with a tearstained face.

"Hey Caly." I greeted walking over to her.

Caly stood up as I got closer then flung herself into my arms kissing my face repeatedly.

"Calm down Caly, I am not going anywhere." I told her with a smile.

"Yes we are." she said grabbing my hand. "I might regret this later but I need it now." she told me dragging me towards the stairs.

Seemed Megan was right. In that case. I leaned down and scooped her up into a princess carry. "Did you know that it's an earth tradition for the husband to carry the wife across the threshold?" I asked her with a smirk. "Would your room work for you?" I asked her.

Caly nodded a few tears streaming down her cheek. "Please." she told me breathlessly.

I ran up to the second floor then followed her direction to the door that was her room.

The personal rooms weren't very big, and the bed inside them were only meant for one. Before I could suggest one of the rooms with a bigger bed upstairs Caly had kicked the door closed behind us. Looking down into her eyes I could see that she wasn't going to be willing to wait. She grabbed my head and pulled me down into a hungry kiss.

The normal Caly and the one in my arms seemed like two different people.

I returned her kiss just as hungrily happy that she seemed so happy.

When our lips parted I looked into her eyes with a smile. "I love you too wife." I told her. "It just took me a while to admit it to myself."

Caly shuddered in my arms then she was like an animal pulling me to her as she divested us of our clothes and pulling me down over her on the bed.

Ashra Ashra

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Thanks for reading. I am not sure if there will be a chapter tomorrow. Depends on how today goes.

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