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9.41% A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world / Chapter 8: A new home(Part-3)

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Chapter 8: A new home(Part-3)

Ciara looked at the creature that her subordinates had hauled into the camp it was bigger than a truck and resembled a moose, as one of her subordinates spoke with eagerness a question stuck in her mind is it edible? As such she cleared her throat drawing attention towards her the happy chattering of her subordinates stopped seeing the serious look on her face as she spoke, "I understand that we are facing shortage of food and as such you all did a good job getting something for us to eat but let me ask you the question is it edible?"

Eimile the mastermind behind the capture spoke with a smile, "Ma'am I can vouch on my life that Moose is edible I have seen about in the television."

Ciara nodded at her as she spoke in a calm manner apparently her subordinates have over looked a rather vital point, "I know it is edible but tell me did you not notice something off about it." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Eimile's face scrunched for moment before she spoke, "Is it bigger than normal?"

Ciara rubbed her forehead in exasperation as she spoke, "Are you asking or answering to me."

Eimile was about to speak only to be stopped by Ciara who spoke with tired sigh, "My dear soldier, Moose is indeed edible and it is a bit disconcerting seeing such a big one but the most important fact is that the moose has never existed in our country so my question is how did one resembling like a Moose has appeared? Is it really Moose and if you argue about using the zoo as the excuse I can assure you that I recently had an outing with a few of you when I took my son to the local zoo and if I remember there was no such thing as a moose in the zoo."

Eimile opened her mouth to speak before she hung her head in shame after all she and her group had wasted over 30 rounds to kill the creature, Ruby who was already poking and prodding the creature turned her head towards commander as she spoke, "Well if you want I can test it and see whether if it is safe to eat or not."

Ciara looked at Ruby who was trying to put up a sad kicked puppy eyes to make her agree to her proposal only to send shivers of disgust down Ciara's spine, 'ugh the woman should stop it, her face resembles a B-grade horror movie reject', Ciara quickly spoke in order to stop her from making any more faces that would definitely give her subordinates nightmare, "Well please do whatever you need to Ruby in order to test it although I expressly forbid you from using any of your colleagues, or civilians that are under our protection."

Ruby whined like a puppy before she spoke again, "Well although I might need some help moving it to my place."

Ciara nodded at that as she simply waved her hand a few of her subordinates saluted her as they began to drag the carcass to Ruby's 'Laboratory'."

Suddenly all of a sudden loud ringing of the bell was heard, the bell they had scavenged from the destroyed town was placed on top of the wall, it was placed there so that the sentries on top of the wall could inform or warn about various occurrences that they could spot without having to move too much from their position, Ciara had a smile on her face thinking it was announcing of the arrival of either of her children who were out gathering resource her smile changed into frown as a dread rose in her heart as the bell tolled for 5th time indicating one of the team was under attack and needed immediate help.

Ciara did not waste any time as she quickly barked out order, "Ladies to arms one of our team needs backup, move move."

The members of Black Rose group quickly under the order of their leader quickly sprung into action as Ciara herself was coordinating everything barking out orders before she moved no ran towards the wall as she climbed it she spoke in a harsh tone, "Report!!"

The soldier quickly saluted her commander as she began, "Team Beta send a red flare just now asking for reinforcement and immediate help."

Hearing the name her blood froze Ryan was in danger, Ciara never wanted any of her child to join the army, no matter what anyone would have said she wanted both of them to stay safe but her eldest literally forced her hands and when it came to Ryan the mother and daughter duo managed to make not only dissuade him from it but also made sure to point his interest elsewhere, Michalina was personally trained by her she had put her through hell and she trusted her to stay alive and safe even in the worst but Ryan was different Ciara never trained her only gave him a few exercise to placate him in the name of the training and never in her life she thought that there would come a day that she would regret her decision.

She turned took the binocular from her subordinates hands, a normal grade as the military grade with advance technology had malfunctioned, as she looked through it she could here faint sound of gun firing at a distance, as she looked through it she could she her son's group fighting something large and they were fighting hard not to mention they seemed to be trying to flee from it, she cursed the binocular as the distance made it incredibly ineffective, but she was able to discern that her son's team were in dire need of help.

She turned towards a few of her subordinates who had the power of flight as she spoke, "You all are perfect for distraction keep the distance and distract the creature so that the others can escape and if possible kill it."

The group of five nodded in acknowledgement as they took to the skies, she then turned to others as she spoke, "What are you waiting for move out but remember to keep distance from whatever the creature is, and you over there send flare up in the sky to recall other groups and Zhan you are in charge till I am back.", with that she dashed with the rest of her troops to save her son and his team.

A few minutes ago Ryan looked up at the sky with a glare as he took a sip from his bottle, as one of the soldiers giggled at his antics making him pout as she spoke, "Little brother no matter how much you glare at us it would not make the Sun less dreadful."

Ryan's shoulder shagged a bit as he spoke, "Hey you cannot blame me from dreaming right, aunt Lena."

Lena simply smiled before she gained a tired look on her face that made her look more than her age as she spoke, "Well that is the only thing left for us to do, dream and only dream."

As the mood fell another quickly diverted the topic as she spoke, "Hey Ryan how much would you need for your project."

Ryan squinted his eyes as he spoke, "I do not think I need much a few more logs would be enough, I believe we should have a little surplus after all we might be suddenly be need of such."

Whatever they were going to say was stopped as the nearest tree fell making them jump from their seat, what appeared in front of them was a creature that looked like a lion but was way too big to be one easily as big as a three storey house, making the group to be deathly afraid of it as it circled them lazily, where as the group already had taken out their ready for a fight, but the giant cat did not even view them as a threat in fact it seemed greatly amused by their antics.

Lena gulped hard as she prayed before sending out orders to her subordinates, "We will draw its attention while Ryan you make a run for the fort, we will distract it remember not to sto…", she looked towards Ryan who was looking at it with fear in his eyes, "It is tier 5 creature we cannot win it is too strong."

"RYAN!!", A shout came from his side as he looked towards the smiling face of Lena as she spoke soothingly, "We are the 'Black Wolves', and 'We are Invincible' so follow the plan as soon as we start try to sneak off and run ok we will do the rest."

Lena bit her lips drawing blood she knew there are only five of them well six if you count Ryan but he was just a civilian with hand gun nothing more and from what the creature looked like with its glowing purple eyes a very strong one she could feel her hairs stand up with fear but she would not fall here she trusted her sisters and her guns she turned kept her eyes on the beast as she gave out an order, "On my count use the emergency flare, at the same time we would open fire against it."

"Roger", was the only sound that was heard from the other four, where as Ryan was already shivering with fear the creature was too strong for the current them, may be if they had the others he wanted to scream at them to run but he knew that he would not only distract them but would up insulting them his family as such he bit his lips to calm himself down.

"Okay three, two,….One NOW!!!!!", a flare went up to the sky as Ryan did exactly that he ran, he ran like a coward, he did not look back as he ran and ran he could hear the sound of gun the scream the loud explosion of grenades, but he ran only for a loud thud to appear in front of him he looked at the giant figure of the cat in front of him looking slightly ruffled but what drew his attention was a blood soaked figure dangling from his mouth.

"Hello! Who are you child?", a kind voice came to his ears as a six years old Ryan looked up to see a woman with a kind smile on her face looking at him, his aunty placed her encouraging hand on her shoulder as she spoke with a smile, "Ryan this lady is 'Lena Maguire' one of my oldest friend."

Ryan's eyes widen before he spoke with wonder in his voice, "You work with aunty in the army."

As woman nodded Ryan gave her the brightest smile as he spoke, "Hello madam my name is Ryan, and I am going to be a soldier just like you.", while mimicking the way he had seen soldiers standing in attention

Lena simply gave him a small pat on her head as she spoke, "Well Ryan my brave soldier call me aunty from now on and may your dreams all come true."

"Oh my! What a wonderful painting is that me?"

"Yes aunty", came a reply from a proud Ryan.

"Shshhh it is okay Ryan, we are with you and what if the punish you like that we believe you, I know my nephew is a good boy."

All those memories and words were played by one by one in front of his eyes like some video all those memories of his laughter, happiness, sadness that he had shared with his aunt Lena was playing in front of her eyes one by one.

Ryan's vision was focused on the figure that was covered in blood looking worst for wear she vomited blood as she tried to speak with the same smile he had seen all those years ago, "Sorry nephew its seems like aun….", whatever she was going to say was stopped as they lion simply flung the body high up in the air as it swallowed it whole, Ryan got feel the smug grin on its face and something broke within him.

"YOU DAMN FUR COAT OF A BASTARD!!!!", his fear was overridden as intense anger took hold of him as he took out his handgun as he began empty an entire clip, the lion looked bored as the gun clicked for a few times signifying that it was empty an angry Ryan threw his gun towards the creature and it hit the creature's nose, and then the lion simply swapped its paws towards Ryan.

Ryan felt as if it was hit by a truck as he collapsed on the ground he could hear someone shouting his name from a distance and more sounds of gun firing as he opened his eyes groggily he found the lion pouncing on him he tried to raise his hand at the futile attempt to protect himself the time seemed to have stopped for a moment as a familiar mechanical voice came to his ears.

Host's life in imminent Danger Detected.

Chances of survival None

Activating protocol 654

Life preserving maneuver activated

That was all he managed to hear before he felt a skull splitting headache as he lost his consciousness.

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