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81.81% A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world / Chapter 72: Alpha Raven 2.0 (Part-3)

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Chapter 72: Alpha Raven 2.0 (Part-3)

Ylerias looked at the railyard especially at the wagons standing on the track with wonder in her eyes, but she quickly managed to control herself before she spoke again in her royal, regal and posh manner, "Lord Ryan what do you wish for me to help you with."

Ryan rubbed his chin as he spoke, "Well I will place the holographic projection of the base, and then you can dig accordingly."

Ylerias looked confused as she spoke, "What is this hollow traffic projection?"

"Holographic and you will see it soon."

"Ryan", upon being called by his name Ryan looked towards Michalina who spoke with a frown, "I understand that you are about to construct your base here but what about water."

Ryan was dumbstruck for a moment before he spoke with a blush, "Sorry it slipped my mind."

Ylerias simply snorted as she spoke, "I can check if there is a water source underground or we can dig a well, with such fertile land it would not have much problem to fill up, though for the sheer size of the population we have we might need multiple."

Ryan nodded at that as he spoke, "If we can have an underground source it would be great after all the nearest surface source is a few kilometres away, and we might not need it for much longer but it would be great nonetheless, at the end of the day a nice clean shower can work wonders."

"Well while Lady Ylerias checks for the perfect spot I believe you should unload your stuff and let Jessica leave, she has some hauling to do."

Ryan's eyes widen as he spoke hurriedly, "Of course I will start working on it."

Cai Bai laid down on the ground as he looked towards the sky as Andraais let out a moan of pain making Cai bai look at him as he spoke with a teasing smirk, "What is it old man was the walk too much for you?"

Andraais tore up some grass which he promptly threw at Cai Bai's direction who shielded against it with his hand while laughing out loud.

Andraais simply harrumphed at him as he began to speak, "Just wait till you get arthritis I will laugh when you feel the pain."

Cai Bai simply snorted as he looked up his eyes widen in fear as he shouted out, "Ryan watch out!"

His shout drew everyone's attention towards Ryan who seemed to have taken a stumble off the edge of the roof and was now falling but suddenly a chain appeared from his hand which seemed to have stopped his fall, Ryan looked down sheepishly as he shouted back, "Sorry I slipped hehe.", with an awkward laugh he began to climb up using the chains.

A few minutes ago, Ryan was working on the last part of his little over a five-storey tall building, the roof, the fifth floor was the smallest in comparison to the others as in reality it was just a large tank meant to hold a large amount of water for their day to day use, the two floors beneath him were dormitories with bathrooms and toilets at the ends, and then beneath it was the kitchen and pantry, and again underneath them was a giant workplace that took space of two whole stories by itself, the building was wide enough that it looked like a large cube, a large cube made up of concrete.

Ryan looked at his handiwork with pride in his eyes, 'I doubt anyone could have erected such a large building within a few hours, I am glad about my powers, and Ylerias had been a great help because of her I was able to dugout to create foundation create an underground network to gather resources from and dumb waste within the confines of the earth, appreciating his handiwork he took a step and felt something amiss, a shout of 'Ryan Watch out!', was all he heard when gravity yanked him off towards the planet, he hastily used his chains, which was easily stuck to the side as such prevented his fall, he looked down to see most were looking at him with a horrified look on their face, as such with a nervous smile he shouted out, "Sorry I slipped hehe."

"Ryan O'Cahill", Ryan winced as his sister bellowed out his full name, but he was a brave boy as such he did not deny her any response neither did he looked down as Michalina continued to shout out, "You get down this very instance, I will not suffer another heart attack because of your carelessness now get down here fast."

Ryan climbed up on top of the roof as fast as he could, "That part is still left a bit, after placing it and I would have finished my work, and then I would face Michalina."

A quarter of an hour later, Ryan stood nervously in front of a glaring Michalina as he spoke in a nervous tone, "Sorry big sister I kind of slipped and fell."

Michalina's glare did not lessen for a moment before she finally shook her head as she spoke with a sigh, "You should have prepared a harness a fall from such a height would have killed you, and if you are unlucky you would have still be alive but with most of your bones broken, without any means to heal them."

"Well, Maralyn can heal me."

Only for her glare to intensify once again as Jessica spoke with a small chuckle. "Michalina please stop glaring at him, he made a mistake and I hope he learned from it."

Ryan nodded so fast that many thought his head would fall off his shoulder and as Michalina's glare disappeared he spoke with a smile, "I have finished making the base the only thing it now needs is a quick jot to start it, so sis please do the honours."

Michalina huffed as she took the pair of wires in her hand before sending the strongest jolt of electricity, with a hum was heard for a moment before it was joined by various noises as the base lit up with all its glory, and with that, a loud cheer followed it courtesy of the people around.

Both Ryana and Ylerias shouted at the top of their lungs, "Be silent."

As silence descended damping their mood Ryan quickly spoke, "We are still outside of the base and I do not think you all would like some beast being drawn because of the sound."

His words drew many guilty faces as he himself lowered his voice slightly as he spoke, "Now form a line and use these stairs to get up in an orderly fashion the children and woman being first then the old and then the able-bodied people, the first floor is the kitchen with the next two being dormitory and bathroom area, male and female are separate now please move first, I believe it is near about midnight and the children need their sleep."

Ryan was greeted by more than enough grateful and relived faces to uplift his mood, the children though had a look of awe with a slight bit of hero worship only when they were able to fight off the sleep that was threatening to make them unable to keep their eyes open for long.

As the people climbed through the ladder Ryan quickly spoke out, "Oh I forgot to mention since I have just started the base the water tank is currently empty, and it would take a couple of hours to feel."

"Thanks for the heads up, Ryan."

"No problem, and thank you again."

Ryan simply nodded as Ylerias walked by his side as she spoke in an impressed tone, "That was amazing Ryan, your powers are not only unheard of but truly amazing."

Ryan simply gave her a smile as he spoke, "Thank you for your compliment though if we had leyline we could have done it much faster and easier manner."

Ylerias frowned as she spoke, "How do you know about nexus?"

"Our home base is created on top of a nexus and using its powers it was nearly instantaneous."

Ylerias's frown deepened as she spoke, "Leyline are channels, through which the mana of the planet flows, and nexus is formed when a group of leyline joins together, using them is extremely dangerous, back in our world a kingdom performed an experiment using a nexus and it went horrible, every water source dried up overnight and severe drought plagued the lands, and it took over a century for the nexus to stabilize but by then the prosperous kingdom with its lush jungles had transferred into the sandy desert, so please do not handle either nexus or leyline carelessly or it would be disastrous."

Ryan could only gulp as he watched Ylerias move up to the higher part of the building using stairs, as he watched the last of the people including the Goliath enter the confines of the base he pulled the leaver and then with a groan large doors began to move slowly ad within a minute the entire base was secured.

As he climbed up he found that the lower dormitory completely filled with people who even though tired looked as if they had received a fresh bout of energy injected in them, a small smile graced his face as he moved to the higher floor, upon reaching there he noticed a small section of the floor was being taken over my Ylerias, and upon seeing him she beckoned to her side as she spoke, "I saved you some space, you should take some rest after all you worked hard today."

Ryan gave her a small smile as he spoke, "Thank you Lady Ylerias."

Ryan let out a yawn before he laid on the hard ground, he was feeling incredibly tired as such he closed his eyes and fell asleep very quickly, and as did the other occupants of the base, as soon as they managed to settle down, except the guards who were forced to patrol around the base.

A loud scream woke up the occupants of the base, many of them jumped up fearing they were under attack while the guards who were patrolling immediately made their way to the dormitory especially the one occupied by Ryan and Ylerias.

Jessica ran towards the source and found Ylerias holding down Michalina while Ryan was basically floating in the air, his back arched back at an impossible degree, his arms were pulled to the back as multiple lines were glowing all over his body whereas his eyes looked as if someone had placed light bulbs inside his eyes.

Jessica aimed his gun towards Ylerias as her guards aimed their bow towards her, everyone in the room was tensed as Michalina shouted out, "You will let me go this instance Ylerias or I will…"

"You will shut up and will not disturb Ryan, he is being possessed by a Divine being, and if you disturb him Ryan will face severe problems so do not DISTURB HIM."

Ylerias winced as Michalina's body started sprouting electricity shocking her making her release Michalina from her hold, who dashed towards Ryan but as she soon as she touched him she was flung over by an unseen force as she let out a cry of pain.

Ylerias stood up and stopped her subordinates from turning Michalina into a pincushion before she spoke with a huff, "Are you done now? Or do you wish to be given another jolt of pain?", hse let out a growl, before she looked towards Maralyn as she ordered her, "Maralyn go and check on her, and if she makes any more fuss knock her out."

Maralyn simply nodded as she was soon joined by Nikita who was looking at Michalina's badly burned hand, while the other residents of that floor had decided to move away to give them some space, although a few like Cai Bai had stepped forward with an equal measure of fear and uncertainty reflecting on his face.

He could help but approach Ylerias as he spoke with a fearful voice, "Excuse your Holiness, but may I ask what is happening to Ryan?"

Ylerias looked at the person who was extremely supportive of Ryan like a hawk for a moment before she spoke with a sigh, "That is the result of him coming in contact with his patron God, I had suffered similarly when I first met her but from what I was told mine was not as much violent and painful as his, for reasons I do not know."

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Ylerias then turned towards others as she spoke, "He is releasing too much mana and it might attract the wrong kind of attraction so some of you please accompany those doing patrols and keep an eye out."

Her words had an instant effect as some of her guards along with most of those who were patrolling were ready to leave the place when Ryan suddenly collapsed back on the floor like some puppet whose strings had been cut off, and the only indication that he was alive was the subtle twitch and his chest moving slowly.

Ylerias, as well as her guards, moved out of the way of a concerned Nikita and Michalina who were by his side immediately along with Maralyn coming in tow with them while shouting out towards Michalina trying to calm her down and to let her heal her, meanwhile, Jessica simply stood by their side as Nikita quickly checked Ryan only to shout out in confusion, "What the hell is this?"

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