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5.81% A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world / Chapter 5: Flying to the unknown

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Chapter 5: Flying to the unknown

Ryan huffed as he sat inside the big basket which was carried by one of the soldiers of the 'Black Wolves' regiment. Although the 'Blacks Wolves' are normally referred to as the regiment they are less than half the size of a normal regiment after all the soldiers of the said regiment were all special, they were all woman from various branches of military each of them ruthless and skilled exceptionally enabling them to fight and dominate any form of combats whether they be air, water or land. But what made them unique is that most if not all were people who had little to no family left, well except their colleagues from the same regiment, they were a tight knit group and he always felt greatly honored being welcomed by them with open arms, he might not have seen many facets of their lives or military secrets but he knew most of them and even had the chance to sometimes accompany them in their light physical training from time to time and he had always seen them as family.

But now he simply sat in a basket with 3 others as they were being flown by another who had wings spouting from her back, and in a distance another 3 such basket could be seen, he sat quietly not knowing what to say because of the mutations in some of his family members have undergone changing their physical appearances completely. As he sat there quietly occupying a corner with in the basket his mind went back to the meeting held a few hours ago,

Ciara closed her eyes as she pondered on the information she had received from her 'aerial' scouts who had been using their mutation to scout much further away, from what they have reported about 200 miles to the east was plains with grassland scattered around, on to their south was the city and from what she had learned a very large horde of zombies was slowly making their way towards their fort and they were already 40 miles away from them not to mention the garrison on the other side is empty and her scouts were unable to locate the other survivors, on the north is a large forest where the trees are growing at rapid pace and who knows what the creature have spawned because of mutation and to the west there is a small forest, river and a nuclear power plant that was supposed to be decommissioned as it had designed flaws which got exposed by certain concerned super powers and as such international pressure was forcing the country to dismantle the plant only half a year ago, and as such by now she was sure that it would be leaking dangerous level of radiation and as a result it would be a no go zone, the city itself has been divided into two by a gorge that had formed as a parting gift of the quake and the military base at the south is abandoned, 'We can only move towards the east or else we will die, but move to where?'

Suddenly a loud exclamation followed by some cackling of laughter drew her attention as she saw her son playing with a couple of flashlights, Ciara as such spoke in a stern voice, "Son, where did you get a working flashlight?"

Ryan gave a smug look as he spoke, "I made it."

At that everyone looked at him as if he had grown a second head as one of them spoke, "What do you mean by that Ryan?"

Ryan sighed before he stretched out his right hand and voila blue holographic form of the flashlight appeared on top of it and before long it slowly changed into a fully functional flashlight, as the others watched in amazement at that as one of them spoke, "So your power is to create flashlight?"

Ryan almost stumbled upon hearing that from his seat as he spoke with righteous indignation, "No my power is to create, like this flashlight I can create many things like for example this.", he threw a pistol round towards them which they inspected as he continued to speak in a smug tone, "One of the many things I can make for now."

Ciara studied the pistol round before she passed it to someone as she spoke, "What other type of ammunition can you make? And how fast can you make?"

Ryan scratched his head as he spoke, "Well I can at present only craft pistol rounds only and as for how fast I take to make one round well I can make 5 rounds from one copper ingot and 5 nitrocellulose, it takes about 5 seconds for it to be made, now I can make 20 nitrocellulose from a single plant fiber every 3 seconds, plant fiber is from plant or wood at the rate of 20 plant fibers per 3 seconds, then the copper ingots takes 8 seconds to form other copper substances including ore."

Ruby's eyes glowed as her face had a look of some cartoonish mad scientist waiting for chance to dissect Ryan making him scoot away from her as she spoke with barely hidden glee, "Well we can roughly say it takes nearly about 1.5 second to make a single round."

Ryan coughed into his hand getting his emotions under control as he spoke, "Well also I cannot craft multiple items simultaneously only one at a time."

Angela sighed as she spoke, "Well it is pretty useless than it is too slow."

Ryan shrugged as he spoke, "Well it evolves and from what I can see I can make machines that will easily let me create hundreds of rounds within mere seconds."

Ruby would have already dragged him up to dissect him if it were not for Ciara's glare as she spoke, "Oh and what do you need to evolve yourself?"

Ryan sighed as he spoke, "Well I need to kill various creatures like zombies for example."

Chloe: "How many Ryan?"

Ryan: "At least about a 100, but there is also something I would like to point out that creation of the initial compounds like ingots or nitrocellulose consumes energy and if reaches zero I do not think I can produce.", many let out a tired and unhappy sigh upon hearing that.

Ryan was jolted awake from the memory by one of his co passengers a soldier named 'Donna', a blue haired woman with wine red eyes, well she used to be blonde with purple eyes previously she was seating right across him, she spoke with a smile, "Ryan did you finish you day dream?"

Ryan blushed as he spoke, "Well I was simply thinking about what problematic situation we might face because the entire place has gone to hell and if we are not mistaken even the world itself but most importantly how and why did it happen."

Donna shrugged as she spoke, "Well we can think about troublesome things later currently we have to focus on building and whatnot since your mutation is technology related and mine is earth based we are the most suitable for construction from what we have seen more importantly we have to make sure your level or tier or whatever is increased fast faster than anybody, at same time remember you are not allowed to fall."

Nobody said anything after that as the group landed, on the ground, the people who were flying them collapsed on the ground shortly after that grasping for breath as few of their sisters in arms tended them.

Ryan sighed upon seeing that his mother had send an advance party of 15 in total along with resources to setup a suitable base for them but not only that Ryan he had to prepare for anything who knows in what condition they will arrive and judging from the distance it would take almost a week for them to arrive he sighed thinking about the dangers they had to face.

Ryan once again opened his, what he called his stats page something only he could view as he glanced at it.


LIFE-FORM TIER: 1 (0/200)

VITALITY TIER: 1 (0/200)

STRENGTH TIER: 1 (0/200)

AGILITY TIER: 1 (0/200)


Blood Points: 38

Soul: 15



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When he ascended to Tier 1 in each of his stats he managed to get something known as perks and if he had to summarize them then he got regeneration, increase in strength, increase in agility and multi tasking made easy.

As for the souls Ryan had finally found what they are used for, it was very simple they were actually research points to unlock something know as modules unfortunately for him he would have to be at least at Tier2 to access it as such he would have to work extra hard to reach the said Tier, as he looked up to see the person who was carrying them he could not help but fill amazed at the strength she was showing yet a small part of him was claiming it as futile and useless after all a couple of days ago he would have called anyone a delusional madman if he or she claimed about the apocalypse taking place but know he did not know what would happen, as he watched themselves fly off towards an uncertain and perilous future.

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