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Raised to be the perfect soldier for battle, Alexander had risen to be the youngest S rank Merc. After attaining the strength he so desired, his adoptive father had forcefully made him leave the battlefield.

Alex unwilling to acknowledge his retirement was given a mission by his adoptive father.

"The mission objective is to find a girl in the public High School you'll be attending and protect her."

Triggered by the words mission objective, Alexander who had a 100% completion rate, accepted the conditions of the mission.

Follow Alexander in his weird, almost comedic high school life.

Alex's father: Hey Alex, did you get to school properly?

Alex: Affirmative, I reached the designated place on time.

Alex's father: So why did you call?

Alex: The target I have picked is situated in classroom 1-B, while I'm in classroom 1-A. Asking permission to threaten the Principal into placing me in classroom 1-B

Alex's father: DENIED!

*This is the first part and there is a second novel called Adopted Soldier 2: Changing tides.

*The novel is already completed, I'm just adding some after stories.

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    Kinda story you just wanna snuggle up in bed and read all day long. I didn't use the words literary masterpiece easily, but 200 years into the future this may be the new Romeo & Juliet.

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    Hi author here, this is my entry to the writing prompt for the school life theme. Once again hoping for support and for those who are reading Overwhelming Path don't worry not dropping that.

    View 97 Replies

    The story is good and its not rush... I especially like how the MC interacts with his Father... at first I thought that this story will be like his other novel, Overpowered MC with no goal xD... but boy I was wrong... I like this novel very much and also the other novel of yours especially his little wife Ellise personality is really interesting xD

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    Another one. This is like those korean k dramas where the mc is a martial artist, gets a job and just can't fit in. There was a guy who was writing things about his uncle being in the army and how he had a bad time adapting. Well, this is going to be harsh, but your uncle probably isn't the same level of genius as the mc here. The mc is a genius only when the author wants it. I don't know if I offend someone but I think even if people are in the army they have common sense. I am not in the army but I can tell that it's not always training and people converse with each other too. If you have read some novels like beauty and the bodyguard you can find 60% things that are similar to that novel here. But keep going.

    View 4 Replies

    Don't stop writing this! Even if the contest is over keep going this is so freaking cute I am dying from nose bleeds! 😀😀😀😀 I need more Alex and his awkwardness!!! Keep up the good work and don't let anyone bring you down.

    View 6 Replies

    The first and second chapter gave me hope... and that’s it. There is nothing special about this story. It’s just potential being destroyed. The character with great intelligence can not adapt, the whole story is just boring. Still, respect for trying.

    View 5 Replies

    Its a nice try to copy the MC of fullmetal panik and the storyline ( even if it is a little bit different). But the story is shallow as if written by EA, and the jockes are as lame as ****ing on youre girlfriend and telling her that it is a sign of love. Its like a kid who trys to play a prank, known by you and it think its funny like hell. Just dont waste youre time, couse no on will give it back to you.

    View 3 Replies

    The plot is extremely predictable and for me is boring in every way. Just reading this made me wanna puke, the characters are no joke retarded and overall this **** is hella cliche

    View 3 Replies

    This novel is a GEM!! I'm telling you guys this is a good one. A very refreshing story compare to other cliche plots. You'll fall in love with this story. A mix of action romance and humor. I intensely recommend to give this novel a shot... Its worth your time. A doting father with masterful skill connections and knowledge! ML with high IQ but low EQ! FL which is most normal with her friends! A rival of FL who is head overheals with the ML! Supporting Characters which are narcissistic, love to fantasize , spontaneous and bubbly! Well there's more to take note of... I'm rooting for this novel thank you Author for sharing this work with us! Please give us more!

    Reveal Spoiler
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    It's so lame that it becomes funny with all the cold jokes. Typical orphan op mc acting like an idiot trying to act normal but always have insane choices like shooting the policemen because they prevent him going home.

    View 4 Replies

    It’s an interesting plot and the beginning has a really good start. I quite like the whole idea of the MC being a soldier. So far, it’s amazing and I can’t wait to see how it works out.

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    Surprisingly Good. I admit that I kinda didn't liked the first five chapter, but the following chapter really got my interest. Although the MC is a bit OP-ed but still his a bit balance with the unique personality. I could tell what anime this story got its reference from, Full Metal Panic. That's why my expectations for this story is higher as well other fan of this anime. Good Luck!

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    Auto nope because the ml puts 0 thought into who to protect he clearly isnt much of a soldier if he cant even plan and do backround checks on who he plans to protect then pick someone who deserves it

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    One of a kind novel I read so far, it kinda like the mixture of Fullmetal Panic + Gintama and its not harem but kinda like have the possibility of becoming one. My point being.... I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!

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    LV 10 Badge

    This is great. The writing and plot development leaves much to be desired, having a open background lets you add characters and elements into the story anywhere you want to but it's a bad habit to make. You need to foreshadow and plan more how things can go, stacking events and descriptors one on top of the other does not a story make, that's just bad writing. Even as a comedy you tend to lean towards the more serious side whenever a harsh topic comes up. It's too careless to just change the tone, you have to break the tense atmosphere properly before running with a joke. At times, you corral your character's personality into single sentence or single word statements. If this was purely comedy it's fine but when you mix drama you need to avoid pigeon-holing your characters to stereotypes. This makes them less a person and more like a set piece used to work the scene. You rely too much on light novel tropes who also rely too much on anime tropes. If you're good it works, but like most light novel authors you don't quite realize certain gags work better visually than on text. You should read more wholesome literary comedies or watch more British humor to balance your slapstick with punny wit.

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    Amazing novel. Easily better than most translated novels of this genre. It's pretty realistic as well, there are no villains calling MC a "thrash" at every corner and stuff like that. Romance is great, characters are great, both female and male lead. One advice I would give to the author is to actually make this novel short so he could actually finish it. There is no need for 3000 chapters like some translated novels have.

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    Amazing!! In fact if I do say so myself this Novel is better than the previous one!(Overpowering System) This doesn't mean I don't like his previous one though, i'm just saying it's better. Some may say that is sounds exactly like Beauty and the Bodyguard, but trust me it is NOT. Its may be similar but it different at the same time. Also for those who have a family Member in the Army or in some Military position, thid Novel's MC is a total Military Brat, so highly relatable! ~ Over all another Amazing Story by Lynerparel!

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    I guess it's a fine novel. That remind me a lot Full Metal Panic that I watched years ago when i was still a kiddo. Some kind of comedy/slice of life/misunderstang/romance. Even though, i didn't read a lot (40 chapters) i think i mostly saw everything than can be shown and in the genre that seem quite easy to guess what will happen/will happen not. A good read to relieve you from some boredom. But I will quickly end my read on it for a single big reason. It's premium since chapter 85, they're more than 200+ chapters. That's way too early, i barely got 20-25 gemstone per day (if i don't forget to check). Not adding the fact, it's not some kind of addictive novel, you read it, you can creep a smile time to time but that's all. That's also why the novel is falling in the ranking again and again the more chapters is going on. I can't check if the quality is going down but i don't think so. Think that's simply because it's a premium original with a lot of chapters and the story isn't addictive enough to throw all your wealth into it. They will be some fun joke and funny moments but you can found these moments in others stuffs without having to sacrifice your read on your favorites novels who are more unique. Wishing still good luck to the author, i think that if he's writing that novel just for his own pleasure. That's perfect. If he's writing it to get a living on it, that's going to be a bit more difficult.

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    Gawd and here I was looking for the perfect blend of action and romance Where we're u all my life This novel is phenomenal Lurving every bit of it Lmao Hope u keep the updates stable along with the quality of the chapters I've read soo far Best of luck op =P =2

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    One of the top....Top tier characters with lots of funny misunderstanding and many serious moments...as well as super cool mc and his friends, family and last his top killer Dad...You would die in excitement.. I recommend you to just read only 10 chapters max and You decided whether to read further or not. You won't regret!!! And one thing I am also a author...A Monster In A Human..this is my novel, pls check it out...Sorry for the promotion author san.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Author lynerparel