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3.81% All Time Marksman / Chapter 9: Cave Attack Part 1

Chapter 9: Cave Attack Part 1

``Lifeline as of the moment only make me have two choices to avoid the questioning of this NPC, Anyway I am here for the bandits at the hollow forest and that is what I am here for.`` Jin taped the [OK] for the information. And in an immediate response, the NPC in front of him stopped talking and a green tab appeared in front of Jin.

[You have requested a piece of information on an entity you have granted access for information. Location: South of the Hollow Forest, Forces: Unknown, Type of Enemy: bandits, Levels: 16. Warning: None]

``Ah much better for the exact location of those bastards, this will make m job a lot easier``. Jin drags the tab to the side and then turned around to walk out of the Bounty house.

Jin traveled to the Hollow forest and which is west of the starting town. And while he was about to leave the town he noticed that there are town guards that are roaming around and sure enough, he overheard a gossip that had been plaguing the town for days.

Most town guards are specified in two branches. The first branch called the Order of Guards which is in large cities where NPC are the town guards. Then the next branch the Militia Guard which are the town guards that are built-in Medium size villages and starting towns, which allows players to be a town guard under a player objective and they can get paid.

"Hey, Rin have you heard about the new monster in Hollow forest?"

"Ah! The Black-tailed panther? Yes… But because of the bandits of the skull guarding that panther, I am sure no players have set foot on that spawn point of that monster."

Both of the guards sighed as they felt it was worth nothing if they will get ambushed by the bandits.

Jin arrived at the portal that leads him into entering the Hollow forest. the portal has a wind that was blowing outward which gives travelers a bit of a chill feeling.

``So this is it. I am entering the Hollow forest`` Jin stepped foot inside the Hollow Forest and once he entered a notification appeared in front of him [WELCOME TO HOLLOW FOREST] After that notification appeared in front of him Jin taped the [OK]

and soon enough 3 lone spiked wolves appeared leaping from the left side of the road. Their bodies were a bit bigger than a normal player, And as they looked at Jin they then growled to try and scare Jin.

After they notice Jin did not move an inch their spikes from their back stood like there are a sword sharp weapon. Jin looked at their HP above their names and as he looked at them ``they only have 100 HP easy``


[You must kill all three wolves that are in front of you 0/3, failure: DEATH]

[ EXP: 250 GOLD: 150]

``What a warm welcome indeed, well then you guys will be my warm-up``

Jin unsheathed his Fang sword. Like how he practiced, he concentrated and let his mind focus and then he jolted forward to the middle where a pack of love wolves was growling at him and when he gets nearer to lone spiked wolves Jin then whispered "Blinding Bolt Blue Bullet" after saying that ability, two Blue bullets materialized in front of him.

After that, it fired like a bullet and it was directed to the eyes of the two wolves that were running towards him suddenly got blinded. The two wolves tried to howl but after a few seconds the other wolf suddenly charged towards one of the tree trunks and it hit the wolf's head and it knocked out. Meanwhile, the other wolf dropped to the ground.

Jin using the Blinding Bolt Blue Bullet made him increase his speed then he whispered "Iron Slash!" followed by that skill the Fang Sword gave out an orange aura and when it strikes down the wolf in front of him it was a perfect critical hit. The wolf howled in pain.

[Critical Strike: 90HP damage inflicted]

[25 ability power have been reduced]

After that critical strike, Jin swiftly grips the handle of the Fang sword and swings the Fang sword on the wolf's left rib to the neck. With that slash inflicted Jin was able to kill the Lone Spike Wolf. After killing the Lone Spike wolf a notification appeared in front of him as he stood up.

[Lone spike wolf killed 1/3]

[Item Looted: Lone spiked Fang, Long Spike Fur]

Jin turned around and the other Lone spike wolf is still knocked on the ground because of the Blinding Bolt Blue Bullet.

Jin walked towards the two knocked Lone spiked wolves. And he gets closer he grips the Fang sword. And when he reached the first Lone Spike wolf he then stabs its throat. And another notification appeared in front of him.

[Lone Spike wolf killed 2/3]

[Item Looted: Lone spike Fur, Long Spike Fur]

``I just need to kill the other one over there then I am done with this objective`` Jin walked over to the next Lone spiked wolf and as he did to the other two he stabs the Lone spike wolf on the neck. After that, a notification appeared.

[Objective completed: 3/3 Lone spike Wolf killed, 250 EXP have been added to the character, 150 gold have been deposited in your Inventory.]

[Item Looted: Lone spike Fur, Long Spike Fang]

[Usage of Ability Blind Arrow Blue Bullet (Novice: 2.48%)]

``Mhmm… what kind of experience do I need to get more abilities from the Blood bullet I am really excited for more. Mhmm… Do I need to make all of the Tier 1 abilities to Master class? Mhm…``

After killing all three lone spike wolf Jin headed further into the Hollow Forest to find the cave where the bandits are taking camp. Jin followed what Tan Shan have said and find the cave, and he also mixed the information that the NPC from last time has said.

``South of the Hollow Forest`` As he was traveling Jin, then stumbles upon a cave. Jin whispers "Zero Eye Blue Bullet" Jin's Right eye turned into a Blue and red cross-hair. After that, the whole surrounding has been engulfed into a blueprint-like structure where all objects are able to be seen through. After using the ability Jin has noticed 5 red human figures inside the cave.

[Zero Eye Blue Bullet (Novice: 2.2%)]

Jin unsheathed the Fang sword, After unsheathing his Fang sword the ability has already changed back into the normal view of the world. "It's showtime" He smirked while walking towards the cave that was in front of him. When he was about to enter the cave it was at the time were the group of bandits was going out of the cave. All of the bandits were shocked and immediately go into battle positions. There are 3 swordsman classes, 1 assassin class, and a healer Class.

"Hey... Easy" Jin said as he looks up at them and tightens his grip on his Fang sword. "WHO ARE YOU! AND HOW DO YOU KNOW OUR HIDEOUT!"

After the bandit said those words a Green tab appeared in front of Jin.


[All of the bandits have done all the bad deeds near the Hollow Forest it is time for payback]

[New Tittle will be awarded: The Swordsman of Hollow Forest]

[EXP:200 GOLD:150]

``This is nice a new title this is will be a new good thing for me and for the Blood Bullet Abilities"

Jin without any hesitation dash in forward towards the healer who was on the side near one of the huge rocks, He dashed forward and then leap at one of the rocks and raised his Fang sword to swing it at the Healer which will give him a chance to eliminate their healer first.

ArkAnghel ArkAnghel

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