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An Eternity With You

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Author: Violet_167

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In a trembling voice, she asked, "Where are you? Where are you watching me from?"

"Relax sweetheart. I am not peeking at you through a window if that's what you're thinking. Are you doing something a lady shouldn't be doing? Care to humor me?"

Aurora blushed, understanding what he was insinuating. She didn't like having the wolf in her mind. "I am not doing anything indecent but it is indecent for you to ask that. Are you not a proper man?"

"I guess I am an improper man."
Growing up Aurora heard a beast would one day hunt her down and try to kill her. But Aurora believed it was just a story told to scare her when she misbehaved until she started to have dreams of a creature chasing after her.

“I will come to save you,” the creature promised her in the dreams.

Aurora was confused by these words because she believed she needed to be saved from the beast, so why was the beast promising to save her? Soon enough Aurora will discover the life she knew all along had many secrets and it wasn’t the beast who she needed to be scared of.

The cover was done by IG r.voh.k

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    I love this story. The way Aurora is described and the mystery at the beginning about her mom and the wolf. Not to mention her relationship with her family. Except for her step mother. It’s fun and dark and light all at once. So well written. A must read.

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    Without spoilers, this book is amazing. Good pace, interesting twists, so I expect fascinating cliffhangers in the upcoming chapters. Keep up autour.

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    Exactly the kind of story I like❤️. I just started the story and I love the story and mystery of it. The fact that the siblings of Aurora love her despite the fact that she’s not their real sister 😭 This is a nice book I recommend this book great work author❤️❤️❤️😍🔥

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    The plot is unique. Beginning with the story telling with Aurora and onwards. You find that everything is insighting and addictive. It leaves you begging for more. Love it so much and is in my library. Waiting for more from you. 😍😍😍Keep going 🥇success, 🏅🏅

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    Great read!! I like this authors style. Book kept me captivated!

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    Hi! This book is soooooo goooooodddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! The story deservers a chef's kiss. Please take some time and check it out, k? Cause you won't regret it!

    View 2 Replies

    Author Violet_167