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Apocalypse - Zombie Evolution System Apocalypse - Zombie Evolution System original

Apocalypse - Zombie Evolution System

Author: AllenWorker

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Becoming a Zombie

"Ladies and gentlemen in the audience! Recently, unprecedented bright lights have appeared in the skies of major cities, attracting widespread attention from all sides..."

"On March 21st, at 6 o'clock in the morning, Bird City suddenly experienced intense brightness, turning the entire city into a day-like scene..."

"On April 15th, around 8 o'clock in the evening, even during the night time, Black City also encountered strong lights, causing complaints from the public about difficulties in falling asleep..."

"On June 7th, in the early hours of the morning, the same strong light appeared in the midnight of Sloth City, awakening the people, with some even leaving home to go to work..."

"With the appearance of the strong lights, the daytime has gradually extended, and some cities now have only three hours of nighttime because people can't sleep. To prevent the public from getting bored, some companies have started to give days off..."

"To ease everyone's concerns, our station has invited an expert who will provide us with a scientific explanation..."

Shaun lay on the couch, sipping cola, watching the news on TV, occasionally munching on a few potato chips, feeling relaxed and content.

He paid little attention to the news on TV, such strong lights had not appeared in his hometown.

The reports seemed too distant for him.

At this moment, Shaun was more concerned about the upcoming exams, that was his priority.

"Exams, exams..."

Shaun muttered as he slowly got up from the couch.

Just then, a brilliant light suddenly appeared outside the window, so intense that it was difficult to keep his eyes open.

He rushed to the window, covering his eyes with his hands and squinted, trying to see what was happening outside.

At this moment, he opened his mouth, and his heart pounded.

The blinding light spread throughout the city, as if a divine being had descended, but it brought no prosperity.

Due to this strong light, car accidents occurred one after another on the streets, accompanied by screams and curses.

This time, the intensity of the light was many times stronger than before.

On this day, everyone turned into light!

Shaun quickly pulled the curtains closed, if the light continued to shine, he feared his eyes would be blinded.

Turning back to the TV, he intended to see what was happening!

"Ladies and gentlemen in the audience, our station continues..."

As Shaun turned on the TV, the signal began to distort, and the screen appeared broken.

"Monsters, dear God!"

"Help, save me... Ah..."

The TV started to emit screams and cries for help, the voices full of misery and despair.

Shaun's heart skipped a beat.

This can't be true! Could there be a major catastrophe happening!

He had no time to think as a sudden sharp pain shot through his mind.

It felt as if a bug had crawled into his brain, nibbling on his cerebral matter.

This excruciating pain was something he had never experienced before, and he fainted on the spot.

Shaun's body convulsed uncontrollably, froth dribbling from his mouth, his eyelids twitching, appearing as though he was about to pass away.

His convulsions grew more violent, as if he was performing a full spin on a Thomas the Tank Engine, knocking over the surrounding chairs.

He remained completely unconscious.

Several minutes passed, and the intense pain finally subsided, leaving Shaun in a state of unconsciousness.

His consciousness gradually began to awaken, and he couldn't help but curse.

"What the hell is going on?!"

But he immediately froze; there was no sound, only hoarse growls.

A sense of panic gripped him as he tried to slowly get up.

However, his body felt stiff and unresponsive, causing him to fall to the ground again.

After several attempts, he finally managed to get up, albeit in a strange posture.

At this moment, he noticed that something seemed off with his body.

He lowered his head slowly and heard a faint cracking sound in his neck.

Could it be broken?

He eventually managed to lower his head and headed to the bathroom to see what was going on with his appearance.

The bathroom was not far from the living room, just a few steps away.

However, these few meters felt difficult for him to traverse.

His body seemed out of control, and his legs couldn't bend properly, as if his joints had dislocated. He walked with an incredibly odd gait.

At that moment, he even wondered if he could be a hit at a fashion show.

Not everyone could walk like this.

After a few minutes, Shaun almost dragged himself to the bathroom.

Thankfully, he was used to being alone, so he never closed the bathroom door when using it. If he had to open it now, it would be quite a struggle.

He was grateful for this "advantage."

Slowly approaching the mirror, he looked at his reflection and was stunned.

His face was pale, hair thin, eyes crimson, devoid of any emotions.

His mouth hung open, dribbling saliva incessantly.

An image of a real zombie.

Did I actually turn into a zombie?!

And my body feels so stiff!

Looking at his sparse hair, he resembled a programmer who had been writing code for decades.

His eyes not only turned crimson but also bulged out as if they were about to pop out.

It frightened him to see himself like this.

In this moment of turmoil, a digital interface appeared in his mind, with only one option, labeled as "Host Information."

With a light touch of his mind, the interface appeared before him.

Host: Shaun;

Rank: First-order ordinary zombie;

Evolution Points: 0/100;

Talents: Collapsed Nerves, Virus Infection, Bloody Evolution;

Collapsed Nerves: Due to infection by the zombie virus, many of your nerves have been damaged, giving you the following zombie characteristics:

1. Your body moves slowly, and your joints are stiff, making it difficult to catch up with ordinary humans.

2. You have lost your sense of pain, and your sight and hearing have greatly weakened. However, your sense of smell is sensitive, allowing you to easily detect fresh flesh hundreds of meters away.

3. As a zombie, you no longer experience fatigue; given time, you could stroll around the planet.

4. The zombie virus has enhanced your strength to over three times that of an adult male.

Virus Infection: The zombie virus in your body has strong infectivity, and anyone bitten by you will become one of your kind.

Bloody Evolution: With each additional infected person, the virus in your body will strengthen, and you will gain Evolution Points.

Skills: None;

Evaluation: This is an ordinary and unremarkable little zombie with strength equivalent to that of an ordinary adult male, provided you can catch up with them.

Shaun's mouth twitched slightly, so many words, and it looked impressive, but on closer inspection, he felt weak.

Aren't the zombies in the apocalypse supposed to madly massacre humans?

Why do I appear so weak?

Shaun felt a bit frustrated, he thought he was about to rise to power, but it turned out he was still a weakling.

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