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Apocalypse - Zombie Evolution System

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Author: AllenWorker

3.19 (14 ratings)

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Blood Day Hangs High, the World Mutates! MC Shaun, an ordinary and unremarkable zombie, gains an evolution system in this apocalyptic world. Through countless challenges and hardships, he continuously evolves and ultimately becomes the Zombie King!

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    The premise isn't terrible and is like a lot of web novels, but the MC is basically the god of plot armor.

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    Read what was free for a reference point: The grammar is ok but can use some editing to clarify some things about the system and skills. The stories plot is intertaining but fights are a little lack luster. The story has its a wn unique take on a genre that is used a lot on here. MC doesn’t really face hardships or experience personal growth but he is a zombie. The system I don’t understand how the functions work because it says one thing but MC uses it to do more then what is stated like his inventory must be huge with all those monster parts guns ammo clothes and whatever else he has

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    some might think that the story is boring since its slow on development but when you really read through it it takes a different aproach to the concept of zombie systems...its doesnt make the mc op but slowly develops him not making him powerful only through the system but by using his wits and planning not fully relying on the system...its not a story where the author focuses on a harem or an op mc but the development through the apocalypes...for avid readers i would recommend this but if youre someone who likes fast pace story and an mc who becomes a op character with one quest i would recommend to find another. LOVE THE STORY 😍😍😍

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    It is just bad and boring.................

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    The synopsis is underwhelming but it's a hidden surprisingly good book I will probably continue to read in the future I really hope the author keeps updating the story because as soon as I reach where he has created it I will wait for new chapters because so far it has a great story and some good world building

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    meh . .......................

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    The MC is annoying. Everything goes his way and the author keeps trying to be funny but fails.

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    Author here. Forgive me, this is some encouragement I give myself. I think this book is well written[img=recommend][img=recommend] I want to thank you all for the support, it means so much to me. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in the future.

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    One of the few webnovel i can actually sit down and read. I liked the plot and especially the main character and one of the few novels i almost spent money on. Kinda sad i gotta stop reading at around 45 chapters cuz it was a good read

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    Apart from the Mc lunatic tendencies. It awesome 👏

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    it's a good read that you can pick up and put down. I'm sorry author-san, i couldn't get into it. the start of the zombie apocalypse was more rushed than I'm used to and I'd like my MC to have a slightly faster leveling curve. having said that, I didn't find the grammar issue some people mentioned.

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    Good but chapters are expensive 🫠 so I think I'll drop it sigh...

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    The books is decent compared to a lot of the garbage that finds its way onto this app but there are quite a few issues. Grammar can be poor sometimes with names changing a bit like some MTL novels. Not sure if the comedy is intentional with the whole appearance he portrays and weapons he uses but it’s not very funny. Decent read overall but I decided to drop around chapter 80, just not for me I suppose.

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    a good story spoiled in a very stupid way +-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-+-+-+-++-+-++++++-

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    Author AllenWorker