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Chapter 28: Ch 28 : Monster Parade

A monster parade.

It was a piece of common knowledge in this world. When too many monsters were killed in a dungeon, a horde of monsters would come and create chaos inside the Dungeon.

Anyone else hearing this word would have the same expression as Elicia.

Yet Cade didn't have that much change of an expression on his face.

The reason was none other than because he had long known about this event, and he had asked Grigory to avoid the route that the monster parade would take.

If nothing goes wrong, Cade and Elicia will be able to safely avoid the monster parade and inform the teacher about the monster parade.

But as always, sometimes what you wanted was not what you get.

No matter how hard you tried to plan things through, there was always a chance that your plans go south.

Just when Cade and Elicia were about to be able to safely escape, a few students out of nowhere came with the monster parade and ran in the direction of Elicia and Cade.

They have equally sorry expressions, but what could they do. To be able to live, they would not cade if it was to sacrifice other people's life.

And now they had made their choice, which was to sacrifice Cade and Elicia for them to escape.

" Damn.. Elicia, prepare for battle!"

Cade no longer hesitated and summoned his Spectre Dullahan.

He felt pretty stupid. Now that he thinks about it, there was indeed this scene in the game. But because it was only in the backstory, Cade had almost forgotten about this.

In the first Dungeon Exploration, Elicia was slandered to have led a group of monsters parade against other students, dropping her reputation to the bottom of the school.

But now that Cade saw it directly, it seems that there was more to this story than what one could see.

A big tusked boar had appeared. It was a boar that spanned about a few meters in length.

Well, it couldn't be said to be a very big deal as Cade had dealt with monsters like this all over the Dungeon.

However, things will turn grave if one gets stabbed by its giant tusk, and this time, the thing was not alone.

Once it came out, several more appeared within the Dungeon.

It was the characteristic of a monster parade, and even though only a small part of the monster parade was eld here, it could still bring huge trouble to Cade.

' Damn.. those little guys, I will really fuck them over after this dungeon exploration was over.'

Cade murmured silently in his heart, yet he still kept his focus on the hordes of boars.

The giant tusked boar noticed us and headed in our direction, one after the other.

As of now, there are five of them.

" Spectre Dullahan, finish them one by one!"

Following the command of Cade, Spectre Dullahan slashed the neck of the nearest boar.

It was a perfect surprise attack that the first boar did not expect. Yet, things would get harder for the next four.

One of the Tusked Boar tried to aim at Spectre Dullahan.

Spectre Dullahan was faster, though. It moved around, swung its sword down, and aimed at its neck.

The power behind the sword slash was no joke. Once it hit the neck of the Tusked Boar, the head of the Tusked Boar separated from its body like there was no resistance.

Once its neck separated, black smoke appeared from the giant Tusked Board as it vanished, Just like in the examination room. Once a monster died in the Dungeon, it would leave nothing but dropped items and ashes.

The tusk was a big nuisance, but since they could only move straight, Cade could still somehow manage to handle the horde of five Tusked Boar.

"Alright, that's two! Now for the third!"

Cade turned around. What was left in the original five tusked boars was only three.

Cade's mind began to brew some ideas about how to deal with them without many casualties.

Being careful about their strong tusk, Cade commanded the Spectre Dullahan to take a roundabout path while continuing to swing down its blade.

Yet, sometimes, luck was also a deterrent factor in battle. This time, the hide of the boar was too tough for the swing to instakill, and even though the boar was injured, it was still pretty lively.

" Shit.. Spectre Dullahan, dodge!"

Cade gave his command immediately in response. And fortunately, it was in time.

With just a few scratches, Spectre Dullahan was able to escape the tusk of the tusked boar.


The Tusked Boar's attack hit nothing, but it still left a deep crack on the ground.

If it was to hit Spectre Dullahan, Cade could see Spectre Dullahan not come unscathed from this attack.

In the game, turn-based combat meant that one would have to receive the enemy's attacks, but in reality, even the smallest injury would be fatal.

It's not like Spectre Dullahan could not manage to even receive the smallest injuries. Nonetheless, even a small injury could be dangerous if it was left for too long, and that was also the reason why Cade was very careful.

"It's really hard to deal with them when one is surrounded.."

Cade clicked his tongue in annoyance.

As of him right now, he did not have access to a big-scale attack. And even though it seemed to be slight, it was hard for him to manage a group battle.

Yet when Cade thought that he would still struggle a bit against the Tusked Boars, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly froze a bit as Cade suddenly felt a chill from his back.

" Millenium Freeze!"

A voice resounded from behind, followed by the narrow path which now was filled with ice and the tusked boars were frozen still without any hope of doing anything.

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