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Chapter 39: Ch 39 : Two battle

"How is this possible?" Feeling the steady climb of aura that came out from Cade's pressure, the man's insipid face finally revealed a shocked expression.

Within the dark atmosphere that came out from Cade's body, it was as if the man had just walked through hell. It was like an illusion, but the illusion could not be more real than ever.

In the midst of this strange atmosphere, the man raised his head as he watched Cade, which now had a completely different tone around his body.

A moment later, his expression gradually turned grave as he growled in a low voice, "Boy, what is this…"

It was not at all strange that the man would feel so shocked. The situation was way too bizarre that even in a world where common sense had begun to shift like this world, things seemed like it was out of common sense.

"Don't tell me this brat originates from one of those forces?" A shocking thought flashed across the man's heart.

It could not be helped, though. Something like this, only organizations that worked in the underground could do it.

Under the shock of the frightening and aloof strength of those forces, he found it difficult to keep his heart calm.

" Boy, you must be from the underworld, right? We are both spies from the underworld, so shouldn't we…"

" Hyahahahahaha, do you think we are the same? Kiddo… you are too naive! Do you think we are on the same strata? I'll tell you now, I could kill you with a flick of my hand."

Out of nowhere, Cade who previously stood in front of him disappeared, and when he reappeared, he had now reappeared next to

The man who previously had gradually recovered his calm began to sweat in nervousness. What was that speed?

Even he who had merged with a monster and some of the higher executives could not have that kind of speed. Unless..

His expression was grave as his dry pair of hands grasped each other.

The only thing that was on his mind right now was to survive. And seeing that Cade would give him no way of escape, he had no other way but to fight back.

" Kid, There's a saying that a cornered beast is the most dangerous, so you should not be so presumptuous!!"

Following his call, the two Ogre hand was raised and was thrown at Cade's direction with a speed that was close to the speed of sound.

Even a rank (VI) Arcane Card would have a hard time avoiding this attack, yet for some reason, Cade was standing there with a smile on his face. Not a trace of worry or even care about the attack.

Surrounding him, the dark luster that previously was only like a fog began to condense, and it created an armor that easily blocked the attack of the man.


" Hehe, what do you mean by Impossible.. This is why humans are worthless. They didn't know when to stop."

Following the words, shapeless energy was scattered from his hands in a lightning-like manner and entered the man's mind. After which, the man felt like the world was spinning, and when he regained back his consciousness, he had been transported into a strange room with a big guillotine right in front of him.

" Cade, let me tell you. This is how you should be dealing with guys like this."

At this time, only Grigory's voice could be heard resounded throughout the room.

. . . . . . . . .

" Isabel-Sensei, cover me!"

When Cade and Grigory was having their time with the man who was actually the real perpetrator behind the incident, Aurum and the others were currently having the battle of their life.

Well… battle of their life might be a bit exaggerated, but it still was a big battle that was a new experience for them, especially for Aurum.

Led by Isabel, who took the brute force of Big Arcane Card attack, Luna, Eva, Alice, and Aurum attacked from the sides.

The three beautiful girls were all super strong and could be said as the top talent in humanities, but surprisingly, other than Isabel Sensei, the one that actually had the most impact in this battle was Aurum.

That time when he thought Luna was gravely injured, Aurum was able to unlock his special mode, the Brave mode, which would get stronger with the number of comrades on his side.

On this Brave mode, the Arcane Card fused into Aurum's body as aura, and it gave him a huge enhancement in strength and toughness that he wouldn't even lost from one with a real possession type Arcane Card, or even.. stronger.

" Hyahhh!!!!!"

Utilizing the moment where the Big Arcane Card suddenly became silent, Aurum slipped through his big body and went right for the head.

With a slightly calmer mind, he put the remaining energy of the Brave mode into his right hand. A bright light flashed from his body as though a flash bomb had exploded.

Aurum's palm opened, and a red ball of energy appeared as it emitted pressure and heat befitting its brightness. Unable to withstand the ball of energy's power, the moment Aurum fired the energy ball, his hand felt like it had been torn open. His body fell down as the brave mode ended, and he temporarily entered a weak period, while he writhed in unendurable pain.

Fortunately, the attack which he put all his energy into didn't miss its target. It flew along the intended trajectory, striking the Big Arcane card's chest, almost poking a hole in it.

Bull's eye.

Even though the attack was not strong enough to kill the Big Arcane Card in one hit, it had opened a lot of chances for others to attack.

Isabel especially didn't want to miss this opportunity.

The moment she saw the Big Arcane Card writhing in pain from Aurum's attack, she had let go of all her defense and focused on attacking.

A blaze of fire was emitted from the Phoenix's body, as it flashed and went for the one-shot kill.

At that moment, a deep growl rang out. The Big ARcane Card was burned to death and only let a few painful shriek before it eventually succumbed to its fate.

It seemed Isabel had finally did it.


Feeling strength leaving their body, a sigh came out naturally as Aurum and the girls could finally rest for a bit.

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