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11.11% Beast Monster System / Chapter 1: The Savior Boy!

The Savior Boy! - Beast Monster System - Chapter 1 by CowboyLikeMe full book limited free

Beast Monster System Beast Monster System original

Beast Monster System

Author: CowboyLikeMe

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Chapter 1: The Savior Boy!



"Captain! What do we have to do?!"


"We're gonna die!"




"Everyone, come closer to me!"


"No!! I'm too young to be dead! I haven't even gotten my first kiss!"


"We'll use the combination of my ability and Cole's, we'll be alright."






"Get ready for the battle, those monsters are coming," said a dramatic whisper.


Northern America, Planet Earth, Year 2510.

8 minutes ago there was an accident of a high-tech spaceship, it was a very bad accident, the spaceship exploded and shattered into the smallest pieces, the explosion created a large black smoke, but somehow the crews of the spaceship are all safe, although none of them are now conscious.

There are 10 crews, they are Aksel Lynch, Blake Carpenter, Chandler Greenwood, Jade Jennings, Curtis Stevens, Jake Vaughn, Cole Kinsman, Shawn White, Rosemarie Marsh, and Cheryl White, 9 of them are teenagers between the age of 15-17, only Jake is the adult, he is a 34 years-old man.

All of them are only 100 meters away from the location where their spaceship exploded, they're fainting on the ground and they are still wearing their own particular suit. They're not separated, although all of them aren't gathered at 1 spot either, it's very surprising that at maximum they're at a distance of 1.5-2 meters away from one to another.

It's been only 8 minutes long since the big explosion of the spaceship happened, but there are already a few 'members' of a strange creature that have found the crews, and they (these creatures) don't seem nice at all.

Although they are strange creatures, their appearance doesn't seem strange at all. They look like giant apes, but they walk and stand with 2 feet instead of 4. They're also quite huge, their height is around 3.5-4 meters, and only judging by how they acted, everyone would be guessing that they have equal smartness as humans.

There are 5 'members' of this ape-look-like creature, and each of them is now getting ready to carry 2 crews, but as they all just about to do that, shockingly Cole Kinsman released 5 little 'bombs' from both of his hands.

"Multiple Little Bombs!" shouted Cole as he used his skill. He succeeded in firing them with his little bombs, but all 5 of them also succeeded in avoiding the surprise attack.

Although Cole didn't succeed in killing them, at least he succeeded in saving all of his friends' lives, because his attack toward these 5 strange giant apes gave Jake and the others a chance to save their lives as well by stay back from those 5 creatures, and Cole himself did the same thing, and it turns out that all the crews are actually didn't really fainting.

"Is everyone okay?" asked Jake to all the teenagers.

"Yes, captain!" replied all of them.

"Nice. Good job, Cole, Rosemarie, you both had saved our lives," said Jake to Cole and Rosemarie afterward.

[You Have Finished The Quest, 20 EXP Has Been Granted]


A notification message in a status screen then appears only for Rosemarie, a brown-skinned soft girl who got praise from Jake earlier.

"U-uh …" the girl with her cute voice looks a little surprised by this notification, she hasn't really used to this thing yet.

[You Have Finished The Quest, 35 EXP Has Been Granted]


Just the same as Rosemarie, Cole also gets a new notification message in a status screen that only can be seen by him.

'The EXP is almost at the maximum number, I'm about to level up, huh? It's so cool, I've only got three quests, guess I was born to be a master of the system,' thought Cole afterward, his confidence growing so high after he found out that he's about to be on level 2 of his system.

"You're celebrating too early, we still need to fight these ugly monkeys," spoke Blake Carpenter to Jake, he's the cool guy on this team and quite sassy sometimes, he also is the most powerful one among all the teenagers, and he looks so ready to fight those 'ugly monkeys'.

"They're Bigfoots, they're the ruler of Northern America at the moment, you guys have been told about them, they're so powerful and smart, they're so dangerous as well and they can fight so well, so don't ever underestimate them," explained Jake. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_54336622962994154">!_54336622962994154</a> for visiting.

'So … these are the Bigfoots …?' thought Aksel Lynch, he looks scared now, his face paled, his hands quivered without him realising. Just then, his back went cold. Fear crept into his bone, he keeps stepping backward while swallowing his saliva. None of his friends are as scared as him now, they all look ready for the fight, but he doesn't.

'I can't … I shouldn't be scared … I'm not weak anymore, I have the system, and I am here now to save the human race as well as the Earth, these Bigfoots are nothing, but …' he continued, then some voices started to play in his mind.

'You're a shame.'

'You are nothing rather than a burden.'

'You shouldn't have been born from the beginning, I'm ashamed of you.'

'You're a failure, you're my biggest mistake and biggest regret, I wish you would never be born.'

'You're so weak, as your dad, I am very disgusted with you.'

Those voices succeeded in making Aksel stop stepping backward, although he's now in the back of all of his teammates.

'No … I can't keep scared, I'm here to make him proud, I'm here to make him see me as his son, not as his biggest shame, failure, and regret. My system will help me, I'll fight these monsters without any fear,' said Aksel to himself afterward in his mind, his confidence probably had increased a little bit now.

"Humph." One of the Bigfoots then surprisingly chuckled a little and made a smirk on its lips, these things make Aksel and all of his teammates very shocked now because of the way the Bigfoot acted … it's a very human way

"So you guys now got a little information about us? But I doubt it will be useful, you all will have the same ending as your predecessor, and it looks like we will have so many delicious meats from fresh young humans as our dinner tonight, what a day," said that Bigfoot afterward, and it's a very shocking thing for Jake and the others.

'Th-they can talk?!' thought Aksel, the Bigfoot succeeded in making his fear grow and decreasing his confidence.

"Captain, what happened? How are these monkeys able to talk?!" Jade asked Jake, she looks quite panic now and this is the first time all of them seeing her be like this, Jade is pretty much like Blake, but she's way sassier than him, she's the cool and badass girl, so it's a rare thing to see her becomes quite panic like this.

"You guys, they're not monkeys, they're Bigfoots," Curtis Stevens then gave his protest in an annoyed tone, hearing his friends keep referring to these Bigfoots as monkeys making him irritated.

"Shut the f*ck up, Curt! We don't need your opinion here!" replied Jade, her response of course made her teammates quite shocked.

"M-miss Jade-"

"If you're trying to tell me that I'm being too harsh, I swear I'll stick your mouth with my sock!" Jade also immediately interrupted Rosemarie who always told her that she's too harsh and mean to other people.

"And for god damn sake stop calling me 'Miss'! I've told you multiple times about this, please use your ears rightfully!" continued Jade.

"Y-yes, J-jade …" said Rosemarie afterward with a very low tone, her cute voice was almost like whispering. Rosemarie really is the opposite of Jade in terms of attitude, she's very soft and kind-hearted, and she can only be silent now.

While he's on the rearmost position, Aksel still can't throw his fear of these Bigfoots to the point that he then steps backward again.

'I think I'm not the right person to be one of the saviours, The Martians shouldn't have high hopes for me …' thought Aksel, he keeps stepping backward and doesn't even realize that there's one more Bigfoot that is now standing only 1 meter away behind him and about 4 meters away behind the other 'Saviours'.

The boy keeps stepping back to the point he finally hits the Bigfoot behind him. He looks surprised when he realizes that he had hit something behind him, and slowly Aksel then turns his head back to see what's the thing that he had just hit.

"Oh, no," said him after he finds out that it's a 4 meters-tall Bigfoot, the monster that he is scared of. This is a nightmare for him.

The Bigfoot then shows him a very big smile, before he's being choked so strongly by this monster, and his body is also lifted to the air.

"H-help …" spoke Aksel, the choke's too strong, his voice even almost couldn't be heard.

CowboyLikeMe CowboyLikeMe

Welcome to my first story! Please leave some stones here to make me update the story faster, thank you. Follow me on insta @authorcowboylikeme

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