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Quote of the main character
"With Binding system as my trump card, I will become the strongest man in the world and sit on my throne with beautiful women in my arms."

What would you do if you died and God transmigrated you to another world?
What would you do if Gods and Goddess watches and comments on your adventures?
What would you do if you could communicate with Gods and Goddesses?

Xiao Ming, the grandson of the Ruler, fell off a cliff when he was training martial arts with his father.
When he thought he was dead, he found himself transported to a parallel world where monsters and powerful people ruled the world.
Luckily, one of the goddesses gave him a system to help him survive in his new world and achieve his dream.
"You awaken the mage class? You awaken the Archer class? You awaken the Knight class?" Xiao Ming behaved normally. "I only need to bind my system to someone and I can awaken that person's class. In other words, I can awaken all three classes."
Xiao Ming, the grandson of the Ruler, decides to continue his dream in his new life.
Follow him as he embarks on his journey to become the Ruler and bind his system to beautiful women.

In the early chapters there were lots of jokes about boy toy and sugar mama.
I know some of you feel uncomfortable about that.
I'm trying to change them, but I can't do it quickly because some of them are related to the story.
However, please keep reading. The jokes stopped after they officially became lovers.
I don't do that joke anymore.
If you keep reading, you might like this book.

*** discord server= https://discord.gg/22hqV9gPn3

*Tags=Slice of life, action, MILF, romance, fantasy, adventure, beautiful female leads, handsome male lead, older love interests, harem, multiple identities, secret identity, Elf, R-18, transmigration, magic, knight, archer, demon, Gods, leveling up.

*Xiao Ming is the grandson of Xiao Tian, my main novel.
* My main novel is Illicit relationship

PS: I don't own the cover. I got it from pinterest.

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    first this novel look like what I would read harem,r18,magic hope that MC is smart and don't look weak in front of girls I hope author you can tell me ? and finally author I have rule I don't read novel till it reach 100 chapters this authors are not finishing there novels I need to be cautious so when you hit 100 I will star I'm waiting because i don't have what to read

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    Nice novel. I'm waiting for another beautiful harem. hmm hmm. Just like that.

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    The novel got off to a good start. As always, there are beauties in heaven. I can't say I don't like it. more beginning. I wonder how it will develop.

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    Honestly, I'm genuinely enjoying this novel, but I have two complaints -- one is a minor, subjective thing that I personally am not a fan of, but I am only including it for the sake of honesty because it should be noted that most people would disagree with me. This first criticism is that the development of the harem itself is extremely slow given the limited available content. If there were three thousand chapters out, the speed of their inclusion and the development of the relationships would be fine. But 130 chapters in, he is only technically with a single person. There are two others who are "potential" members, but there is no knowing when they will make that happen. Most people like slow developments, and I am not criticizing it as objectively wrong, but it certainly is a slow burn. The second criticism is a real one, however, and I feel most people would agree with that. The author's writing style became, VERY quickly, extremely repetitive. He will repeat the exact same sentence in several variants back to back to back, as though the reader was incapable of grasping his point without having it forced down their throat. This is the perfect example, and a true outtake from the book in chapter 131: After talking with Ace for several minutes, Layla suddenly felt sleepy. "Ace, I'm sleepy." It was raining heavily, and it felt comfortable in Ace's arms, so she suddenly felt sleepy. "If you are sleepy, you can sleep now." Ace told her to sleep if she was sleepy. " That's a real series of sentences really pulled from the real novel. And that's not an outlier moment, there are examples of that style throughout the entire thing -- frankly, it becomes extremely annoying, but given the positive aspects surrounding it, it's bearable to a degree.

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    It's an actually funny novel, something I don't see all that often on webnovel these days. Furthermore the characters I've met so far are likeable and it's all in all a great story

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    LV 14 Badge

    I enjoyed it for quite some time but after a while it started feeling like author no longer put any effort into being consistent. he just writes whatever with no regards for the plot holes it creates, making it suddenly feel very one dimensional and forced.

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    author suck. update rate suck. story suck. don't read.

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    update rate sucks..........................

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    Love your book. Kindly please increase the chapter release. Please use grammaly for spelling and grammar mistakes. Looking forward to future chapters hopefully will get writing quality like your other novel and some lemon scenes.

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    LV 12 Badge

    could be fun .. keep it up .. needs more gods and better quests and system usage by mc .. ....................................................................

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    An interesting take in the "gods are watching you" theme, promising, i just hope It dosent go to the old, family or jealuos people killed the old owner of the body, well, its just me wanting something fresh, and up till now It sure felt. ๐Ÿ˜

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    I am enjoying this book. I found it on Amazon kindle but the next book was not coming out after two months so I searched for the author to find more current updates here. Now I have caught up and am looking forward to future updates and future kindle versions. It is an interesting outlook look on the world.

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    Hello author! I would like to know if there is ntr in the work (I hope not) or yuri (I hope not). I would also like to know how many girls are currently in the harem, and if there are any yanderes... please answer me.

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    Reminds me with a novel that I liked a lot but it stopped releasing chapters for more then a year. It was really good one since the drama and action And main lead are all amazing. By the way, if someone is interested, this is the title. bending to geniuses to become stronger

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    i like it human.......................................................... ................. ................ ................ ................

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    Reveal Spoiler
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    Author Shooting_Star