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Playboy Cultivator in the Apocalypse

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Author: Margrave

4.21 (55 ratings)

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Kaze survived the apocalypse five millennia ago.

Was crowned the emperor of the five planes.

Dubbed leader of a harem of immortals.

Enjoyed a truly flawless reputation.

Evolved into a living legend.

And declared a sex god.

It was nearly reality.

Becoming a god.

A real one.


He lost it all.

Got sent to the past.

Transmigrated into his old body.

22 days before the apocalypse began.

However, things would be different this time.

Kaze had techniques and knowledge of the future.

A chance to save his past lovers from death.

Had the luxury of enjoying his power.

So he decided to stick around.

Build a lavish party base.

Enjoy modern living.

Live as a playboy.

Dual cultivate.

Love again.

And so.

Kaze acted.

Built his reputation.

Acquired wealth and fame.

Trained, protected, and led mortals.

Built an offensively decadent settlement.

And partied it up in a monster-festered hellscape.


PlayCult is a serious apocalypse novel. However, it has frequent lemons, charm, romance, and humor.

The story becomes faster-paced and increasingly action, adventure, and harem-focused as it progresses.

Sexual content. No cheating; no yuri. #AbsurdlyFaithful


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    LV 11 Badge

    This is what a dual cultivation novel looks like after a double tap of horse testosteron and an eight week crash course in classic literature. I've learned every pretentious word imaginable used the most rudest way possible. I tried showing off my new vocab to my dad and he hasn't talked to me in three days. That's how you know it's 🔥 Truck full of lemons driven by an op, charming sociopathic mildly probably actually super toxic but extremely enjoyable mc. As for the apocalypse... 😉. Read it.

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    Q&A and roast sesh! Please keep your reviews excessively clean; even l mao and c rap get reviews filtered. You can find more reviews with [minor] expletives marked out 👇 My review: 7/10, making it a true Christmas miracle. This novel’s ambition is brutally constrained by pressure to develop fast, squeeze in lemons, build power, and develop characters. Yet I did it some how. #biased It's also a real apocalypse novel with dual cultivation. Look, folks. There's nothing charming about picking up feral women on the road. So I had to find a charming solution for that too. It's 🔥 PlayCult’s special because the characters start normal, but the apocalypse twists and warps their personalities into more entertaining characters, especially Evalyn’s. One woman [naturally develops] into a yandere. You’re welcome. I hope the blend of comedy, cliches, and realism resonates with you. If not, roast me mercilessly, and I’ll thank you for helping me improve as an author. Thank you for reading!

    View 69 Replies

    ok so coming here from Harem God and having read several cultivation novels I must say I am thoroughly loving how well the styles are blending. wonderful OP MC but not a tool

    View 2 Replies

    Margrave is my favorite author so I suppressed my desire to review until the story lived up to the title and don't give it the full 5/5 like I wanted to be helpful. Story development: 5/5 but subjective. The story starts out ridiculously funny and charming as the mc garners funds for his faction. I'd read the novel if it were just for that, it's like the berserk golden era arc. Then the apocalypse hits and the the tone shifts for the serious in a landslide. It's also incredible but it's intense enough to temporarily make it feel like another novel, but the charm does return. If you're a fan of both serious apocalypse novels and dual cultivation you'll be in heaven. It's all enjoyable quality, but you must readjust. After the mini arc it goes back to the safe, well built faction clueless, excited faction members getting op and partying it up after the first day. The charm and humor returns as if the apocalypse hasn't happened and the novel lives up to its title and makes the novel super satisfying. Pacing: It starts ridiculously fast, sometimes loving one day or more per chapter. Then it slows to a crawl for a couple dozen chaps to introduce the apocalypse and set up the faction. Now it's speeding up again as the leveling up returns. It's not a problem but you should prepare yourself. Character design: 10/5. Margrave has the best character development on the site by a mile. Kaze is the goat from chapter 8 on. Evalyn transforms from a perfectly stereotypical college girl into a badmf in ten chapters and it's unforced. There's a landslide of increasingly horrible things that occur that keep stretching her humanity further and further until she snaps. However, she doesn't just become a cold sociopath after. It's more like sociopathy and her old personality are fighting. It's fascinating. Writing quality: the quality of the dialogue is the best Margrave has written. The grammar is great but there's at least one typo per chapter. Humor: Naturally funny, extremely clever, not forced. The mc bribes police officers with the same confidence he flirts with his teacher on video. It's naturally comical, but it's not die laughing funny or have references like his other novels. It's intentionally limited to balance serious apocalypse with charming dual cultivation which is kind of a let down because anyone who has read Harem God knows Margrave is a water faucet of hysterical humor and he's intentionally not turning it on regularly. It's hilarious by other novel standards but Margrave's not embracing something he excels at. World background: 3/5 perfect where it matters. The apocalypse and faction are super detailed and immersive but the speed is far to fast in the beginning to get a good feel of the city. Conclusion: Worth it.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    LV 11 Badge

    Okay, it's chapter 300 and I felt obligated to painstakingly dredge out a quote for you all. Xiao: "Who are you people!?" Kiera: “Apocalyptic beginners cultivating during Earth’s futuristic, great hellscape. I just know like-minded nobodies—overseeing people quickly rushing survival training—understand very well Xiao Yin Zhang.” Xiao: That's not my name, I'm not even oriental! Kiera: "I won't mess up my word game to pretend like you matter. Check your privilege." 🥲 If this quote doesn't say it all, a review won't help you.

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    What is happening here and I don't believe the rating is real. This work doesn't deserve this rating bots I presume. too much cringe from the beginning I could not read any more.

    View 3 Replies

    Absolutely amazing. Couldn't put it down. Author managed to write in such a way that you actually excitedly waited for a character to make a potentially poor decision so that you could witness their growth through adversity. And the MC actually presents a personality and mind of someone long lived, while balancing that with someone who is also trying to make the best of his new life.

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    This is the author best book. He succeeded in turning a crazy plot into something very realistic, balanced and with close to none childish wish fulfillment despite the debaucherous plot, and the characters actually feel alive as they constant grow and change. Mc friendship with Kaze his male sidekick is very charming and funny to read and seeing him growing and developing his relationship with Evelyn constantly makes you want to see what comes next for them. As the growing harem as well. Definitely a must read.

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    LV 15 Badge

    I read harem god first and then this. I get the idea of hating tropes and everything however in my opinion you're doing a great job at making the tropes look like jokes and its increasingly entertaining. keep it up. I hope you can stay being an author instead of having to get a menial job. I will use you're success as an inspiration to do the same. best of luck

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    As a man of culture, I came here to read a *cough* intellectual inquiry into the heart of cultivation, and wasn't disappointed. I came to support my favorite fruit 🍋 and boosted the economy. I came to study high culture and left enlightened. I came... *cough cough cough*

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    Character design: Haha the MC sounds like an emperor… hmmm, bravo, he talks like an emperor... oh… he makes the cut for a real emperor IRL. --- Cultivators, militaries, and dissidents attack him simultaneously and find themselves playing chess against the ruthless AI on max difficulty. He doesn't even need to be OP to win. Story Development: Hilarious till the apocalypse, dark until the faction, barely makes the cut for 40 chapters, and then… BOOM! You're slammed with an avalanche of crazy developments. Level ups, violence, romance, lemons, partying, ruthless politics, face slapping. I honestly don't see an end in sight. Those 40 chapters are like rafting down a gentle development river before hitting class 4 rapids and launching off a waterfall. World Background: Surreal. When the apocalypse hits, you're thrust into a fully immersive death trap. Then you're relaxing in a mountain resort filled with happy ignorant people, and it leaves you shivering, wondering where things will explode and ruin everything. Writing Quality: Art. The language, dialogue, and descriptions are always clever and artistic. The grammar is excellent. Typos here or there, but it's a web novel. It's a petty price to pay. Stability of Updates: Never missed a day. Conclusion: It's a novel for winners, so I'll see you in the comments.

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    I'm liking the story so far. It maybe a cultivation novel but it shows a different perspective than other books and I think it's doing a great job at it. The author is really good at story telling you should check out his other novels as well if ya haven't already

    View 0 Replies

    Title misleading. 10/10 novel. Thought it would be hot garbage to pass the time but can’t put it down. Author is a wordsmith with character development and interaction which is an absolute marvel. This needs more attention and rightfully so. Thank you and I hope to see more. Review as of chapter 161

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    best writing quality ive seen on this site and i love the mc

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    If you are a man of culture, just read bro. Great novel [img=recommend]

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    At the time of this review I am a little over 200 chapters in. I scarcely write reviews, but this novel deserves it. Kaze is a great MC, and while overbearing at times with his arrogance, is a great blend of charm, power, and intelligence. The character development is one of the strongest aspects of this novel, along with the civ building being very well done and thought out. Though it does sometimes feel as though I've gone through a crash course of economics 101 after a chapter, though its not a bad thing in a novel that focuses on building a kingdom/civilization. I will also warn and encourage future readers to push past some of the "questionable" decisions Kaze makes towards the start and middle of the story. Kaze/author tends to hold back information from the reader and other characters which makes certain actions seem strange at the time. However, once said information is revealed it all comes together. There is also a lack of background for the rest of the world outside of the country it takes place in, however at this point in the story it doesn't necessarily feel required. Overall, great characters, good story progression, well thought out civ building, and most importantly, plenty of lemons to pluck. Definitely worth reading

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    ReAd thIs nOvEl !... Okay so I am only around 20 chapters in but felt the need to stop to praise this book An absolutely outstanding piece of writing, was a little unsure on the style at first but manages to capture the style of a returner in a way that will make others novels of its kind as simplistic Thank you author for gifting this piece of gold, at a time I was starting to drift from webnovel. Wish I could give more than 5 stars

    View 1 Replies

    This novel does too much, and falling short of it's ambition would earn it a ~3.5 star from me. However, there's a character named Kiera who wins 10 stars for being the yandere queen. This lady insults everyone but the mc so much that she speaks her own language. Literally. She creates insults by chopping apart slang and slapping it onto analogy words for maximum social death. I'm not sure if she's ever repeated an insult despite using 20 new ones a chapter. She's super cute and endearing around the mc, and gets better by the chapter. I love her. For Kiera alone I give the author five stars.

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    The best thing about this novel is the writing. I love the author’s word choices. So much alliteration, and great word choices for specific sentence lengths and paragraph spacing, make the pages come alive. The story is great too. The main characters are always growing, and the way the author jumps the time line back and forth for different points of view is great. The world building is coming along slowly but surely and I have great expectations for it.

    View 2 Replies

    After reading a few chapters... these reveiw seem faker than trumps hair so I gotta give it what it deserves.

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    Author Margrave