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Bookworms and Runways

LGBT+ 50 Chapters 7.0K Views
Author: L.R. Weltmann

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While trying to fulfill his dream of being a published author, Isaac works at a bookshop and tries to heal from the broken heart that his ex left him with.

Sean is a supermodel working for his famous father. After being saved from a mugger, Sean asks his freckled angel out on a date. Being caught by paparazzi, Sean’s father forces his son to date Isaac for the publicity, in return for his freedom after the Autumn Fashion Show.

Isaac struggles with the attention, and Sean’s guilt at using him threatens to tear them apart.
“I’m…kind of in a contract, with my dad. But he's willing to end the contract early, so for the first time I’m actually able to think of what else I want to do with my life.”

Isaac nodded. “That’s exciting and terrifying.”

It would be better with Isaac at his side, Sean thought, but once he was free, he didn’t know if he’d be able to look Isaac in the eye.
"Bookworms and Runways" is created by L.R. Weltmann, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

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