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Unlimited Sword Domain

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Author: WeiNuan

4.66 (14 ratings)

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Five hundred years ago, the world was suddenly invaded by alien lifeforms. All countries were defeated in an instant, and a world government was formed to protect the human race on the earth. Facing the menacing alien civilization, the first strong man on earth awakened his ability and began to protect the earth from the invasion of alien civilization. Until now, most of the people on earth are fighting to protect the earth.
As for our protagonist, he was born an orphan, and the orphanage was immediately demolished. He had no choice but to live on the streets, feeling unfair to the world. Until he meets four children who change his life, let us wait and see what different life they will bring to him.
Big Brother: Noah
Second brother: John
Third brother: Jeptha
Fourth sister: Annie
Younger sister: Ying

This book is like a door leading to uncharted territories. Open it, and you will be transported into a world woven with suspense, fantasy, and profound emotions.

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    Thank you so much for reading and following! Your support is the driving force propelling me forward. In the world of words, we share thoughts and emotions, appreciating every moment spent together. Looking forward to continuing this journey of growth with you, sharing more beautiful stories and experiences. Once again, thank you for your companionship and support.

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    The story unfolds with a brilliant narrative, captivating readers with its depth and intrigue. The character design, while not flawless, adds a unique charm to the unfolding drama, making the cast relatable and engaging. The insatiable appetite for the tale prompts a plea for the author to amplify their creative output. Readers eagerly request more chapters per day, urging the writer to embrace the relentless pursuit of their craft. The call is clear: do not rest, let the imagination flow, and grant us the pleasure of a continuous journey through the captivating chapters of this exceptional story.

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    While the story captivated my interest and held its own, I couldn't help but draw comparisons to the last book I read, which, in my opinion, surpassed this one. The narrative was engaging, but the previous book had a certain magic that elevated it to a higher level. Despite giving this story a respectable 4-star rating, the characters' designs seemed reminiscent of the earlier read, lacking the innovative touch that would have set them apart. It's not that the characters weren't well-crafted; they just felt a bit too familiar. In the end, the tale was enjoyable, but the shadow of the exceptional previous book loomed large, making it difficult to award a perfect rating. Nevertheless, it remains a commendable effort with room for improvement.

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    Dedicated to romance novels, I casually clicked on a book with a less appealing title. Initially, I just wanted to check the content, but to my surprise, the storytelling and scene descriptions were remarkably captivating. Impressed by the unexpected brilliance, I've decided to put this book on hold. I'll wait for the author to pen more chapters before delving further, hoping they maintain this excellent quality. Here's to the author skillfully steering the narrative, avoiding any pitfalls, and keeping readers from disappointment. [img=exp]

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    What an exceptional read, it with its compelling narrative and engaging storyline. Among them, Noah stands out as a particularly compelling character, as he not only possesses a kind heart but also continually strives to improve himself and acquire new skills to protect those he cares about. Do your best my friend.

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    First at all, honestly it has some mistake of the sentence, but the author will correct it immediatly. This is the point I gave a high marks of this novel. No matter what else is good, as long as you focus on reader, it is the best. Next, the world background for now are still in earth, but I can guess that after it will began the new planet or new world. Sup you.[img=recommend]

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    Hi bro, its a well novel that wrote by you. I have read the lastest chapter and mostly the characters design are the best for me. I would be a full marks for it. Otherwise, the funny plot in the novel are also not too much, not too little, just right. Well done for it.[img=coins][img=exp]

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    Needs more background. No idea on the aliens or psychic power. Feels like the author forgot what they were talking about. Then the author started adding their comments about how they need to speed up. They constantly spoil their own work by saying what is happening next. It feels like half their novel got shuffled out of order of events. For free reading ok, but it got too painful to read at chp30

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    xianxia Novel? no-harem tag ? Single female lead ? what on earth is This 😱? As a proud junior brother of Anti-Harem sect u get my 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings already 😁 .

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    The start of the story is quite interesting. This author has a great imagination and presents the story in a stable way. I just hope the quality remains good and this is not dropped.

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    Gave a full marks review is because I haven't read all of the chapter[img=faceslap]. But I might collect the book first, then it will be more fun to read when there are more chapters. Come on, author, keep writing. Try to write as many Noah and Charlotte love stories as possible. (I used to read romance novels on other platforms)

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    First at all, I'm a newbie of reading novel and I saw the some recommend of the novel on Facebook. I spent some days to get through it. The background are good, so far I have not much to watch novel that wrote like that. And then, the characters design are good, the small characters design are cute. The best of mine was the love of Noah and Charlotte, its let me feel back in the highschool. It can't be a full marks but I will still gave a 5.0 for the author to get better. [img=recommend]

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    The character's design are the good point in the novel. Exactly Noah and his siblings. It gave me a feeling that they will be a strong person in the future. After that, the background also not bad. I guess the world that author wrote will be huge.

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    I'm a reader from China, and I still learning English for my University exam. I can said that this novel are not bad and the words are more nice for me. Although there have a wrong word or a grammar mistake, while I comment it, the author will make a correction as fast as I just go to a toilet. Hahah The story are good, and hmm I'm not good to gave a review, but the book is very good and hit my target.

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    Author WeiNuan