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Chapter 1: Prologue

The sun shone brightly atop the high-rise buildings of Makylee City, and the busy road was full of vehicles. Buses and cars, which were run by gasoline, were either disposed of or converted to be run by electricity. It had become a requirement, as part of the government's effort to reduce pollution.

A couple who lived in the residential blocks of the city dawdled in their living room as they watched the television in medium volume. "Public transportation vehicles are now gasoline-free," said the news anchor, "This is in compliance with the new law passed 6 months ago, which aims to reduce air pollution, leading to a more healthy environment…"

"The news is all about The anti-gasoline law. Change it to a movie channel, hon," Laura Brentvale remarked as she carefully sat down on the couch. As she held onto her big tummy, she uttered, "I wish our baby will live healthy, especially in the future."

"She should live healthy, now that the air pollution has been reduced," Allen voiced, kissing his wife's tummy. He took the remote control and then sat beside his wife. "I'm going to change the channel..." He clicked the button and scanned through the channels, moving from the news report to an action movie.

"Dear, let's watch that!" she shouted excitedly as she saw the exchange of gunshots of two policemen, but then she realized that it was already the last part, "Aww, we didn't get to see the start."

"I'll look for other movies then," Allen said, holding the remote control.

Suddenly, Laura felt intense pain and tugged her husband's shirt, "Allen, dear... My tummy...hurts..." Laura said, holding her tummy. "Take me to the hospital...!"

Allen panicked at first, but he tried to be calm and called the nearest hospital. It would be his first child, and like any father-to-be, he reassured his wife, "It's going to be alright, honey. The ambulance will be here, soon," and he held his wife's hand.

In just a few minutes, an ambulance came. Fear and excitement came rushing through the couple's mind. Fear, that there would be an unsuccessful delivery of the baby, and excitement, of their future together as a complete family.

After a few hours, Laura had a successful delivery. Thankfully, there were no complications. She then laid down on a hospital bed, excited to hold her baby for the first time.

"She's a very healthy girl." the nurse commented, slowly giving the infant to her mother.

"She has my rosy cheeks," Laura said, adoring her daughter. "And she got your dark brown hair."

"She's so cute. When can we take her home?" asked Allen.

"Tomorrow." the nurse answered. "But we'll have to check up on her to be sure."

After some time, they transferred to a general ward. They were roomed together with the other mothers who also gave birth that day.

Their daughter, cleaned and dressed, slept soundly in Laura's arms. Allen stayed beside her bed, sitting and computing hospital bills in his cellphone. He noticed the new set of increased fees and told Laura, "Seems like they added some costs to-"

A sudden shouting of one mother startled all the people in the room, "THAT'S NOT MY CHILD!"

The angry mother shouted at the nurse. Her child had scales like that of a snake, "What is this monster?!"

The nurse replied, " I'm sorry Missus Hiddleworth, but this is truly your child... It might be a mutation-"

"No, he's not! That's not my child! My ultrasound results from before displayed that my child is normal! Bring my child back!" Mrs. Hiddleworth panicked as if someone had taken her precious son. She pushed the nurse, almost knocking her towards the floor, and luckily, a doctor helped her maintain her balance, saving the snake-scaled newborn baby.

"As a doctor of this hospital, I assure you that it's your child. He just had some.. genetic mutation." the doctor said, trying to explain the situation. "He just had a rare disease, and-"

"Aaaaah! My child!!" Another mother shrieked. "What happened to my child.." A nurse had just shown her newborn baby.

"It's another genetic mutation case, huh." the doctor told them. "There have been increasing cases of genetic mutations of newborn babies these past few days."

"Is this really my child?" the mother felt weakened, looking at her newborn son with whiskers near his nose.

"Yes, he's your child." the doctor said. With the increasing cases of animal-human mutations lately, he felt that he had to say some comforting words, "He's not normal, but I believe that if you raise him well, he will return the love you have given him... Please do so, like a mother should."

The mother stared at her child, who had the same blonde hair as her, "My son... Mother will take good care of you. Even if your father left us... I will raise you alone..." She then hugged her baby as she silently cried.

The nurses then looked back at Mrs. Hiddleworth. As if compared with Mrs. Vayneseed and being judged negatively, she frowned, saying, "I have many sons. I won't take an abnormal child. Take him away! I'm leaving! I'll call my driver." Even if she's not yet well, she took her branded bag, and left the room. She couldn't wait to leave the place, as she was only looked at as an antagonist.

"I heard she was an ex-politician who embezzled funds." one nurse said, "After that incident, her husband, together with their sons, left her. I heard that she's now in a relationship with a younger man, a politician, too. Perhaps this is karma to her. But I pity this poor child."

"Put him in the nursery room. We shall observe him if he has more abnormalities." the doctor stated. "Also, prepare the documents for the orphanage."

"Orphanage... Are you sure, doc? He might be bullied there," a nurse answered.

"Hmm. You might be right," He thought deeply, and after a short while, he decided, "Then... I'll take him. I'll raise the poor boy. I'm single anyway."

Everyone was surprised. They were actually more surprised that the charming doctor was single.

"I can help you take care of him!" one nurse volunteered.

"Me too!" said another nurse.

The doctor smiled at them, grateful for their help. "Thank you, but it's fine, I don't want to bother you." As if avoiding the topic about him, he quickly went to Laura and Allen's side. He examined the child, and after using his stethoscope, he told the couple, "Your child is normal, that's good."

Laura smiled at the doctor, whom she was familiar with. Out of curiosity, she asked, "What happened to the other children, doctor?"

"These past few weeks, some doctors have been communicating with us regarding this situation. Apparently, due to unknown reasons, the number of cases has been increasing." the doctor explained carefully. "Genetic mutation or disorder is not new, but with animal traits... Well, it shouldn't be happening."

After checking on all the newborns, the doctor left the room. Then, a nurse came to help with the birth certificate. She held a 12" by 9" tablet with her, using the touchscreen to type the details.

She went to the mother holding the whiskered baby. "What do you want to name him?"

The mother thought for a while and then said, "He's going to be called Leo. He's Leo Vayneseed."

"All right, Mrs. Vayneseed. It fits him. He'll be as majestic as a lion." the nurse replied.

She then pressed the letters, one detail after the other, from one mother to another. Then, it was Laura's turn.

"Mrs. Brentvale, your daughter's name?" the nurse asked.

Laura looked at Allen. They have long decided their daughter's name, from the time they knew that they'll be having her. Laura smiled, and she replied,

"We'll call her... Lia."


Hi! Aina here! Here's a quick guide to this novel:

1. I know that some of you might expect a lot of romantic scenes! Before you start reading, I want you to know that those romantic scenes are scattered throughout the story~

2. Sometimes, I publish extra chapters that are optional to read! These chapters do not affect the main story; these are just flashbacks! If you want to know the past of some events or the backstories of the supporting or side characters, I recommend that you read these too~

3. Please do note that names, places, events, and some elements portrayed in the story are fictitious! Any coincidences that may be similar to your life are unintentional~

4. The opinions, thoughts, and feelings of the characters in this story don't reflect on the personal life of the author! These things belong to the story, and I cannot relate to any of these~

Thanks for reading this and enjoy~ <3


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AinaWang AinaWang

Hi, thanks for reading! Please do note that names, places, events, and some elements portrayed in the story are fictitious. Any coincidences that may be similar to your life are unintentional.

There are so many things that will happen o.O

Hope you all read 'til the end!

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