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87.5% Chaøs Chrønicles: Pøwer of Twø / Chapter 7: Saving Snowrock

Saving Snowrock - Chaøs Chrønicles: Pøwer of Twø - Chapter 7 by UnlimitedProd full book limited free

Chapter 7: Saving Snowrock

I stood at the entrance of the cave and looked at my hand then balled my fist. Lyn walked beside me and looked out in the distance then looked at her clipboard. I lowered my hand then looked at the sky.

"Have you heard from Elisa or Rachel?" I asked.

"Not a word, but I got word from Maria. The Dragon King has already made preparations. He should start his attack against you in a few months. The number of enemies you acquire continue to grow. You have little to no allies aside from us." Lyn answered and looked at me. "If you rebuild could make use to all your abilities even the Chaos Abilities. You'll be at your peak once you once were in the Zodiac Era."

"You know why I can't use that anymore. Even during the first era I was born in I couldn't make use of my full capabilities. That's not gonna start now. I can't revive old identities.." I said and placed my hands in my jacket pockets.

Candy listened to our conversation and hugged her knees. Plexi floated around her and looked at me. Ryoko stood up then walked towards Lyn. Lyn looked at him.

"The longer we stay here, the more danger that village is in. We should move out." Ryoko said.

"Right. I've done all the calculations. There are 150 people in the village...if we are fast enough each person should take at least 5 seconds to evacuate meaning we should be done in about 7 minutes and 50 seconds flat." Lyn said and nodded. "Operation Save Snowrock, is a go!"

'Who is Hakai truly..?' Candy thought to herself. 'His power is beyond belief and he's talking about identities and eras..? Who is he?'

I looked back and saw Candy hugging her knees then walked to her and held my hand out. She looked up at me then I gave her a smile. She smiled back and took my hand. I pulled her up and she dusted her butt off then looked at Lyn and Ryoko. We walked towards Lyn and Ryoko then they looked at us.

"Knowing how things have been as of lately...this won't go as smoothly as we want it, but I am more than prepared for all the odds." I said and walked ahead. "Candy and I will handle the threats. You and Ryoko handle evacuation."

"Sure thing, boss." Lyn nodded.

"Alright." Ryoko said.

We all left the cave and went straight to Snowrock using the help of Plexi's map. In a few short minutes we made it to Snowrock. Candy looked at the village and frowned a bit then spotted Glayze sitting on a rooftop. I looked at Glayze and she opened her eyes to look at us.

"You're easy to predict, Hero. I know your plan, save the people of Snowrock. Let me tell you, I won't allow you to take them away." Glayze jumped down from the roof and glared. "The deaths of these people fuel me and my're getting in my way."

I took off my hoodie and set it on the ground. My eyes shined and my dark aura surged then I transformed into my Chaos Form. I bellowed then my black wings emerged from my back. Candy bellowed and her eyes shined a bit then her light aura surged powerfully and angel wings emerged from her back.

"Boss." Lyn looked at me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You know what to do. Let's go Candy." I dashed towards Glayze and went for a punch. Glayze blocked the attack and slid back then Candy ran after me.

Glayze summoned ice spikes and shot them at me. I dodged them and flew up in the sky then flew off. Glayze watched me and followed quickly. Candy followed us both along with Plexi.

"Alright Ryoko. We have only 7 minutes and 50 seconds to get everyone out of this village." Lyn said.

"Right." Ryoko nodded.

I summoned my sword and slashed down at Glayze from the sky and she blocked it. Plexi blasted Glayze with a beam and Glayze crashed into a tree then I dashed towards her quickly. Glayze smirked and shot a hidden ice spike at me. My left eye shined then the ice spike and Candy swapped places and Candy punched Glayze's face, blowing her away. Glayze rolled back then she stood up and glared, wiping her mouth. I looked at her then my scarf flowed in the wind. Candy looked at me then I looked at her.

"I will kill you! I will never forgive you!" Glayze yelled and her aura surged powerfully. She snapped her fingers and black ice formed a blade. "My mother's greatest weapon: Absolute Zero!"

"Hakai...She's planning to use the full extent of her power! We better wrap this up immediately!" Candy said.

"I know and I'm not planning to hold anything back!" I yelled and my aura grew darker.

Candy looked at me then back at Glayze. She smiled and knew she had nothing to worry about. I looked at the sky and Candy looked at the sky then at me. I looked at her and she understood then pointed at the sky.

" at the clouds." Candy commanded.

"A f f i r m a t i v e." Plexi said and aimed a beam at the sky. Glayze looked confused then watched Plexi fire a beam at the sky.

The beam caused an opening in the clouds and the sun peered through the opening. I smirked and black blood dripped to the ground from my left eye.

"Dark Pin." I said and my shadow and Glayze's shadow touched restraining her movements.

"What the- How?!" Glayze looked at me in shock. She was paralyzed then saw my smirk.

"You fell for my plan. While we were fighting, I slowly led you away from the village and you couldn't see it. Aiming at the sky was also my intentions, using the sun was something I always had in mind when fighting you. In fact I used this same strategy to fight your parents." I said and laughed.

"Die!" Glayze managed to blast me with ice. The smoke cleared and I looked at her with hollow eyes.

"Your fate has already been decided." I said and my shadow began to solidify into tentacles. "You shall soon reunite with your parents..."

The tentacles rushed towards Glayze then Avala and Lanche jumped in front of Glayze, taking the fatal blow from my shadow tentacles. Glayze's eyes widened and she watched her little sisters fall to the ground dead. My tentacles pulled back then I looked at Glayze.

"...Avala...Lanche...Hakai...I won't forgive you for this." Glayze glared and the sclera of her eyes turned black slowly. "You took the only family I had left, you must pay!!"

Glayze bellowed and her aura surged uncontrollably. She yelled and broke out of my Dark Pin. She yelled in anger and dashed towards me.

"Boss! We got them all! Time to pull back for now!" Lyn said via telepathy.

I grabbed Candy and Plexi then vanished into a dark portal. Glayze slashed down and a large trail of ice spikes followed. She panted heavily and glared. She stood up then looked at the bodies of her dead sisters. She kneeled down in front of them and touched their heads.

"I will avenge you both...I won't allow him to live any longer. He will now feel the wrath of this Snow Demon." Glayze said.

Meanwhile with Lyn and Ryoko...

Candy, Plexi and I appeared via dark portal and I stumbled forward, holding my left eye grunting. I leaned against the cave wall and winced in pain. Candy ran toward me and held my shoulders.

"Hakai?! Are you okay?!" Candy asked worried.

"Boss! Did you push yourself again?!" Lyn asked. "I told you about overusing the Yaoke!"

I said nothing and removed my hand from my eye and it was covered in black blood. I panted then closed my eye. I covered my left eye with my hair. Candy looked worried and at Lyn.

"The more you use it the more dangerous it becomes...The Kami Yaoke is the most dangerous form of Yaoke." Lyn said.

"Kami Yaoke? What is the Yaoke?" Candy asked.

"It is a special eye that grants the wielder an ungodly amount of power. Each Yaoke wields a different purpose. You have your normal Yaoke that only boosts performance, Yaoke-Gekko is a hybrid of the Yaoke Eye and the Gekko eye, it allows perfect vision and accuracy and top performance, Yami Yaoke manifests the power of pure darkness and finally you have the Kami Yaoke...The form of Yaoke that allows the ability to not only make your performance perfect but also call and summon gods and much more. The downside is that it takes so much energy to use, and overusing it will result in black blood being formed." Lyn said and looked at me. "He won't be able to fight for a few days.."

"But what if people come to attack him? From what I know he has enemies everywhere.." Candy said.

"He does have enemies lurking around every corner...but now it's the time for him to rest a bit. He can not fight in these conditions. One more use of his Yaoke will cause Aura Dysfunction, a state that literally shuts down your body and could result in death." Lyn said.

"Hakai.." Candy looked at me then thought to herself, 'He also wasn't himself when he fought..'

I sat on the ground and closed my eyes. The people of Snowrock wondered what is gonna happen to them. I took the time to rest and close my eyes. Lyn calmed the crowd down and explained the situation. Candy sat beside me and hugged her knees. Ryoko stood at the entrance of the cave and stared out into the distance. He looked back at me. I was fast asleep, resting after that battle.

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